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Friday, February 17, 2023

86 Bags Exhumed In Clandestine Grave Of La Primavera: Jalisco

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

All fragments have been transferred to the Forensic Medical Service.

Román Ortega | El Occidental

Sources close to the investigations unofficially indicated that last week 14 bags with human segments were found in a first location.

On Wednesday, 13 more bags were exhumed at a second point approximately one kilometer from the first site. On Thursday they found 23.

On Friday 26 more were exhumed.

On Monday, 10 more bags with human remains were found.

All the fragments have been transferred to the Forensic Medical Service so that the corresponding studies can be carried out for their possible identification.

The year 2022 is the year with the highest number of clandestine graves in Jalisco in the current state administration.

According to the website of the Specialized Prosecutor's Office for Missing Persons, from January 2019 to December 2022, 124 clandestine graves have been registered throughout the state, with 1,455 victims.

Last year there were 41 graves with 301 bodies exhumed; in 2021, 23 graves with 279 victims; in 2020 there were 27 graves with 590 victims, and in 2019, 33 graves with 285 bodies.



  1. Population of England and Wales is 59 Million people. What is wrong with Mexico?
    Comparison of crimes committed year on year in England and Wales
    (Source: Home Office police recorded crime open data for first two financial quarters of 2021-2022 and 2022-2023)
    Offence 2021-2022 (Total) 2022-2023 (Total)
    % change
    Gun offences 570 850 49%
    Possession of a bladed article 12,548 14,482 15%
    Murder 313 284 -9%
    Violent disorder 949 1040 10%

    1. Mexico violence and cartels is a product of the US destabilizing that country by flooding the cartels with guns and money.
      It's known that all the cartel big players are made by the gringos.
      CDS is known to work with/for US government, it has been mentioned plenty of times.
      El vicentillo is who made it public the first time.
      At the end of the day I wouldn't be surprised if cjng had US government protection also.
      This war on drugs is fake as a Hollywood movie

    2. 8:18; And a product of its geography which made governing states like Sinaloa, Michoacán, Guerrero hard or inaccessible to federal influence due to geography. That resulted in large swaths of these areas having criminal economies that span generations and unhindered expertise and reliance on criminal industries.

    3. Mexico is fucked because of mexicans,stop with the bullshit,take motherfuckin responsibility and give our ears a rest por favorrrrrr

    4. "Mexico violence and cartels is a product of the US destabilizing"
      Get the violins out and cry us a river,gotta blame someone for your fuck ups

    5. 5:45 na guns are brought from usa, usa trained guys to be killers who then became sicarios. Usa demanda drugs. Mexicans arent born evil, they are forcefully made into evil killers, the majority of them. White Americans are born in a first world country and alot are dark humored assholes and alot commit crazy crimes, you guys shouldnt be like that

    6. 3:56 cartels power comes from: US dollars (in cash) + US endless flow of weapons + endless demand for drugs. Dont play the fool.

  2. 8:18. Yeah right it's been going on before u was born Get a life and read more don't goggle Read History

    1. 8:18 Yup, the US been destabilizing Mexico before your mom wad born. I got a life but more common sense that you will EVER have buddy

  3. It’s perplexing to intuitively understand why Mexico and the countries to the South have so many not well, or ungoverned geographies but this video on Mx geography sheds some insight on why rich countries like Mexico and Columbia are challenged:

  4. Jalisco donde los sinaloas vienen pero no salen!! Ajuaaa!!!!!

    1. Cringe son su misma gente jaliscense que no les paga piso o matan por cualquier mamada como son caga palos y corrientes los crikosos que tienen de sicarios los cjng


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