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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Salinas Victoria, Nuevo León: Five Suspected Criminals Arrested Following Attack

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

At least five alleged criminals were arrested following the attack and confrontation in Salinas Victoria that left five people dead, including police officers.

The Secretary of Security of Nuevo Leon, Gerardo Palacios Pámanes, confirmed that after the attack on police officers in Salinas Victoria and Fuerza Civil, at least five alleged criminals were detained at the scene after a strong operation by various police forces.Through his social networks, the state official said that the result of the confrontation was five people dead, including a Salinas Victoria police officer and two more from Fuerza Civil.

Palacios Pamanes reported that when they were surprised, members of organized crime shot at Salinas Victoria police. Fuerza Civil, Ministerial Police, municipal police, National Guard and Army, who came to support them, were shot with 50 caliber bullets.

The final result of the operations was 2 criminals killed and 5 criminals arrested.It should be noted that during the confrontation, alleged criminals barricaded in a ranch in the community of Los Villarreales fired at a Fuerza Civil helicopter.  Vivo en Marte  Azucena Uresti


  1. Excellent 👍 some criminals killed, but why not also kill, the 5 that were captured, after all they were intenting to kill police officers.
    Mexico always giving the criminals to grow.

    1. You can’t kill police officer who work part time hit man bro , that’s your comrades , your bros u feel me

  2. They just picked up some drunks from the streets. It was a bunch of younger kids 17-25 in tactical gear in pick ups. Look at the comments in local groups from Apodaca, we all saw the same thing.

  3. damn that's an elite Sicario unit if I've ever seen one myself...

    Is that, is that Sicaro006 in the background -- OH wait no those are just Irish Mafia "gang-bangers" from the street.... you can tell by the neck tatoos or is that an. Aryan tatoo??


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