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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Jungapeo, Michoacán: Armed Attack Leaves At Least One Dead And Three Injured

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Armed men burst into a palenque and opened fire with high caliber weapons and then fled.

One dead and three injured is the result of an armed attack early Sunday morning at an event hall where a cockfighting tournament was being held in the municipality of Jungapeo, Michoacán.

The victim was identified as Juan de Dios D., 23 years of age, according to the State Attorney General's Office (FGE).

Initial reports indicate that armed men burst into the place and opened fire with high caliber weapons and then fled.

Subsequently, one of the attendees recorded a video in which the place is observed with several people on the ground.

In the same video, "Chucho" is insistently searched for but can not be located.

"Chucho, Chucho... where is Chucho", a man can be heard saying.

Following the armed attack, personnel from the State Civil Guard, the Mexican Army, and the National Guard arrived in the municipality to reinforce security and implement an operation in search of those responsible. Meanwhile, the FGE initiated an investigation.

Reports indicate that it was around midnight when personnel from the Crime Scene Unit (UEEC) went to a party hall located on El Guayabal street, in that municipality, to carry out actions in relation to the homicide of a man who presented wounds from a firearm.

Upon arrival at the site, the personnel found chairs and cockfighting rings, as well as empty boxes for the transportation of these species, and a few meters away, the body of Juan De Dios D., 23 years old, who was taken to the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) for an autopsy.

It was also established that during the attack, two men and a woman were wounded and were taken to different hospitals in Zitácuaro and Jungapeo for medical attention.

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  1. Milpillas suena medio raro. Pero el pueblito más extraño de allí sería Agua Rosada. A perras pues como han de salir de allí. 😂

  2. Animal rights activists?! 🍿

  3. Sucks cuase that’s a lot of small money that adds up for everyone from food vendors bookies female dice rollers gamblers ext

  4. That's a tiny place! There is a really cool hotel at the bottom of a canyon in Jungapeo. Highly recommend, but the drive is a little scary through Coroneo, Maravatío etc. Better to go via Toluca.

  5. Forgive me for sounding cold here, but this type of attack has me doing a small victory dance for the Roosters. It's not like the victims were innocent of some pretty shitty stuff here. I have no pity when it comes to animal abuse. Hopefully next time they just blow the whole place up.

    1. You sir are as cruel and heartless as the people you admonish. Too bad you you weren’t there protesting the place when the thugs rolled in

    2. Sorry to ruffle Your feathers. The people I admonish are involved in a very sick form of "entertainment". Be it vendor, participant, or observer. Take the Roosters out of the equation, and let them all slash each other to death. Cruel and heartless are those who take part. I have zero to feel with animal abusers and making that a form of entertainment.

    3. And I do want to add that I am a Female, probably older than your Mom. My feelings are out of a love and respect for anything or anyone who doesn't have a voice or choice. Be that Human or Animal.

  6. If you are at a palenque you need fuckin shootin..

  7. I love going to the palenques when I go to Michoacán, they’re wild and fun you pick green or red to wager dad told me not to go cause that’s where the Mañosos hang out.


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