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Monday, January 23, 2023

Homicides Declined 7% in 2022, but still Exceeded 30,000

Reposted by "El Huaso", originally posted at Mexico News Daily

Last year was the least violent year since President López Obrador took office in 2018, official homicide data shows, but the number of murder victims nevertheless exceeded 30,000.

There were 30,968 homicides in 2022, according to data presented by Security Minister Rosa Icela Rodríguez at the president’s regular press conference on Tuesday.

The figure is 7.1% lower than the 33,350 homicides in 2021 and 10.8% lower than the record high of 34,718 in 2019. However, homicides remain at historically high levels, with a steady level of over 30,000 each year since 2018.

Last year’s homicide count equates to just under 85 homicides per day.

Still, Rodríguez chose to highlight that homicide numbers have trended downwards since López Obrador took office, whereas they increased significantly during the six-year periods that former presidents Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto were in power.

She also noted that last month was the least violent December in six years, with 2,530 homicides.

The last 12 months of data show that Guanajuato retained the unenviable title of Mexico’s most violent state in 2022 with 3,260 homicides. The state is home to popular tourist destinations such as San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato city, but most violence in the state is concentrated outside those municipalities.

Rodríguez noted that homicides in the Bajío region state declined 7.3% compared to 2021, when 3,516 murders were recorded.

Just under half of all homicides last year – 48.6% – occurred in Guanajuato and five other states: Baja California, México state, Michoacán, Jalisco and Chihuahua. The good news for those states was that they all had fewer homicides in 2022 than in 2021, with Chihuahua seeing the largest decline: an 18.7% drop to 1,974 murders.

Rodríguez said that homicides across 50 highly violent “priority” municipalities fell 11.7% last year compared to 2021, although murders increased in Tijuana, which was Mexico’s most violent city in 2022.

Yucatán was the least violent state last year, with just 39 homicides. Three other states — Baja California Sur, Aguascalientes and Campeche — recorded fewer than 100 homicides.

The security minister also presented 2022 data for a range of other crimes. Among the crimes whose incidence declined last year compared to 2021 were:

  • financial crimes
  • drug trafficking
  • cattle theft
  • business robberies
  • burglaries.

Among those whose incidence increased were firearms offenses and highway robbery of transport trucks. 

Source: Mexico News Daily


  1. Meaning they stopped reporting so that it seems as if there is a 7% decline? Yeah. That’s more likely

  2. That doesn’t even count for missing people too so it’s way more

    1. @ 10.49 The figures in previous years, that these figures are measured against, never counted disappearances either, so the percentage level stays the same.

    2. But Elmo says Mexico is safe 😂.
      Only 7 or 8 murders happen per year.

    3. If you are a sicario, or a tourist looking for illegal drugs, probably isnt that safe.

    4. 3:28
      Never does a day go with out a murder in Mexico. No one is safe in Mexico.
      Lots of kidnapping happens for ransom. Then sometimes they collect the money, but the kidnapped victim is killed.

  3. @ 10.11. Why is it so hard to believe that investing in social programs rather than sending in the army might actually lead to a reduction in the murder rate, as it historically always has? Homicides, not ''reported'' Homicides. Murder isn't something you choose not to report, like your bike getting stolen. murder rate could return to what it was before Calderon waged war on the Cartels and fucked Mexico for good and people would still complain.

  4. An US Attorney celebrating with wife, anniversary in Rosarito, does
    The police department says he died from the floor fall.
    The wife says he was murdered.
    The Police are forcing that the victim get cremated.
    The Family says no.
    The family wants to take the body back to US for examination.

    I smell a COVER UP.

  5. The figure is insane. It affects all the hundreds of thousands of family, friends and witnesses to these crimes. The sadness, sorrow and stress of it all for people must be immense.

  6. Someone cooking the shit out of them books. You know more people died than years before.


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