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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Garcia Luna Allowed Smuggling Through the Mexico City International Airport

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Former Federal Police official Raúl Arellano Aguilera testified that he saw airport officials regularly receiving briefcases of money.

Raúl Arellano Aguilera who is a former member of the Federal Police (PF), and a witness in the trial against Genaro García Luna, detailed how drugs, money, and arms trafficking was supposedly allowed, by the Sinaloa Cartel and the Beltrán Leyva, at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) “Benito Juárez”.

Arellano Aguilera affirmed that he saw that Oscar Moreno Villatoro, then General Director of Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA), received suitcases with money; he likewise affirmed that Villatoro transferred his office to the AICM where he received visits, especially from directors of the airports of Tijuana, Baja California; Monterrey, Nuevo Leon; Guadalajara Jalisco; Toluca, State of Mexico; and, Cancun, Quintana Roo.

"Chief Villatoro reported to Ramón Pequeño García, Commissioner Facundo Rosas Rosas, and Secretary Genaro García Luna," he said.

According to the witness, the visits by airport managers were between 2 and 4 times per month and they became even more "strange" since they "used to bring a briefcase".

He recalled that in 2007, “the manager of the Toluca Airport had arrived. When he was going to enter Chief Villatoro's office, a colleague was coming out of it and as they passed, they collided and his suitcase fell and when he opened it he was bringing money, dollars”.

"What did the manager of the Toluca Airport do?" asked prosecutor Marietou Doiuf. “Quickly bent down to pick them up and ran to Chief Villatoro's office. I was very surprised," said the former federal police officer, explaining that there was no reason for such a situation to occur.

He mentioned the names of the “Special Group”, as others called those who used to receive benefits, such as Commander Israel Espinoza, the second in command at the airport; Officer José Luis Martínez, Officer Mario Nieto, and Officer Ballón, who used to arrive at the AICM in luxury cars and buy jewelry.

"Could you buy a luxury car with your police salary?" questioned the prosecutor Arellano Aguilera. "No, never," he replied. "Did you ever denounce them?" Doiuf insisted. "There was no point in him doing it since the bosses were aware because the order came by radio from the command office," added the witness.

He also mentioned that PF commanders who reported during 2007, with García Luna, operated to let drug shipments through.

"They gave us a strange order over the radio [...] From this moment on for 45 all in 35!", the first number he explained indicated that "by superior order" and the second was "to be aware".

Arellano Aguilera assured that the order to let passengers on certain flights pass without review was extended for a couple of hours and used to coincide with "flights arriving from South America or others departing for the United States or Europe."

He testified that on several occasions he observed that some of his colleagues "ignored the order and disappeared" during the time that immobility was ordered and that they later returned "with the attitude of being very happy."

“I got to hear that they were happy, even the bosses, Genaro, Facundo, Luis Cárdenas. They are happy, everyone received their share," said the witness, in a statement that was objected to by García Luna's defense and blocked by Judge Brian M. Cogan, before it was translated from Spanish to English, so that he could read it.  "They were talking about the suitcase, 79 or 40," codes which referred to drugs and money, respectively.

Source Riodoce


  1. Sounds like the beans are getting spilled big time on all that little sneaky shit. Bad thing about it. This guy was licking the ordinary average citizens up. But the worst criminals in the country were basically running it. You can’t make this shit up either. I wonder what this guys motivation is for testifying? He probably was involved and trying to get a sentence reduction. I can’t see a Mexican testifying unless they have a deal to stay in United States. Cause it’s a wrap they ever go home. The government and cartel has a SOS on them.

  2. It was known quietly back then that the Beltran Leyvas had that airport under control

    There were those beheadings around 2008 October when things started to go wrong and now we can see kinda Garcia Luna pulled his support

  3. Who had more power at their prime Beltran Leyva brothers or Nacho Coronel ?

    1. 3:55 ask yourself who's still operating at a higher level...

    2. Control of Mexico City airport is Power !

    3. Arturo on his own had more power than Nachito. He controlled plazas and airports all over Mx.

    4. I believe Nacho was big time much, much longer but BLO probably had a larger grossing business and more sophisticated corruption. Arturo was moving large imports and exports through AICM and los puertos Lazaro Cárdenas y Manzanillo.

    5. Like Anthony Placido (chief of intelligence for the DEA )said “Arturo wasn’t a big fish he was a whale “ Chapo was said to have been Jealous after escaping prison of how powerful and respected Arturo was up to the point were they referred to him as Don Arturo and not many are called Dons . The Colombians all preferred to work with Arturo rather than with Chapo and this is where Chapos Napoleon complex kicked in and betrayed the BL brothers out of fear that they were already too big and could outgrow them any minute . Not to mention everyone loved Mochomo in Sinaloa/ Sonora .

    6. 10:02 Well stated and makes sense. The organization and control Arturo wielded in Campeche, Acapulco, GDL, Colima, DF and through Sonora and who knows where else; had to big the little child rapist. And Alfredo did have a casual 1MM in a briefcase when he was detained.
      Here’s my question; do you think Mayo knew or supported Chapo orchestrating detainment of Alfredo? I don’t see this from what I understand of Mayo. However; BLO continuing to grow at the pace they’d grown through 2008 may have made Viejo worried - and especially given Arturo’s unpredictable cove fueled behavior.

    7. @704; True re: "sophisticated corruption"!
      A possible spy in Pres Fox's office (suspect was released), a spy in the US embassy, the Mexico AG office and top General in Guerrero. That is some serious intel / protection.
      Where would BLO be had their war w/ CDS never started and Arturo been more discrete? That is a scary thought!

  4. I wonder if all those implicated here are already arrested?

  5. All u gotta remember is 👉👉👉👉👉👉 MONEY TALKS 👉👉👉👉👉 U GOT MONEY U CAN DO PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING U WANT ... IT'S POWER

  6. All these guys must not have had to much power if the military put em out of their misery and they had to hide everyday ... Real power is when they can operate and do what they do and walk down the street and not hide or worry that's real power but none of em can do that

  7. “Luna allowed”

    This is such a scapegoat trial it’s ridiculous…

    Who the F*CK hired Luna???

    Who the F*CK report to???

    WTF do they have to say???

    1. +Who hired him?, Felipe Calderon (PAN) and Enrique Peña (PRI),
      .... Also El Chapo, Beltranes, and few others used his services too, but on the private practice.

      +He reported to his formal bosses, and private ones...

      +Both ex presidents are now in Spain and wanted by justice. Calderon says he didnt know anything, and Peña says nothing.

    2. I guess the real crime is the fact none of those cockroaches are in court with him...

    3. Mexican presidents are just puppets for the USA.
      USA say jump and Mexican presidents say how high?
      Drug dealing makes both countries money so there's corruption up the anus!
      The question is..
      When are they going after the gringos?

    4. 10:39 “both presidents in Spain and wanted by Justice”. Don’t know about that

    5. 3:19 You can corroborate it. Felipe have 6 investigations and Peña Nieto is not even present on social media.

    6. 2:08 They used to. Not anymore. And thats a good question... that would solve the problem they caused.

  8. Arturo was a gatillero, learned the business from top to bottom he will go to tamps,michoacan,Guerrero, sonora,Colima monterrey, queretaro guy was fearless meanwhile chapo and mayo on the caves hiding from their own shadows.


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