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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

El Huaso Talks Narco Messages on the Obscuro Podcast


Borderland Beat contributor El Huaso sits down to talk to the Obscuro Podcast about the use of narcomantas in the Mexican cartel conflict. 

Listen Here


  1. With Veytia, La vaca and Luna in american custody and general cienfuegos recently released, it's now patently clear that any narco who has incriminating info on gvt officials will be killed before he can be extradited.

    1. I agree. AMLO is pissed that Ovidio wasn't eliminated during the raid as you can see by the quick denial of his extradition. Now the top narcos have bargaining chips not only against other narcos but against corrupt government officials! Going to be a lot of dead narcos like what happened to el h in Jalisco when Veytia decided to end his career!

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Today it is not raining, but the flood left, lots of mud behind. Old palm tree leaves litter the street.

  2. Listened to this earlier enjoyed it.

  3. Fantastic episode! I went for a walk in between my work meetings and really enjoyed it. Whenever you have another episode please let us know. You're very eloquent and knowledgable; hats off to you sir. Sounds like you have great content for a research book on the horizon in the near future!

    BTW, the earliest mention of a narcomensaje that I was able to find was in August 1999 in Michoacán. The message was for authorities, asking them to consider coming to an agreement following the destruction of a marijuana plantation. Email me and I'll send you the PDF copy of the newspaper.

    In addition, I've been told that sometimes the sophisticated / good-looking mantas are printed in official newsrooms they control or have influence over. These narcos often have "enlaces" at these newspapers which gives them access to these printing machines.


    1. Saludos MX! Thanks for listening and your response.

      I will absolutely email you now. That's fascinating!

      RE: The printers. Hmmm very interesting. It's a shame there is little reporting on this. It's such a large part of narco messaging we know little about. Maybe searching for attacks at printer shops might yield someting.

      Thanks and all the best!


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