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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Aquila, Michoacán: Missing Community Member Talks About Links To Drug Cartel

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A video was released showing a man, allegedly Antonio Díaz Valencia, a community leader in Aquila, being interrogated. In the video, the man talks about his relationship with the Morenista mayor of Aquila, José María Valencia Guillén, and how the latter came to be mayor.

In the video, the man claims that he and Mayor Valencia are acquaintances and friends of the town, and that they managed to find a way to get resources from the Mining Fund to support various groups, including community police leaders El Chopo, El Teto and El Toro, who have been accused of being organized crime operators.

In addition, the man claims that Mayor Valencia won the candidacy by buying votes and offering to support these groups with resources from the mining fund.

"Chema Valencia won the candidacy by buying votes and offering that he was going to bring down support, resources from the mining fund to support these people from El Teto, El Chopo and El Toro so that they could keep their war going," the man is heard saying in the video.

As for German Ramirez, known as El Toro, the man questioned said that he offered to support him in bringing in boats with drugs and that he would give him 20 to 50 thousand dollars, but that he only got to work on two cases because they wanted a commitment with the Ostula community commissioner.

The authenticity of the video has not been verified, but the disappearance of Antonio Diaz Valencia is a real fact.

Last Sunday, January 15, Antonio Diaz Valencia and Ricardo Arturo Lagunes Gasca left an assembly in the Communal Auditorium of San Miguel de Aquila and boarded a white Honda pickup truck. Since then they have been missing and no further contact has been made with them.

Their loved ones notified the authorities in the state of Michoacán and in Colima, and the State Attorney General's Office issued a search warrant for Professor Antonio Díaz. Meanwhile, the file for the lawyer Ricardo Lagunes was issued by the authorities in Colima.

The disappearance of Antonio Diaz Valencia and the accusations made in the video have generated concern in the community of Aquila, suggesting criminal links between community leaders and authorities.

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  1. CJNG will take all of michoacan

  2. He is just saying what his captors want him to say. We have to wait and see if there is any veracity to these statements.

  3. He went missing in a gray shirt and black pants. He is wearing a camo shirt and light blue pants. I wonder if his captors gave him this clothing to suggest that he is involved in nefarious activities. I'm not convinced that what he is saying is fully truthful if there is any truth at all.

  4. I wonder if narcos big in game ever do a fake video to act like they got caught by rivals and disappeared so authorities stop looking for them

    1. they probably do cos that's a genius idea, but then again maybe their ego wouldn't allow them to.

  5. Autodefenzas and cartels are both the same

    1. Not really
      Auto defensas stay clean and help thier townspeople. It is when it gets infiltrated by a cartel, that makes it becomes bad.

    2. 8:28 the so called "Autodefensas" in Michoacán are practically non existent, really the only legitimate ones are the indigenous ones in the sierra and Cemei Verdia and his people

  6. Everyone in Michoacán suffers from state-ran Extortion rackets. China 🇨🇳 takes all the iron ore from Aquila and it ships out from Port of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacán. CJNG WILL NOT SHARE INCOME WITH JUST ANYONE, THSTS WHY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS FEAR CJNG.

  7. Yea they have been doing that for a while out of Lazaro Cardenas


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