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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Zacoalco De Torres, Jalisco: Clash Leaves Five People Dead

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

ZACOALCO DE TORRES, JAL., (ES) - A gun battle in the area known as Barranca de los Laureles left five people dead and several firearms seized.

The events occurred on the morning of Saturday, December 10, after the Army received a report that there were armed people in the town known as Barranca de los Laureles.

Immediately elements of the Mexican Army and the National Guard moved to the site to carry out a surveillance patrol, but upon arrival they were met with gunfire.

The preliminary balance of this confrontation is 5 men dead and 3 detained, presumed to belong to an organized crime cell.

Personnel from the State Prosecutor's Office and experts from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences moved to the site to carry out the corresponding investigations, while the detainees were handed over to the Attorney General's Office.

Barranca de los Laureles is a community located between the Guadalajara-Colima free highway and the highway that goes to the municipality of Atemajac de Brizuela.

La Voz del Sur Jalisco 


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    1. 😂 thats all you comment just one word. So random

    2. @9:27 I know 🤷‍♂️

  2. Anybody else see the US DoD’s recent cache of munitions sent to Ukraine to kill Russians end up in Culiacan prison riots with Los Chapiza?

    Word on the street they’re gonna blow up El Ruso with giant JAVELIN HIMARS and NASAMs??

  3. No. But a couplf monyhs ago Mexican authorities bust the crew of a laden oil tanker ready to depart from one of Mexico's Gulf of Mexico (eastern) ports. The article didn't say who owned the ship. I don't know if it said where it called home, except probAbly Liberia, right? But they gave its name. I looked it up on a database full of details about commercial vessels. It gave the names, assignments and nationalities of several personnel. Some of them were Ukrainian. There was another nationality, too, either Polish or Russian. Oh. Perhaps that is how exchanges are made. By the way, I'm so dumb that I didn't think of a weapons-for-hydrocarbons exchange until I had typed the word "Russian." Then it clicked. UNFORTUNATELY I don't recall bookmarking or otherwise leaving a crumb trail to lead myself back to the article, but it should be findable with some aggressive search engine forays, fortified by hair-pulling, obscene cursing, vodka-swilling and the all-important do-or-die mindset.

  4. Zacoalco de Torres es bastion de las 4 letras estrategico alli donde mataron a el gringo hombre bueno de mencho quien vengo su muerte con la embosqada a fuerza rural de Jalisco vergizaa k les metio a los fuerza jalisco

    1. Zacoalco de Torres es bastion de las 4 letras estrategico.balinga zinga,bolucko pumpo upo your asso

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    si quieres ganar dinero
    enjuagame las pelotas...


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