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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Totonacapan, Veracruz: We Are The Absolute Mob For The Lord Of The Numbers!

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Twelve heavily armed men dressed in tactical clothing stand behind two seated captives. One of the enslaved men is semi nude, next to him sits a bald and fully naked individual. The undressed man is El Exterminador, a local drug pusher within the state of Veracruz. 

For this broadcast the captured narco trafficker will narrate before the camera the culprits who sponsored his existence. Along with the people killed that lead to his downfall. 

Their subsequent execution takes place off camera. Both of the men’s bodies were found by the authorities next to the Ajajalpan river near the community of La Vega. A narco message with threatening words for the criminals in the area was found next to them. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: What’s your name and moniker?

Captive: My name is Jose Aliza Lopez, they call me El Exterminador. 

Sicario: What do you do for a living?

Captive: I sell crystal meth and weed. 

Sicario: Why did you ambush the State Police commander?

Captive: He was interrupting my affairs. 

Sicario: Who gave you the heads up on this matter?

Captive: It was the municipal policemen. 

Sicario: And why is that?

Captive: Because I have them on my payroll. 

Sicario: How many people have you killed?

Captive: I can’t even remember anymore. 

Sicario: Where do you sell your drugs?

Captive: In the municipality of Zozocolpo.

Sicario: Who’s responsible for disappearing the women?

Captive: It was me. 

Sicario: Who is the boss of the sierra?

Captive: It’s me. 

Sicario: Townspeople of Zozocolpo, we’ve finally returned from our hunt. And we present to you these two scumbags. We are the absolute mob of El Señor de Los Números. 

Hitmen all scream: We are the absolute mob for the Lord of The Numbers. 

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  1. El señor de los números necesita que lo pongan también en cuatro patas a hacer del dos.

  2. The alias are laughable and getting ridiculous 😂

  3. Merry Christmas everyone.
    This new format is really keeping, the youngster's away that came to goof around. Hope it lets in regular commenters like Detroit, Driving Ms.H, MX, Best Wishes.

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    1. @9:06 - strongly agree. Thanks to BB for making this change. Go Sol!

    2. Feliz Navidad Sol don't drink and drive, same goes for Hearst, we need our stories coming in from Mexico. Without the staff, we would be left in the dark.

    3. Good afternoon everyone..
      And wassup Sol.. I have to agreed that even if there are less comments. But shit was getting out of hand. Too many racist comments, bullying, and talking non sense.

      This will legitimize the site more in the long run.

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    6. There's Ms H
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    7. 11:07 when she gets busy scratching her man's patas, there is no time for us.

  4. Obvious question. But pls tellcme the difference in how someone that supposedly can't remember how many people he has killed. And he doesn't get decapitated, or or cut up into tiny pieces? I guess certain other standards must be met............??????????

    1. I don't think that he can't remember. It's more like why bother going into details if it's going to lead to a more gruesome outcome on his end. The less he says the better so that it doesn't trigger his executioners. I know when La Barbie was questioning the captured Zetas one of them said something off that boiled his blood and right away he just shot away. You could quickly sense his anger because of their response.

    2. @ Sol, that wasn't a reaction from Barbie when he shot Vizcarra. It seemed like impatience to get the whole fucking thing over with. They were lined up in a row, and as the most powerful Zeta there he was last for a reason. He had nothing to add.

  5. well, well well what is this madness now?

    The Lord of the Numbers - Mafia! 🤣


    1. Orale Ricardo Pancho Trillen Fernandez Rey Lopez Portillo Gomez Hernandez Felix Del Cerito Colorado
      Feliz Navidad!

    2. 2:43 dios mio why such a long name, I only have two names.

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    4. Ricardo Pancho.........2.43
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