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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

"Tony Montana" Was In Charge Of Arming The CJNG "Armored Vehicles"

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Antonio "N" was also considered one of the main generators of violence.

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

Antonio "N", brother of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias "El Mencho," is alleged to be the alleged logistical and financial operator of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation, as well as the manufacturer of the handcrafted armored vehicles known as "monsters.

He allegedly received direct orders from his brother Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias "El Mencho," who allegedly gave him the order to co-opt the authorities of the three levels of government in order to have first-hand information and prevent the capture of important leaders of this criminal organization.

For this reason, it is presumed that he obtained confidential information on institutional movements and operations for the cartel's protection; he is also linked to the acquisition of weapons in large quantities to arm the New Generation.

Sources from the Ministry of National Defense say that he kept a low profile in the public eye because he identified himself with a different name and appeared to be an office employee.

Antonio "N" was also considered one of the main generators of violence in the area, as he allegedly coordinated and ordered executions, kidnappings, torture and death against rival groups that tried to enter his territory.

With his arrest, the federal authorities claim that it destabilizes and directly and severely affects the structure and illicit operation of the group headed by Nemesio, as it cuts off the large economic profits.

It is worth mentioning that after his capture on Tuesday, for security reasons and due to his dangerousness, he was transferred to the facilities of the Specialized Prosecutor's Office for the Investigation of Organized Crime (FEMDO) in Mexico City.

On July 18, 2008, according to U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons records, he was held in a U.S. prison, again serving a sentence.

On December 3, 2015, he was arrested by the Mexican Army, in criminal fragrance for the crime of aggravated robbery, being released on December 7, 2016 for lack of evidence.

On October 16, 2016, he was listed by the United States Treasury Department, for his participation in Money Laundering and International Drug Trafficking for the benefit of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation.

The Oseguera brothers

Sources from the National Security Commission (CNS) know that the other brothers of "El Mencho" are: Juan, Miguel, Antonio, Marín and Abraham Oseguera Cervantes, all of them from Aguililla, Michoacán, and some of them based in California.



  1. So, what happened to the other financial/ political operator of the CJNG Sergio Kurt Schmidt,
    "El Pistola"?


  2. “Say hello to my little friend!”
    Scarface Tony Montana.

    Carlito Brigante (also Robert De Niro "Carlito'S Way") was a better character .
    "You think you're big time? You gonna fuckin' die - big time."

    1. Que Pasa jefe? It's Pacino not DeNiro but you're right about it being way better.

    2. Orale compa, tienes toda la razon me equivoque ! My bad I meant to write Al Pacino .
      Finally, someone else that agrees .
      Thank you @1:13pm

  3. Este Tony Montana desde su ultimo arresto el mencho le quito responsabilidades. Ademas INFOBAE en Mexico esta reportando que el ejercito lo capturaron para negociar la libertad del general k levantaron en Tampa. Por esa razon no hubo respuesta violenta de las 4 letras.este vato ya no era tan pesado como la prensa y los politicos tan celebrando

    1. 9:24 cual general levantaron en Tampa, florida?
      Name and rank plis.

    2. Mexican Army Colonel Jose Isidro Grimaldo Muñoz, who was removed by SEDENA from Tamaulipas "Dragones" de la calle for murdering somebody and covering up his dirty deed.

  4. Menchos brother is gonna be like Eddie Murphy... Coming to America

    1. He will be joining chapo aka "crying in america"

  5. Jaliscas matando militares de alto rango y ordenando la muerte de governadores. No que el mexicano es cabron? Jobjajajajajaja. Se dejan coger por una bola de indios con rifles de asalto y amlo donde estan sus huevos? Amlo y las fuerzas armadas de mexico son unas panochas

    1. 1:37 cerote means caca de burro, I think 3:01 is trying to call you names...
      And you deserve it!!!


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