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Monday, December 5, 2022

Tijuana, Baja California: Human Head Left In Cooler In Front Of Courthouse

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The severed head of a young man inside a cooler was abandoned in front of the state courthouse in La Mesa on Sunday morning, December 4, while his decapitated body was found at his home in the Anexa Morelos neighborhood in Tijuana.

It was around 6:40 a.m. when it was reported to the authorities that on Los Charros Avenue and Madre Antonia Brenner, next to the courthouse and the prison, there was a Rubbermaid cooler with what appeared to be a human head wrapped in a red cloth bag.

Municipal police officers arrived at the scene and corroborated the information, requesting the presence of agents from the Prosecutor's Office.

Hours later, at approximately 10:40 a.m., it was reported that the decapitated body of a man identified as Marco Antonio Montor Estrada, 25 years old, was found in a house on Cañón Johnsito Street.

According to witnesses, the young man lived in a separate room on the same property as his grandmother, and so far the family has ruled out any related incident.

A source from the prosecutor's office confirmed that the head and body belonged to the same person. About the victim, so far, there is no record of him as a witness or anything similar.

In other violent events on Sunday, the murder of a woman, a baby and four men stand out.

Murder of a woman in the Florido neighborhood

In the afternoon, a woman was shot to death on Playita street in the first section of the Florido neighborhood, near the IMSS Clinic 34, in front of the sports center. The victim had several injuries to her head, chest, buttocks, right and left thigh. At the scene of the crime four 40 caliber shell casings were found.

The perpetrators fled on board a red pick up truck, but have not been located so far.

While in a clinic of IMSS number 20, the death was reported of baby Ángel Matías, 3 months old, who had multiple traumatism in the cephalic region, hematomas in his left arm and hand. The little boy had been transferred by an ambulance from a clinic in Tecate, after the DIF (Integral Family Development) took him away from the parents and an aunt; who are now under investigation.

Tijuana reaches 19 homicides in December and 1,878 homicides so far in 2022.

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  1. And they tell me Tijuana is safe.
    I don't want to my head cut up.

    1. Than stay in tour gringo wooden shack and do some fentanillo.
      I will go to TJ

    2. Who’s “they”? The hookers at Hong Kong?

    3. No one knows you there. Why would they choose to cut your head specifically? Don't be so close minded.

    4. They don't do this to tourists, they do this to each other.

    5. 2:56 I have heard many stories that happen in Tijuana. People that live there, are disparate for money, if it's not drugs to sell, then kidnapping, pay the ransom some let you go, some kill you even if the ransom was paid.
      Many tourist have diminished the zona Rosa, where most of the bars are at.

    6. It's ok if there's heads on the streets, the poor hungry stray dogs will eat them.

    7. 10:19
      TJ is definitely dangerous. But you can get randomly killed basically anywhere in the US also. As far as people in TJ targeting tourist who go visit, well thats a lie. These foos are killing each other. Also most people who go visit Baja go to Rosarito and Ensenada, and I’ve been going to TJ Playas, Rosarito, and Ensenada at least once a year since the early 90s and never had an issue. I even lived in Tijuana in la colonia El Murua back in 09 and also never ran into any problems. And in 2019 my family and I drove from Tijuana all the way to Cabo to check out the whole coast and it was cool.

    8. 7:36
      Are you being paid somehow 🤣, by Lopez Obrador to spread fake news.
      Will you admit today a head was found in a cooler in Tijuana?
      Sir says influencers get paid with Tortas de Jamon and horchanta?
      How you do it when people need to pay the rent.

    9. Damned heads are rolling in Tijuana!

    10. Rosarito was safe awhile back.
      Municipal Police department is ill equipt, to fight a caravan of criminals.
      In the past, 4 police officers had their heads cut off. No agency got involved to catch those that killed them.

  2. El del palenque arremangando y sembrandoles el terror a los chalanes de los akiles pinches culos sinaloenses ya no suben a tj

  3. Start off the comments with two stutters usually they just use oxox styrofoam coolers!!

    1. @araja who? Los Rusos shops atModelorama güey

    2. Raja your country India also ships, precursor chemicals to Mexico.

  4. Someone probably lost some pozole ingredients


  5. Ewww pozole con cabeza

  6. TJ has always a haven for criminals hookers and con artist nothing new since 1920s and tourists and sailors kept it going but no more of them it's off limits the people of TJ bit the hand that fed them .

  7. I have a regular Dentist 🦷, I go to in Tijuana.
    He said wear not so appealing clothes, tennis shoes, not dress shoes, avoid the bars at night. He did not want to tell me, apparently a certain criminal group charges weekly piso, he has no choice, calling the police would not solve that delima.


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