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Friday, December 2, 2022

Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosí: Two Ex-Convicts Are Executed Following Their Release From Prison

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The bodies of the victims were left lying on the access to the penitentiary center.

In the early hours of this afternoon, the San Luis Potosi District Attorney's Office became aware of and opened an investigation into the death of two people near the prison in the municipality of Tamazunchale, SLP.

According to preliminary reports, the two men were attacked shortly after they left the state prison.

It all began around 3:00 p.m., when the victims had barely taken their first steps towards freedom, they were surprised by armed men who were already waiting for them near the prison; after firing several shots at them, the perpetrators fled.

Both had just been released from prison, as they had been incarcerated for drug dealing; the cause of the attack is not known at this time.

The attack provoked an intense mobilization of police, ministerial, State Civil Guard, as well as municipal police. The experts from Servicios Periciales were present at the site of the attack and collected evidence to integrate the corresponding investigation file.

The Forensic Medical Service (SEMELE), which is part of the Scientific Deputy Prosecutor's Office, went to the site of the incident and implemented the protocol for the removal of the bodies, in order to transfer them for the corresponding autopsies.

Likewise, agents of the Investigation Police (PDI) began with interviews and intelligence work to determine the way in which the events occurred and to find the alleged perpetrators.

The deceased, who were being held in the aforementioned social reinsertion center, have already been fully identified. Based on this information, some lines of investigation are already underway to clarify the facts and bring the alleged perpetrators to justice.

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  1. Well ain’t karma a b$&@h. Serve your sentence and have someone waiting on you I mean as soon as you get out. You had to screw someone over bad.

    1. Nah bro is mexico they cld of got killed just for practice.

  2. Fue gente familiares que operaban para el taliban velazquez zetas gente del negrolo que capturaron ase poco del CDN era pesado y tenia problemas con los taliban velazquez del Z del lado de lazcano cuando la ruptura resultada por la muerte de lazcano

    1. Thanks bro,you can stay

    2. At 7:24 negative chief

    3. The ruptura was not caused by Lazca's Death, but z40 stealing all the money and not paying El Taliban and his people, Lazcano trusted Judas and it cost him his ass, like Z1 lost his ass for trusting lazca and z40, the treviñas still have a lot of the loot thanks to Judas, he even had money to pay for musicians to celebrate El Chapo Birthday when they were together in Almoloya.

    4. Damm u were at chapos party in almoloya or what chief lmaoo

    5. 12:54 nobody but the couple needed to be there, why don't you make a report?
      You may get a marital visit with z40 and lick his balls clean for the effort.

  3. It’s always a comedy when they say “Mexican authorities will investigate”. Hahahah that’s funny statement.


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