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Monday, December 12, 2022

Judge Roberto Elías, Zacatecas, Was Ordered To Be Killed From Inside The Prison; 4 Detainees Already In Custody

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Four suspects responsible for the murder of Judge Roberto Elias Martínez have been arrested; the orders were given from inside a Zacatecas prison.

The State Peacebuilding Roundtable reported that the case of the judge's murder was investigated and they were able to find the probable masterminds and material perpetrators.

During a press conference, the State Attorney General of Justice (FGJEZ), Francisco Murillo Ruíseco, explained that two men, José Julían and/or Ángel Said, were the ones who attacked the judge.

They were receiving orders from two brothers who are incarcerated at the Social Reinsertion Center (Cerereso), Marco Antonio and/or José Isabel and Fernando.

The first men are being investigated as alleged co-perpetrators of the murder, while the brothers are accused of planning the murder.

All of them are accused of the aggravated homicide of control judge Roberto Elías Martínez, in events that occurred on December 3.

The four alleged assailants were placed at the disposition of another control judge who will later determine whether they are guilty or not.

Why the homicide?

The prosecutor explained that one of those who gave the order for the attack against the judge is incarcerated in the Cerereso of Río Grande, where Elías Martínez worked.

It is suspected that the alleged aggressors could have been against some judicial act made by the judge or that he had denied them some request.

CERESO Rio Grande

Rio Grande, Zacatecas 

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  1. You they belong to the sinaloa cartel when theyre not quickly branded "CJNG" 😅

    1. What does it matter who they belong to there both pieces of garbage

    2. 800 it matters alot actually

  2. If the government forces where put on their knees by the Sinaloa Cartel what guarantees the safety of judges and government officials? Well its obvious they the ones who have the power not the Mexican military government or president 🚨⚠️🧟‍♀️

    1. 7:43 o yea i remember that song its called: El dia que chicago se murio

    2. 7:43 the gobierno will not exert its power especially with the sin huevos presidente AMLO

    3. 825 brother what a night it really was.

    4. 10:13 AMLO walks around, among his people,
      without bodyguards...
      Borolas, "Comandante en jefe de las fuerza armadas" alias FECAL, never dared do that, salinas, epn, fox, all of them need 400 military elements to keep themselves safe from "their people".

    5. 12:29 he's not actively combating any powerful cartel specifically. Es culo el viejito, otro más de los corruptos, puro blah, blah, blah.
      There are many videos of "his people" speaking their mind to his many inactions

    6. 2:22 AMLO'S beloved opponents can speak their minds without worrying about some "touchy but muy macho presidente" sending his sicarios to take care of business.
      FECAL, FOX, EPN, ZEDILLO, and SALINAS, never dared do their murdering in person, but murdering they did...
      it takes a lot of huevos to have patience with so many culos,
      like you, too.

    7. 5:43 the eternal PEJEpendejo apologist of BB. Let's see what idiocies your idol will do during his 5th year of his only term

  3. Con esos nombres ubicas de que región de México son estos lacras

    1. se parecen alos del centro de mexico que tienen los cjng, en el pasado an detenido a gente parecido similar a ellos

    2. Presos en Río Grande Zacatecas, muy cercas a Durango, estos manos son MZ


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