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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Guadalupe, Zacatecas: Judge Roberto Elias Martinez Shot To Death

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Judge Roberto Elías Martínez had been shot at on Saturday as he was leaving his home. He was shot twice in the head and his health condition was very serious. This Sunday morning he passed away

Judge Roberto Elías Martínez was murdered in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Arturo Nahle García, president magistrate of the Judicial Power of Zacatecas, in Mexico, confirmed that on Sunday morning Judge Roberto Elías Martínez, who was shot at as he left his home in the municipality of Guadalupe on Saturday, died.

In her social networks, Nahle García issued her condolences and wrote: "The @TribunalZac is in mourning, a few minutes ago one of its most competent and committed to the high value of justice judges passed away. The murder of Judge Roberto Elías Martínez outrages us and adds to the desperate call for peace in Zacatecas. We embrace his family.

In an interview with El Universal, Arturo Nahle said that "in the Judicial Branch we are outraged" and mentioned that when informing about the death to the more than 100 judges through a group chat, they all agreed that "an attack on a judge is an attack on the entire Judicial Branch, and in those terms we are all expressing ourselves".

Nahle revealed that "there was no prior knowledge that the judge had received any threat, since his colleagues in the Control Court, located in the municipality of Rio Grande, as well as his family, were also consulted, but no one knew of any threat.

He even said that he, as president of the Judicial Power, was not notified either, when a judge receives a threat, precautionary measures are taken to change courts, provide security and thus protect their safety, but he never had any knowledge of any possible threat.

At the same time, he also reviewed the cases that he was attending in the last months and he assures that "they have not found any evidence that indicates that he was killed for this case, therefore, the motive is really unknown and we do not know what could have happened", therefore, he said that the investigation is the responsibility of the Attorney General's Office of Zacatecas, to whom he demands to clarify the case and not to leave it unpunished.

He regretted that the violent situation of the country and of the state "has also reached us in the Judicial Power", and for the time being, he will meet with the family to schedule a mournful tribute to the judge at the Superior Court of Justice of Zacatecas.

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  1. Do you think this is a result of the Guacamole Hacker

    1. Either that or he was suspected of supporting an opposing group. He could've just as well not wanted to be bribed.

    2. 6:34
      He gets killed yesterday probably for not supporting a side and today a prison escape in Zacatecas state prison. Si no alas buenas ahuevo salen

  2. Well bye Felicia....the more the judges keep releasing criminals the more of a target they become

  3. Worthless "mexico lindo" sentiment is bullshit w most mexs, only the brave feel it w honesty.
    Most mexs dont a give a single fuk about unknown neighbors, only themselves.
    Even poor, skinny, stray dogs are treated like garbage- compassion is rare without $$$ incentive.
    They should be organizing for law & order- the 1st step to a true (and prosperous) democracy for all. 8th grade educations wont pull a country up beyond 5he power of guns.

    1. It's all a set up.
      After Cortez cane with his army and killed most of the country and took their education and history. the ones left were forced to practice catholic churches and hate their own people..
      Mexico has what it takes to get out of the third world spot but won't due to corruption that has been going on for centuries

    2. Independent countries is bad for business cheap almost to slavery work is best for the top thats how the ruling elites keeps the ball in control.

  4. Judge did not want to be on cartels payroll, to be curupt so he got Plata o Plumo.

  5. Dont they have the Mexican equivalent of us Marshalls to protect judges?

    1. FUCK NO.
      Excuse my language, I'm trying to make my point emphatically.


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