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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Guacamaya Leaks: State Police Infiltrated By Sinaloa Cartel

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

A person close to Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo leaks relevant information to Iván Archivaldo Guzmán Salazar.

Sinaloa's Public Security Secretariat has an infiltrator from the Sinaloa Cartel, according to documents obtained by Guacamaya hacktivists.

Just on August 22, a man named Valerio, who was identified as a "relevant operator and target of access to Ivan Archivaldo Guzman Salazar, son of drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman Loera, 'El Chapo,' was wiretapped.

"He mentioned to Jesús (a) "Bocho", that (a) "Catano" and/or "Tano", has a person he trusts, who is next to Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, Secretary of Public Security of the State of Sinaloa, who sends him information immediately when a relevant situation occurs," reads one of the emails that are part of the largest leak of information in the history of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena).

The Sinaloa Cartel is dominated by Guzman Salazar, according to various Sedena documents found in the leak.

That man obtained information through Valerio, who assumed that after the arrest of Heibar Josue Tapia, apprehended on August 22 by the Sedena, there would be a series of operations for discovering that he was a son of the criminal Jose Guadalupe Tapia Quintero and a lieutenant of Ismael Zambada Garcia, 'El Mayo'.

The Sedena implemented a special operation to avoid violent action.

"Derived from the above and the exchange of information between federal authorities, it was determined to integrate a joint force to carry out operational activities in the Bachigualato neighborhood in the municipality of Culiacan, with the aim of reducing the possibility of a violent action in the city," reads a Sedena communiqué signed on August 22.

That operation was not improvised, but part of intelligence work in which they detected conversations from Valerio about considering "...making a mess..." due to the capture, "highlighting that the detainee is a member of the Sombrerudos (Ismael Zambada Garcia's people)," according to the Sedena files.

This violent action did not occur because the criminal groups were unaware of the location of Heibar Josué Tapia, who when he was arrested also seized eight bags with 6,099 fentanyl tablets, an exclusive-use rifle-type firearm, 47 cartridges for firearms, six cell phones and a pickup truck.

However, the Public Security Secretariat "sent 8 rifles and 15 pieces of equipment in case they tried to react," according to Valerio's messages in different calls.

Sedena highlighted the vulnerability of the Sinaloa Public Security Secretariat, since within the corporation an informant of the Sinaloa Cartel was detected, who would have reported to Ivan Archivaldo Guzman Salazar, who, at the same time, maintains a local struggle for the territory for the production and trafficking of illicit drugs in the state.

"In relevant events, take into consideration that the Secretary of Public Security of Sinaloa is infiltrated by a member or person on behalf of the Pacific Cartel, who sends them information on the activities carried out by Municipal, State and Federal authorities, which allows the aforementioned Cartel to react immediately," reads the emails that are part of the most important leak in the history of the Ministry of National Defense.



  1. Ivan you have been quite busy. It looks like you are working overtime. You deserve a raise.

  2. They don't need much information help since they have the Soldiers Weapons Logistics and training to go toe to toe with government forces like we all seen in the capture of el RATON

    1. They would lose toe to toe, they resulted to lame tactics in order to get that kid released. Don't get it twisted big dawg

    2. The minute the Mexican government leaders decide and commit to drastically weakening BACRIMS and coordinate and win the trust of the top USA intel and forward operating resources in country; drug distribution will suffer immediate cash flow shortages and narco leadership and troops will suffer diminished morale and ultimately defections as weapons, compensation, and leadership behaves eradically.

      This occurred with the Guadalajara Cartel which most civilians perceived as impossible to destroy at the time, AFO, los zetas, the once formidable Juárez cartel and even the perceived most sophisticated and diversified Cuinis headed by the op sec disciplined Abigael González Valencia, and the list goes on.
      Even the childhood friend of President Lopez Portillo who appointed Arturo "El Negro" Durazo Moreno as Chief of Police in Mexico City could not sustain the peoples complaints against his organized kidnappings, bank robberies, cocaine distribution and protection when the people had had enough (do yourself a favor and read about Arturo "El Negro" Durazo Moreno).

      Three years before my deployment the US military, DEA and Columbian military all supported the illegal right wing private army called los Pepes to destroy Pablo Escobar’s infrastructure along with a kill-no-capture ordered on ESCOBAR.

      I trained, was accepted and joined these unauthorized illegal operations in Columbia and Peru where these governments knew what we were doing to combat the Shining Path (Peru) and the FARC in Columbia who we also had regular unauthorized contact with in Ecuador.
      To conclude, Mexico does not have the abundance of inhabitable hideouts and cover we had in scarcely populated Afghanistan and Columbia. Likewise in Peru, Surinam, French Guyana and places “we did not have authorization to enter” where roads do not exist to populated cities and villages where river transport does not enable the element of surprise, and the airstrips limit aircraft landing size and troop deployments; Mexico does not have these vast geographic constraints comparitavely speaking.

      To conclude, Mexico has the transportation infrastructure, wealth, and institutions to quickly weaken mafias from CDS, CJNG, etc. and all Mexico needs is the citizens to hold their politicians and oligarchs accountable, and to demand that their politicians and business oligarchs just say no to the devastating and self centered policies that keep US addicts with cheap supply, and US defense contractors and politicians getting fatter and richer while the poor and uneducated in the US die off at exponentially increasing rates, and while more and more peaceful cities and villages in Mexico are changing from pleasant non-crime infested pueblos to pueblos run by doped up trigger happy bully thugs.

    3. @6.56- Respect for the comment. But give a man a hammer and he sees nails everywhere. I know a few ex-soldiers and ''operatives'' (fukn mercs) who were sent into Colombia during those years and none of them had the faintest idea why were doing what they were sent to do. That's OK, but how many peasants were tortured to death with US backing for supporting land reform? And when you went home, was the country still torn in two?

      You just cannot compare Mexico with Colombia. It doesn't have the institutions to combat local organised crime, or the infrastructure politically to form a coalition that would make a dent if you are talking about military intervention. Let alone ''Just Saying No'' to accepting millions of dollars and risking a bullet in the back.

    4. 3:55 Legs; I personally have no knowledge of mercenary combatants and if they were I would suspect they were in AUC uniform. FARC and Shing Path relies on conscripts
      Regarding the civilians or peasants as sadly these beautiful families are and were. I do not think about our missions for health reasons. I regret it required 10-15 years to understand what a destructive tool I was but I have never felt more human now.

  3. Excellent work… Load Blown!!

    1. Awww Man that got on my shoe . grossss

  4. Ivan Archivaldo is the top boss of Mexico,Colombia ,Guatemala .
    #701 #la chapiza #cds

    1. Ahhhh i got kicked on the ribs!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    2. If Ivan tried to flex in Colombia he would be killed

  5. When Raton was arrested he told his brother it was OK, to stop the fighting the government, army, navy, marinas, soldiers and bounty hunters, Ovidio was more civilized when persecuted and under arrest than his brother or their people OR their arm chair critics, he even surrendered without a fight because there were innocent women and children on the scene.
    Respect, muthaphakas!!!

    1. No mames Sir, no se pusieron contra el govierno, army, navy, marina? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 los mas pendejos de el army los hace mierda, sin pelar de frente les mataron como a 10 gueyes del cds, lo que paso es que secuestraron a familiares de los guachos en Culiacan y les dijieron que si no soltavan al la ratilla los ivan a masacrar a todos sin importales si eran niños, eso si la ratilla dijo que ahi moria que el al rato salia pero el drogadicto del Ivan queria hacer una masacre, claro como el puto no estaba en el refuego pues que se maten los pendejos que lo siguen

    2. He only surrendered because his own daughters were there. I’m led to believe that he wouldn’t surrender that “peacefully” had it been some other women and children not related to his immediate family.

    3. @SIR- Raton is more "civilised" than his "armchair critics"? That phonecall had nothing to do with women and children being around, and nothing to do with him being "civilised". He was being filmed, and any target with even the vaguest intelligence will have code words when they are being held against their will, just like potential kidnap victims do. "I'm being treated beautifully" means "Get me the fuck out. Now"

    4. The guy shooting the 50 cal barrett (while lying on the road ,then standing up )in the culiacanaso video got killed

  6. Where are the Sedena documents? Is there a site to download them?

    I wonder how much sleep I am gets each night. Has to be a stressful life.

  7. El chapo's real name is Joaquin: Guacamaya "Leak$"


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