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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Bloody Gifts: CJNG Hands Out Gifts To Children

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

With lights, music and Christmas decorations, the criminal group seeks to win the appreciation of citizens in the states it controls.

Videos circulated on social networks in which alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) can be seen parading through the streets of the state of Jalisco in their vehicles. Only this time they’ve left aside the weapons they are generally seen carrying as a show of power, exchanging them for gifts.

These types of demonstrations are not new. Since 2020, various groups such as the Familia Michoacana, Los Zetas, Carteles Unidos, the CJNG, among others, have been recorded giving away Christmas bonuses, toys, turkeys and groceries to please the very people they terrorize.

Also of note are the vehicles, mostly pick-up trucks, with Christmas decorations. Such as lights, ornaments placed on the sides, illustrations of snowmen, Santa Claus and gift boxes characteristic of the season. And at the top, Christmas figures as if it were a Christmas parade.

From Santa Claus, penguins and inflatable reindeer, they are tied to the roofs secured with ropes as improvised floats. On the sides, on the streets, you can see numerous people crowding the sidewalks and approaching the men who are on the vehicles giving away various gifts.

But what stands out is the presence of numerous children who look surprised and delighted at the striking parade attributed to the cartel of the four letters. One of the most bloodthirsty criminal groups that has a greater presence within the national territory.

Some of the videos were taken by alleged members of the crime group from outside and inside the luxury vehicles that circulate on the street. In some of them you can read the caption "Mr. RR gives away toys.

This is Ricardo Ruiz Velasco, also known as "El Tripa," a CJNG lieutenant, who is said to be the criminal group's youtuber. He is in charge of producing and disseminating videos of the group posing with their weapons and cars to demonstrate their armed strength.

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  1. I wonder what kids going to open his gift and get a head in a cooler.

    1. Or whose going to get an arts and crafts set to make festive Narco mantas? Merry Xmas Mr. Detroit. Much love from Cleveland. Merry as to all of the borderland beat crew! You guys give us gifts whenever you post something. Enjoy your holiday!

    2. Whose going to get the arts and crafts kit to make Narco mantas

    3. 3:24
      I wonder which kid will get an AR-15, fully loaded?

    4. Half the cowboy kid wannabees in texas get them from their pappppy every year

  2. Lol. I think fellow see the irony


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