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Monday, December 26, 2022

Balleza, Chihuahua: Tragic Christmas, Two Bodies Found With Traces Of Torture

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The macabre discovery took place on the road leading from Parral to El Vergel.

Tragic Christmas in the municipality of Balleza with the macabre discovery of two corpses on the Parral-El Vergel highway, the bodies were bound and had visible signs of torture.

During the course of this Sunday, December 25, military personnel and the Attorney General's Office of the State of Chihuahua, southern zone, found two deceased men.

According to preliminary information issued by the Institutional Operations Base, made up of the Mexican Army, National Guard, State Investigation Agency and State Police, while conducting crime prevention patrols on the Parral-El Vergel highway at kilometer 50, near the town of Montebello, they located the victims.

The patrol observed the bodies of two men on the shoulder of the highway, who now remain at the Chihuahua State Attorney General's Office, southern zone, still unidentified.

Both bodies were found with their hands and feet tied and with traces of torture.


  1. Where the hell is balleza ? How far from the border?

    1. Sol why did you not include a map, so people will know where it's at. Lol I see the map, perhaps you need to make it bigger for the 40 percent blind.

  2. They tortured and killed a 16yo girl in madera. You cartel cheerleaders most be proud. It takes a lot of balls to torture a 16yo girl. Not. Mexico is doing great 👍👍

    1. 3:13
      Madera, Spain?
      Madera, Venezuela?
      Madera, Columbia?
      Madera, Costa Rica?
      Madera, Cuba?
      Madera, New Mexico?
      Madera, California?
      Madera, Arizona?
      I googled what your stating, no such dead, why you making things up?
      Dios Mio!

    2. 4:38 You may not know, Madera Chihuahua, cradle of Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre, their first act of war was the attack on the army barracks in that city, Jesús Zambrano "el Tragabalas" now president of pri and pan supporting PRD used to be a member before turning his colors.
      Google any city related to the context of the report or the comment, and "voilá all over again"

    3. Reddit kids coming in 4:38
      They like to compare things with other countries.

    4. 4:38:
      I believe he's talking about Cd. Madera in the mountains west of Cd. Chihuahua.

    5. Sir, Detroit, so many others not mentioned etc and all who use actual identifiers, monikers, I give you credit for using a name. It sets you up for haters, and the forever critical and forces you to own whatever it is you write. I can 100% respect that whether or not I agree with the opinion or input. Using ANONYMOUS is just way too easy.
      I always laugh when there is a long-running argument between 27 people who go by the name of anonymous.

    6. 3:13 said Madera not Mexico. He is blaming another country other than Mexico. Guy is not specific.
      It's like going to buy shoes and you don't know what size to get.

    7. 9:04 ideas matter more than personalities, many of us just want to exchange the ideas for free.

    8. 7:47:
      This article concerns the state of Chihuahua. This blog concerns Mexico. You don't see Costa Rica and Cuba mentioned on this blog too frequently. For those of us familiar with Mexico, we know what 3:13 meant.
      Also, Madera has suffered a lot of violence over the last decade or so, so it is quite believable that a 16 year old was kidnapped, tortured and killed there. It is also close to the Chihuahua/Sonora border where you have a lot of cartel activity and cartel violence. It wasn't to hard to know which Madera that he was talking about.

    9. 4:38
      I believe he is talking about Madera, California. You have people that like to do comparison shopping with USA.

  3. I pray for you Mexico. I pray for America as well. You guys can't even take a break on christmas? So let me get this straight whoever did this will have this on their conscience that they killed someone on jesus's birthday way to go Mexico!

    1. 4:22 propaganda worms have worked in your brain, tell them "México kills" to make amends for its murderers and cartels,
      and that for Jesus Birth, every newborn baby was sentenced to decapitation, but jesus escaped in his mom's belly, riding a donkey...

    2. You gottuh long way to go SiR! And you not believing is a part of it that a believer is fine with. It's well worth it when a gamer is in field. With so many of you we'll never get tired of making slaves. It's our number one business. Just look at Jesus riding into town on that slave donkey. BURROOO

    3. 1:01 Jesus was lent the donkey he rode to come back, that donkey was livestock, not slave, we were talking about "México" killing children as if it was some "mexican national novelty".

    4. 4:22:
      The people who did this don't have a conscience.

    5. You say that as if it's a novelty Mexico should accept. And the lent part about it you don't get. I'm sure it's easy to become a child. And one day you can get to that child. But I'm at that child and we'll write it. On how to mount Jesus and have'Em ride in on anything.


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