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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Armed Group Denounces Corruption By Morelos Governor And Congressmen

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A video is circulating on social networks in which an unidentified armed group appears and warns President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) about corruption in the state government of Morelos, its local congress, security and penal authorities.

The hooded and armed civilian who read the message denounced the "political and excessive ambition" of the president of the Morelos Congress, Paco Sánchez and the senator for Morelos, Ángel García Yáñez, as well as the stupidity of Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco.

The hooded men pointed out that "El Milton" is currently responsible for the wave of kidnappings and extortion in the state bordering Mexico City, and who they accuse of complicity with Morelos politicians Paco Sanchez and Angel Garcia Yañez, whom they accused of being responsible for the murder of the former municipal president of Yecapixtla, Refugio Amaro Luna.

In the message they denounce the State Security Commissioner José Antonio Ortiz Guarneros, the Coordinator of Prisons Francisco Flores Jiménez and the Director of the Atlacholoaya Prison Jorge Israel Ponce de León, as being responsible for the deaths of inmates inside the Cereso de Atlacholoaya, as well as for allowing that from inside this federal prison, crimes such as extortion, kidnappings, fights and settling of scores are coordinated and committed.

Video translation is as follows:

This message goes out to the president of the republic Andres Manuel López Obrador. With much respect we want to let you know what’s really happening in the state of Morelos. And how the three levels of government have been corrupted in such a vulgar way out of ambition of wanting to have the population involved for their political aspirations in 2024. 

Just the same for the Morelos congressional president Paco Sanchez and the senator of the republic Angel Garcia Yañez. It would be nice that the 15 minutes that the governor Chuautémoc Blanco Bravo asks for.

Those 15 minutes be used by the state of Morelos to tend to the many needs of insecurity. In these 15 minutes you could demand that your security commissioner Guarneros give you the investigation file on Milton. He is accused in the state of kidnapping and extortion. This person was brought to the state by Senator Angel Garcia Yańez and Paco Sanchez. 

They’re responsible for the murder of the former Yecapixtla mayor Refugio Amaro Luna, 'Cuco'. Also in less than 5 minutes you Mr. governor could also insist to the coordinator of prisons Francisco Flores Jimenez and the director Jorge Israel Ponce de Leon of Atlacholoaya. They’re the same individuals who did the job for the governor to kill El Raiz inside the prison.

Who happens to be in service for El Profe who from a federal prison continues kidnapping, extorting, and murdering through El Cholo, El Chucho, El Rata, El Blue, and El Pato. For a percentage of what they make from inside the prison, they are given the power to do whatever happens to inmates inside the penal colony. 

To assassinate whoever they order them to. And afterwards say that they committed suicide because of depression. As they did with the detainee Efrain Zavaleta Javier in the Atlacholoaya prison on orders of El Cholo.

This is how El Profe ordered the murder of Carlos Benitez. Because of him, he is giving clemency to all these scumbags that we are mentioning. The one who executed Carlos Benitez was El Perro with a group of Chilangos paid by El Milton to his compadre El Profe. Where they lost three elements of the police. 

They got into a scuffle and killed Carlos Benitez. If the governor doesn’t do anything we will do it because we are tired of all this bloodshed caused by the unbridled mission of Paco Sanchez, Angel Garcia Yañez, and the stupidity of the governor. We will provide you with evidence for all of this.

Congressman Francisco Sanchez 

Senator Paco Sánchez Zavala

Coordinator Jorge Israel Ponce de León

Francisco Flores Jimenez, Cereso Director 

Refugio Amaro Luna, 'Cuco'

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  1. We absolute mob sol 🫥

  2. Don't believe everything you read or are told by other cartel people on TikTok. El ray was killed because he tried to be top dog in jail and there was bigger game already there.

  3. Check out this article Sol see what you think.

  4. Where do these wannabe small cartel gangs get their weapons from? From other big cartels?

  5. There is as much corruption in the Mexican Government as the Democrat party .

  6. They wrote a message to Lopez Obrador, do they think anything will be done? I don't think so, he is in cahoots, with other curupt government officials. They will probably send the local cartel, to kill the people that are complaining.

  7. Gov. Blanco was a very good footballer.Is there evidence this guy is corrupt? Aside from the assumption a lot of the Govs are corrupt.

    1. LOL, yeah there is. Theres a picture of him with tripa, ray, gato posing and kicking it like if they were long time pals. His excuse was even more hilarious than the whole using box cutters to take over a plane excuse.

    2. I saw that.That should tell a lot but is that it?

  8. If these government officials were working for THEIR side, they would not be singing this sad song.

  9. Morelos is in a bad way unfortuantely.


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