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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Sedena Warned: 3D-Printed Weapon$

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Sedena is warned about the sale of 3D-printed weapons in Europe
The leaked document maintains that in addition to drug trafficking in Belgium and the Netherlands, there has been traffic in 3D-printed weapons, made of plastic.

The Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) was alerted after receiving a cable from the Mexican embassy in Belgium in order for the agency to prepare to face new challenges such as the manufacture of weapons with 3D printers, whose development and sale has been very fast in Europe.

According to Milenio, the message warns that there is a diversity of materials that are constantly developed and sold that allow the printing of weapons quickly and at low cost, in addition to being complicated to track them because they are made of plastic and do not have a serial number.

"Weapons manufactured by 3D printers are expected to reach a new target group, people who are not properly in the criminal circuit, but want to have a firearm, such as people with extremist ideas, potential terrorists," says the message dated July 30, 2022.

In this sense, J.O. Vázquez Uscanga, a colonel of the General Staff cavalry revealed the information and added that the number of alleged Mexicans detained in different synthetic drug laboratories in the Netherlands makes the conjecture that cartels are maneuvering in Europe strong.

Likewise, the document leaked by the Guacamaya Leaks maintains that in addition to drug trafficking in Belgium and the Netherlands, there has been trafficking in 3D-printed weapons, made of plastic.

Meanwhile, Vázquez Uscanga proposed to his superiors that experiences in Belgium and the Netherlands be capitalized, who have privileged the principle of shared responsibility through closer international cooperation to address conflicts related to traffic and public security.

"The cooperation mechanisms maintained by our Armed Forces with their counterparts from friendly countries are strengthened, in order to expand the exchange of information and joint actions, to dismantle criminal organizations," he said.

In addition to this, he reiterated that greater interest should be placed in meetings attended by the Senate, as well as optimal collaboration between national agencies to be able to adequately pay attention to these conflicts.

The report details that the trafficking of weapons and narcotics generates serious problems in Belgium and it was identified that the drugs introduced enter through the Antwerp Seaport and to a lesser extent through Zaventem International Airport in Brussels. He added that cocaine is the main drug that comes from Latin America.

"It has been observed that mostly narcotics come from Latin America, mainly from Colombia and Brazil, with cocaine being the main illicit drug."

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