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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel, CJNG Share Fentanyl Chemical Suppliers

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Despite being locked in fierce competition over control of a wide array of criminal economies, Mexico’s two most powerful organized crime groups are reportedly sourcing precursor chemicals from the very same suppliers to produce fentanyl.

A report from Mexico’s National Intelligence Center (Centro Nacional de Inteligencia - CIN) identified three Mexican companies supplying both the Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco Cartel New Generation (Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación - CJNG) with chemicals for fentanyl production, Milenio reported on November 15.

The companies -- Corporativo y Enlace Ram, Corporativo Escomexa, and Grupo Pochteca -- allegedly imported key substances like 4-Anilino-N-phenethyl-4-piperidine, propionyl chloride, and aniline from India and other Asian countries. These often arrive in Mexico at major ports like Lázaro Cárdenas in Michoacán and Manzanillo in Colima.

After being imported, it’s not clear how sales were arranged to both crime groups. The Attorney General’s Office has reportedly opened investigations into each company for selling these chemicals while operating under the façade of software distributors and beverage manufacturers, among other fronts, according to Milenio.

Synthetic drug production often takes place in clandestine laboratories in states like Michoacán and Sinaloa before the final processing stage, which can occur in warehouses and residential homes within major cities.

As of mid-October, members of Mexico’s Marines, army, and National Guard had dismantled more than 1,000 clandestine drug labs nationwide since President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office at the end of 2018. A large share of these have been uncovered in Sinaloa.

InSight Crime Analysis

There are a couple of takeaways from reports that both the CJNG and Sinaloa Cartel are sourcing precursor chemicals from the same companies.

First, this dynamic suggests that the market for illicit fentanyl in the United States -- the primary destination of Mexican production -- has become so large that both groups can earn enough profit without needing to secure a monopoly over the chemical suppliers needed for production.

To be sure, fentanyl is now by far the leading driver of the ongoing opioid crisis in the United States. In some regions of the country, it has shifted from a supply-side driven phenomenon to one that is now propelled by demand.

In 2020, drug overdoses involving powerful synthetic opioids like fentanyl killed around 72,000 people, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Seizures of the drug on the US-Mexico border have more than tripled in the past two fiscal years as well.

Second, the report shows how Mexican crime groups exploit weak points in the regulatory efforts of authorities in legal industries to facilitate the production of illicit drugs. This is a complex task, as chemical suppliers in source countries like India and China are very often legitimate companies producing these substances legally.

Indeed, national governments are often playing catch up when it comes to banning the production and imports of certain chemicals known to be used in synthetic drug production. 

When one substance is placed under international control and made illegal, chemical compounds can easily be altered to create new, unregulated analogs and precursors that effectively perform the same function.

Front companies like those uncovered in Mexico can easily import the small quantities crime groups need to be diverted for production by mixing them in with legal products or mislabeling them altogether.

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  1. The game is rigged against the people the government on both ends makes way too much money off this war from law enforcement to border patrol to politicians on both sides. You are naive if you believe the governments are truly fighting these guys they are in bed with them if they did not have government support special forces units would be chasing these guys out of they’re hiding spots and killing them left and right they would be no match for even a Mexican special forces team let alone American special forces like seal teams etc but that would disrupt the money that continues to flow from these activities the sad part is our kids pay the price for this corruption with drugs all over our streets and I don’t mean pot I’m talking fentanyl meth mdma the worst of the worst .I wish we had real leaders that would put a stop to this bullshit all the needless deaths from these spineless politicians

    1. 7:22 I am glad you can see through the smoke, that this game will continue, in May President Biden meet up with ALMO at Washington White House, Biden wanted him to do something about Fentanyl coming to USA, yes his cabinet took action, going after Sinaloa drug labs, but but CJNG.

    2. 7:22
      ALMO declares he has no money, will rely on government pension in retirement. I could not stop laughing, lol. This speechwriter (clown), of his states some outlandish words, that are out of this world.
      For Mr. Source , Mr. Facts and Mr. Hater.

      Source: Mexico News Daily
      November 10, 2022

      I still can't stop laughing.

    3. @7:22 is on the right track

    4. At 9:01
      Obrador is a puppet of the cartels, and it would be funny to believe he does not accept no bribes, when we all know the truth.

    5. 9:44 Not even close to that boy. AMLO best president in decades.

    6. 9:01 Awww you dont like AMLO, but prefer the corrupt previous ones... thats cute.

    7. 9:44 And whats your source / link / explanation or so, to support that?

    8. That's true, I haven't seen any CJNG drug labs busted, but they sure are going at it full force on Sinaloa drug labs.

    9. 🤣🤣🤣
      Elmo is not broke, he has lots of money, at overseas accounts.
      Who the hell said he is broke.

    10. 1:39 And how do you know that?

    11. Que se balla a "la chingada" just like his name on his ranch 😂
      Stupid sell out narcopresident

    12. Obrador wants to live in luxury, when he is out office, has to accept all the bribes he can get. If his speech writer claims he is broke, how in the hell did he buy his son a million dollars home?

    13. 10:03 Oh, thats what you think?

    14. 8:42 amlo lawyer, at least 10:03 thinks. Something you should try

  2. There is 8 billion people in this world, I don't mind que se mueran los PENDEJOS!

  3. façade of software distributors and beverage manufacturers…sounds like a lot of politicians are involved in these companies. Otherwise a software company would never be allowed to import that stuff. And nice that india is named. India is a real fucked up country, maybe even worse than china.

  4. Someone is making money of this idiots

  5. Chinese supply the world, they can care less who buys as long as they have the money. Triads also supply both cartels with the chemicals to make meth
    Money talks

    1. Looking for a Chinese plug out here in the islands POGO around the corner if you want something chances are the Chinese will supply

  6. Proof cjng has no control over the ports of lazaro and colima. They could put CDS out of business if they has that much influence


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