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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Mexico City Criminal Organization With Links In Quintana Roo Dismantled

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

They participated in violent acts, maintaining links with people in Quintana Roo, recruiting in the CDMX

Investigative work was carried out by the Secretariat of Public Safety, the Attorney General's Office and the Investigation Police.

As a result of an investigation carried out by the Secretariat of Public Safety, the Attorney General's Office and the Investigation Police, nine arrest warrants were issued for the crime of criminal association.

The organization was dedicated to the sale and distribution of drugs; extortion and extortion of merchants and shopkeepers, demanding money from 10,000 to 100,000 pesos; their areas of operation were Cuauhtémoc, Venustiano Carranza and Benito Juárez.

The leader of the criminal cell is Raul "N" alias "El Jefe", he collaborated with Roberto "N", alias "El Betito", leader of Tepito; the members of the criminal group participated in violent acts, maintaining links with people in Quintana Roo, recruiting in the CDMX; they covered everything to move them to the state and paid 5 thousand pesos plus an additional amount for criminal actions.

Nine arrest warrants were issued for criminal association against the members of the criminal group that carried out the actions in Quintana Roo; in May Raul "N" was arrested, and nine more were arrested in recent days who were in charge of recruitment.

In recent days "El Gori", who was in charge of recruiting for Quintana Roo, was arrested; he had communication with some criminal cells in Playa del Carmen and Cancun but had no relationship with the CDMX other than a collaboration with "El Gori" for recruitment.

"El Jefe"

Raul "R", alias El Jefe, successor leader of the criminal group La Union Tepito after the capture of El Betito and two of his main lieutenants was captured by agents of the uniformed police of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City. El Jefe is considered a generator of violence in the municipalities of Cuauhtémoc, Venustiano Carranza, Gustavo A. Madero, Iztapalapa, Miguel Hidalgo and Benito Juárez.

PDI agents arrested in May 2022, Raúl "N", alias "El Jefe", considered as one of the main current leaders of "La Unión Tepito", after the arrest of Roberto "M", alias "El Betito" (2018) and Óscar "A", alias "El Lunares" (2020).

In 2010 he was admitted to the Reclusorio Preventivo Varonil Oriente for the crimes of robbery and carrying a firearm. After his release from the penitentiary, "El Jefe" rose through the ranks to become the head of assassins and right-hand man of Roberto "M", alias "El Betito" (2020).

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  1. Quintara Roo, main destination for drugs in Mexico.

    1. You mean as a transit point for South America right? If consumption is the question I'd say Guadalajara, Ciudad de México, Tijuana, Juárez, and Culiacán are the main consumers in the country. What importance in this sense would Playa del Carmen have?Cancun is mostly a tame older crowd and Playa is still developing. Great place to see but as far as nightlife and the party scene what do they have there? Overpriced real estate caused by foreign buyers and exaggeration? European funded secret raves where they can make the local Mexicanos feel like they are fashionable for attending a common Tech House event? Or your Canadian, Swedish, German, and American buying supercut nasty coke grams from those young pussyhead maricones in Calle 5 or in the bathrooms of two or three nightclubs Playa has to offer? Puerto Vallarta has a better nightlife than that. Playa is growing but it is still unimportant territory

    2. @5:42 I back you on this. Those secret raves are definitely a thing in the jungle. Some bitch gang in Playa wanted their cut from a European who was hosting those events. He refused and he got executed in the beach as an example. These leech small time shitheads want it all. A lot of foreigners including Americans don't think something will happen until it does happen. Life is cheap in Mexico. 500 pesos is what someone is willing to kill for. Insane. I noticed that there are a lot of deportees too on Calle 5. A lot of Californians. Probably from other states too but that was my experience. I could just tell. The "hey holmes you trap ese?" gave them away. There are a lot of fugitives and predators in those areas. I know for a fact I got my drink spiked one time. Luckily I was with a friend and being of bigger weight probably helped. So remember foreigners, no matter how tough, rich, and baddass you think you are. Anybody in Mexico gets it. Everybody. Hell's Angels, Canadian hustlers, and Italian mobsters have all been murdered in Mexico. Americans have vanished too. All it takes is one devil

    3. The general dont get it.

    4. @ 5:42 and 6:18 - 100%

    5. 5:42 Noup. Drug consumption in Quintana Roo is a big deal for cartels operating there. Keep in mind is #2 main destination in the world, and a big part go to have hardcore party there, not just raves.

      6:18 Believe me, no cartel member will go and kill random tourists for 500 pesos, thats bad for the business and unnecessary. Unless they have specific reasons to do it.

    6. 8:58
      About 1 million visitors in Quintana Roo per year. That comes to about 83000 per month. Let's go high and say half of those do drugs. That's 40,000 partygoers. Playa has 150k in population. They rig the numbers in Mexico and call 300k. It's all business. That is small in comparison to a city like Culiacán where drug consuming culture is notorious. This would make it unimportant for the organizations. There is money, but not big money in terms of Mexico.

      That'a right and my point was not cartels. They don't care unless you are their competitors. Now on the other hand you are gravely mistaken that just because you are an American tourist you can be safe from any other maniac. There are so many malandros . Anyone can hire someone or if you are not liked by somebody they will take your life out of spite. If you don't know what some people are. Apable then you are either naive or don't know the real Mexico. 70-100 Americans are killed in Mexico. This is more than any other country visited by Americans. In PDC you might still have a better chance for it being a tourist place. It's a disney town for foreigners.

  2. No pasa nada el señor de los gallos en colaboracion con la union tepito tienen el DF bien controlados

    1. Ese señor de los gallos no controla ni su pinche vida... que va andar controlando el DF...

  3. 11:23 y tu como saves que no controla su vida el viejillo tal de los gallos . Controla la tuya mejor alucin


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