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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Judge Sentences West Suburban Drug Trafficker To Decades In Prison; Sent $56M Back To Mexico Cartels

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Luis Eduardo Gonzalez-Garcia was sentenced to 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine for his role in trafficking drugs and money through the Chicago suburbs.

A federal judge in Chicago has come down hard on a drug trafficker who operated out of warehouses in the Chicago suburbs.

Luis Eduardo Gonzalez-Garcia has been sent to prison for three times as long as he suggested.

According to his own words, Gonzalez-Garcia is a family man. But federal drug agents said he sent $56 million from cocaine warehouses in Naperville and Arlington Heights back to cartel accounts in Mexico, the proceeds of a very lucrative drug-smuggling business.

According to authorities, the drug magnate had yachts in tropical places, expensive gold watches, fancy SUVs and he was toasting the high life on horseback. That is, until Gonzalez-Garcia was arrested in 2018 by DEA from Chicago as he was boarding a plane in Guatemala City.

Gonzalez-Garcia had spent the previous five years overseeing a mammoth cocaine network, concealing drugs in shipments of laundry detergent, furniture and Mexican snack food, according to investigators.

From Mexico to Atlanta, Chicago and the suburbs, he oversaw one of Chicago's most lucrative illegal drug operations: A warehouse in Arlington Heights raking in $12 million dollars in cash shipped back to Mexico and a similar suburban warehouse in Naperville yielding $32 million.

Bob Bell, the Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Field Division, spoke to the I-Team earlier this year about the cartels' connection to the Chicago area.

"There are direct ties to the Mexico based cartels like the Sinaloa cartel and the new generation cartel in Mexico and their direct relationships and direct activity between the cartels and distribution in Chicago," he said.

Gonzalez-Garcia was brought to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago after his arrest and eventually pleaded guilty, expecting a reduced sentence for his good will.

According to paperwork filed by his attorneys he was not just a family man and a business man, but he was a remorseful man.

He even included pictures of his children and letters from his twin sister and a family priest to persuade Judge Ronald Guzman that he should consider mercy, the family man's good deeds and not just his cartel drug lordship.

Gonzalez-Garcia asked for the minimum 10 years in prison, but Judge Guzman went the other way and sentenced him to 30 years behind bars and a $1.5 million dollar fine.

Gonzalez-Garcia claims he got into the cocaine trafficking business when his tomato-growing business went bad and he became "clouded in bad judgment" to use the words in his court filing.

It would be a move that crushed his family's good name; his mother had once been the mayor of their Mexican hometown.

At the Chicago MCC the 55-year-old kingpin is counting the days to his release, when he will be in his 80s.

ABC 7 Chicago


  1. “We are going to be asking everyone who sells drugs, gets caught selling drugs, to receive the death penalty for their heinous acts,” said Trump.

    Mr. Trump might very well be onto something spectacular if he can come through with his words. Fuck these worthless cartels.

    1. Alcohol and tobacco kill more American every year than illigal drugs and no one cares about those deaths only drug overdoses.

    2. Sol. The death penalty has not and never will deter criminal activity. Many people who commit crimes have drug habits and poor impulse control. Others don't give a fuck or just greedy. Who knows?
      In merry Olde England there were literally hundreds of crimes that led to the gallows. It didn't eradicate crime.
      Slangin' bricks in Saudi Arabia will get your head lopped off. Yet people still deal drugs in Saudi Arabia, with predictable results.

    3. Mr Trump needs to remember his good friend Joseph Weischelbaum who used to own a lot to sell used cars in florida and travel to different states to deliver his cocaine, he got convicted in 3 states and got his case transferred to judge Mary Trump for sentencing but her Highness passed on it and sent to another judge, weischelbaum got about 17 months prison and a job with trump as helicopter pilot and a million dollar apartment in Trump tower.
      Mr trump also increased penalties for stealing top secret documents and spying to 5 years, mandatory prison.
      Apparently mr trump, who thought he would never get caught, since the 60s, has been running on BS fumes since he got sent to military academy by his daddy to straighten up...

    4. Death penalty is not meant as a deterrent but as punishment.

    5. You SIR are well informed on orange man. He's all smoke and mirrors

    6. Pues ya mamaselo, Sol.

    7. I agree death penalty for drug traffickers. Anyone connected in the pipeline that gets caught should be executed. Enough is enough.

    8. 10:20; Sol that would be great b/c it works. All these worthless worms give up everyone, up to their mothers to avoid the death penalty.
      Awesome thought!

    9. Sol; I have a friend from southern China who says the death penalty and harsh punishment for drugs there ABSOLUTELY works.

    10. 4:02 if the Death Penalty worked, it would not be used at all anywhere in China Maoista where it is used against government adversaries, critics, opponents, by a bunch of lousy nit picking motherfuckers.

    11. Ya let’s live in a authoritarian Christian dictatorship that sounds like a great idea. Good luck with that

  2. Lol Gonzalez Garcia wanted to serve only 10 years what the hell, does he think he is Mexico? Lived a rich life, time to pay the piper..30 years.

    1. 10:51 you’re a moron. Theres murderers doing less time than money launderers and tax evaders. Clearly the system does not care about what you do pendejo

    2. Hey cabron you get your jollies, calling people commenting in here, he 10:51 is merely commenting on the article itself. You help you mom wash clothes cabron.

    3. Money lunderers and tax evaders usually win,
      But according to "Adam Ruins Everything" it is Private Investors Equity Clubs, Hedge funds also live off inflating stocks and dumping them after all the money in has been "wisely spent in risky promises"
      Police and Firefighters hnionsnursing associations, teachers unions, anything whose funds and 401k get "invested" and charged management fees and fees for charging them more and more fees, (crypto crisis being one of the last casualties, according to me)

    4. 3:23 Index funds if you want to invest without being FBed by fancy shysters

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    6. Everyone of you sound high

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