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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Guacamaya Leaks: 29 Mayors in Michoacan Secretly Working With CJNG or CU, According to Army Intelligence

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

The following is a translation of an article published by newspaper Riodoce on November 13, 2022. 

According to SEDENA (Army) intelligence leaks, 29 mayors in Michoacan are currently working with narcos. 

A chart which was presented internally on September 13, 2021 by the National Intelligence Center, which is part of the thousands of documents hacked by the Guacamaya Collective, shows that of the 96 municipalities that make up the state of Michoacan, "there are 29 mayors who took office on September 1, 2021 who have ties with members of organized crime", and that some even "had their support for the electoral campaign.”

Of the mayors accused of having connections with drug trafficking:

9 were nominated by the Morena-PT alliance

2 are from the Morena party

5 from PAN

13 more belong to either PRI, Green Party, Movimiento Ciudadano, PRD, PES and Fuerza México.

The report details that 

18 have ties to the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation (CJNG)

9 to La Familia Michoacana 

2  to Carteles Unidos

The chart also mentions that "La Familia Michoacana intends to place 10 people on the city councils," but it did not provide further information. This provides further insight on the following incidents. 

Mayor of Contepec was kidnapped and murdered

Five months after taking office as mayor of Contepec, Enrique Velázquez Orozco, who is accused in the Army report of having links to La Familia, was found murdered. His body was found on February 7 in a property in the community of El Jacal, in the municipality he governed, after he disappeared.

Mayor Enrique Velázquez Orozco

The funeral of the mayor.

The Attack on Rosa Elia Milán

Another of those mentioned in the report leaked by Guacamaya, is Rosa Elia Milán Pintor, was shot on May 31, 2021, when she was campaigning to become mayor of Cuitzeo. [She managed to survive the attack. Milenio video covering the attack]

On left, Mayor Rosa Elia Milán Pintor

Paredes Correa is Attacked

Mayor Carlos Paredes Correa (Morena-PT), who is linked by the Army to the criminal group La Familia, was attacked by an armed group which shot at the facade of his house on October 7, 2021, one month after being sworn in for the second time as mayor of Tuxpan.

The mayor was unharmed as he was not at home.

Mayor Carlos Paredes Correa

On left, bullet holes left on the front on his home being investigated by authorities.

Daughter of Tacámbaro's mayor arrested with weapons and money

Yeishi Moriya Villaseñor, the daughter of the Morenista mayor of Tacámbaro, Artemio Moriya Sánchez, was accused of having links with the CJNG. She was arrested in Texas with almost US $250,000 in cash and two pistols on August 22, 2022.

Martin Cuellar, the Sheriff of Laredo, stated that the 28-year-old woman was detained at the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge 2, because she was transporting $248,532 dollars and two handguns inside the Volkswagen Jetta 2022 she was driving. (This story was covered in full in this previous story)

Anguiano Partida is accused of attending the funeral of a member of the CJNG

These mayors accused of links to drug trafficking have also been involved in scandals. As an example, the PAN mayor of Marcos Castellanos, Jorge Luis Anguiano Partida allegedly attended the funeral of José, aliases “El Chepe” or “Sierra 2”, the brother of CJNG member Abel, alias "El Viejón".

El Viejon is alleged to be the organizer of the August 2021 massacre in San Jose de Gracia, where 17 people were forcibly removed from a funeral and shot. (This event was covered in further detail at the end of this previous story)

The wake that Anguiano Partida allegedly attended took place in September 2021 and was filmed in a video that was shared on social media. In the video, he can allegedly be seen although he denied the allegations.

Mayor Jorge Luis Anguiano Partida

Ríos Paniagua attends party of 'Lalo Mantecas'

The mayor of Juarez [in Michoacan, not Chihuahua], from the Green party, Cornelio Rios Paniagua, who has alleged ties to La Familia, was accused of having attended a concert / jaripeo event [a form of bull riding] where Medardo Hernandez Vera, alias “Lalo Mantecas”, an alleged leader of La Familia, was present.

The event was held in the community of Parícuaro, in the municipality of Benito Juárez, and the singer El Komander was allegedly also in attendance.

In center, Mayor Cornelio Rios Paniagua

Lalo being spotted at the event was covered in detail here

CJNG threatens Hinojosa Campa

The mayor of Maravatío, José Jaime Hinojosa Campa (PAN-PRI-PRD), who allegedly has ties to La Familia, was named on threatening banners signed by the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation.

Later, on February 9, members of the CJNG attacked the facilities of the Maravatío Regional Prosecutor's Office and Transit Department. They threatened police and justice officials, and also accused the current mayor of that municipality of working for the Los Correa Cartel and La Familia Michoacana.

Mayor José Jaime Hinojosa Campa

Monitor Expresso article on the banner located here

Narcos also Threaten Téllez Marín

José Luis Téllez Marín, the mayor of Hidalgo for the Morena-PT alliance, who is accused of having CJNG ties was threatened in a banner from the CJNG. 

Within a banner placed last April, the municipal president was accused of supporting La Familia Michoacana and of failing to act after an attack in the city of Hidalgo on January 29, in which a woman and four men were killed.

Téllez Marín also gained national attention last April, after he asked the population of the municipality he governs to avoid going out on the streets or attending crowded places, due to the violence that persists in the region.

Mayor José Luis Téllez Marín

Michoacán, The War of the Cartels

In another Army report, which was hacked by Guacamaya, called "Panorama de Michoacán" from November 2021.

It is alleged that in the municipality governed by Mayor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, there was an increase in violence and homicides due to the "rearrangement of the criminal groups, as a result of the new mayoral administrations".

[His family ties to Carteles Unidos were covered in this previous article by MX]

Mayor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla

The report added that the criminal organizations known to operate in the region are the CJNG, which fights against Carteles Unidos, who are made up of Los Viagras, Caballeros Templarios, Los de la Virgen, and La Familia Michoacana’s factions consisting of Los Correa and Don José.

"They [the cartel groups] control their areas of influence through cells and/or armed groups who engage in drug sales, kidnappings, extortion and collection of quotas [extortion fees]. They also engage in the execution of members of opposing groups, people who change or leave their cells (chapulines) and/or those who engage in bulk drug sales without respecting the cartel’s  territorial control."

The Army’s List

The mayors associated with the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation are: 

Ana Lilia Manzo Martínez (Morena-PT), mayor of Cojumatlán de Regules. 

Manuel Gálvez Sánchez (PAN), mayor of Sahuayo 

Jorge Luis Anguiano Partida (PAN), Mayor of Marcos Castellanos 

José Elías Barajas Bautista (Movimiento Ciudadano), mayor of Jiquilpan 

Isidoro Mosqueda Estrada (Morena), mayor of Jacona 

José Dolores Martínez Garibay (Morena-PT), mayor of Vista Hermosa 

María Francisca Licea Ramírez (PAN), mayor of Tanhuato 

J. Jesús Infante Ayala (PAN), mayor of Ecuandureo 

Hermes Arnulfo Pacheco Bribiesca (Fuerza Mexico), mayor of Angamacutiro 

Rosa Elia Milán Pintor (Morena-PT), mayor of Cuitzeo 

Alejandro Correa Gómez (Morena-PT), Mayor of Zinapécuaro 

José Luis Téllez Marín (Morena-PT), Mayor of Hidalgo 

Artemio Moriya Sánchez (Morena-PT), mayor of Tacámbaro 

Vicente Gómez Núñez (Morena-PT), mayor of Turicato 

Pablo Varona Estrada (PAN-PRD), mayor of Huetamo 

Reynaldo Gómez Villalobos (Green Party), mayor of Carácuaro 

Froylán Alcauter Ibarra (PRI), Mayor of Madero 

Jesús Antonio Espinoza Rochín (PRD), mayor of Nuevo Parangaricutiro

Linked to La Familia are:

José Jaime Hinojosa Campa (PAN-PRI-PRD), mayor of Maravatío 

Enrique Velázquez Orozco (PAN-PRI), mayor of Contepec 

Jorge Medina Montoya (Green Party), mayor of Tlalpujahua 

Carlos Alberto Paredes Correa (Morena-PT), Mayor of Tuxpan 

Cornelio Ríos Paniagua (Green Party), mayor of Juárez 

Diana Laura Mondragón Benítez (Morena), Mayor of Susupuato 

Arturo Serrato Suárez (Movimiento Ciudadano), Mayor of Tuzantla 

Catalina Pérez Negrón Espinoza (PES), Mayor of Tiquicheo 

Efraín Serrato Díaz (PRI), mayor of San Lucas

Linked to Carteles Unidos are:

José Antonio Salas Valencia (PAN), mayor of Los Reyes 

Ignacio Benjamín Campos Equihua (Morena-PT), mayor of Uruapan 


Source: Riodoce 


  1. Damned this is a big exposure on curupt city officials. It is no wonder why Cjng is growing through out Mexico. Bribes is what fuels officials to become curupt.
    For those of you, that try to hide under the carpet, by what about USA, but, but Chicago had 300 murders in one day, but but SIR is right wing. And for those...well your a Mexico hater...nope not the case, just commenting regarding the article.

    1. Riodoce did a great job at expanding upon the chart that was leaked.

    2. 7:41
      I bet this is the same in other States, Mayor's in cahoots with their local cartels, no wonder Mexico is becoming a third world country, thanks to the criminals.

    3. When did Chicago have 300 murders in one day?

    4. 8:33 With that said, US is becoming a developing country...

  2. Money is the root of all evil

    1. The love of money is the root of all evil

    2. The lack of money is the root of evil

    3. 2:28 Tons of examples where lack of money is not the reason... ambition.

  3. Only 2 linked to C.U?????? Yeah ok

    1. Right I said the same thing haha

  4. So the army has intelligence agents and informants all over the place and could take these cartels down and their connections if they wanted to.It seems like.
    I remember a documentary on cartels where a sicario said the military could take us out if they wanted to,they have bigger guns.

    1. bigger guns, armored vehicles, BETTER training, and so on...

    2. And the US military at their beckoning. If Mezico declared martial law and declares cartel mafias and prison gangs terrorists that also sell drugs and pump babies —- & asks the government of the USA for military assistance, weapons, and aid and soldiers to kill the terrorists

      it would be over before it starts

      For that matter, the government gives Cartel members hugs not drugs

    3. 10:19 Not happening on a realistic. scenario

  5. Great article - thank you for sharing Hearst.
    I can’t imagine any motive to run for office beyond monetary reward from a criminal group - which is sad!

    1. 09:06 things are not the same 10 years ago 20 years ago 30 years ago
      Now the cartel is the local government structure that n regions throughout Mexico.
      Everyone says they are bad criminals and then takes money 💰 murder and lie so they can have a wife, a boyfriend, a girlfriend and a Lamborghini to drive off-road in the Ranchero

      Ohh and a fat sack of meth

  6. Uruapan is also being overtaken by CJNG, some people originating from Guadalajara are the ones spearheading that invasion. San Juan Nuevo, Michoacan is their homebase, Carteles Unidos tried to invade in cahoots with Guardia Nacional but were not succesfull.

  7. I don't know how accurate that map is I would assume the areas in white are split between CU templarios being the most organized and powerfull of the groups. El abuelo and his group being the second strongest then the Viagra's. Pajaro Sierras run the green area next to Jalisco now enemies of CJNG and long time allies of CU north of that area is the los Guerrero who are still CJNG. In huetamo and surrounding areas I would say El Jardinero runs the show alongside his lieutenant's regional leaders plaza chiefs ect.

    1. Yeah the first five of the list are in areas of the Pájaros

    2. The map doesn't show cartel control of the area. It only shows the location of the mayors and their alleged ties. Assuming actual cartel control is the same would be a mistake.

    3. @HEARST awesome analysis and readings!

      Well, well, well all of the dirty cops and crooked politicians are slowly being exposed one by one in the United States of Mexico, the United States of America, and Canada. Then everyone will die, I already told you last year but nobody pays attention.

    4. 02:00 good call dude

  8. Why would anyone want to be involved in local politics in Michoacan, Mexico?! The state has been ground zero in the cartel wars really since Los Zetas/Cartel del Golfo tried to takeover almost 25 years ago. What profession gets you clipped faster a local journalist in Veracruz covering Los Z's or a small town Michoacan mayor not working w CJNG after they paid for his/her campaign? Anyone know where to find a copy of the Guacamaya leaks in there entirety?

  9. This map of Michoacán is incomplete. Where's tierra caliente? The whole coastal area is missing. Maybe a picture of the whole state should be added for comparison.

  10. Are these Guacamaya "exposures" really exposures or just information that was already out there? These accusations have been floating around on local media outlets through the multiple number of banners that have been left at crime scenes or placed throughout the state. I feel like Guacamaya is not bringing anything new to the table.

    1. I strongly disagree. I spent five minutes trying to find the banner against José Luis Téllez Marín and I couldn't find anything. Local media is often intimidated into not covering banners, and when they do, they blur out the message.

      And you can never be sure if a banner is claiming a mayor is corrupt because they actually are, or if the mayor is just doing their job and that interferes with a cartel's business.

      Many parts of the Army are corrupt. Some of the Army's information is outdated. But to act like Army intelligence is only equal in value to a narco message doesn't make sense to me personally.

    2. 1:44 salient question.
      1:56; very well answered and your point about criminals using banners as extortion on mayors in order to get mayors to comply is right on.
      We are friends with former mayor (20+ years ago) of Villa Union, Sin and rumors and trying to avoid narcos took up 90% of his mayoral time.

  11. I strongly doubt CJNG has more influence in michoacan than C.U
    These Guacamaya leaks are questionable.

    1. It's a strategy by C.U

    2. 02:01 are you Mexican? Off what basis? Do you live in Michiocan are you a Padrino too??

      Is tu Tio Mayor?

      Obviously anyone who takes bribes and makes alliances with Satanic cannibals and witches so they can kill everyone else in Pueblo is gonna die from the hands of jealous enemies, disgusted citizens, and haters.

  12. Nice map Hearst. Having it broken down into different colors for different cartels makes it easier to understand. Did you do that?

    1. Nope Detroit, my 12 year old son did it.
      Thanks for the compliment.

    2. It's not mine. It's the official SEDENA map that was leaked. But I can certainly try to mimic their style as I recolor my own maps. :)


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