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Monday, November 21, 2022

Chapiza vs Quintero War For Caborca: Cop Abducted and Executed, Message From Chapiza Left Nearby

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A municipal police officer who acted as the chief bodyguard for the mayor was abducted and executed by cartel hitmen in northern Sonora. Shortly after, a message from “El 8 from Sonoyta”, from La Chapiza, was found which announced that a purge of police officers and soldiers had just begun. 

The next day a new message from La Chapiza appear in which they said “La Chapiza gunmen don't threaten government personnel” and that “whoever released that threatening narco message yesterday has 2 hours to leave this town.” 

So, was the message a fake created by rivals, or was it created by a Chapiza hitman gone rogue, or are they denying their own crime to lessen the heat?

Kidnapping and Execution of the Officer

During the afternoon of November 18, 2022, cartel hitmen approached the home of off-duty police officer Jose Ramon Cañez Leon and abducted him, forcing him into their vehicle.

This kidnapping took place in Pitiquito, Sonora, near Caborca. This area has been hotly contested for years, and most especially after the arrest of Rafael Caro Quintero because it led to a war between his group -the Caborca Cartel- and Sinaloa Cartel forces, from the Chapitos side, some of which have dubbed themselves “La Chapiza”. Both groups are currently battling for control of the northwestern region in the state of Sonora.

Someone reported him missing and by 8:00 pm investigators were seen collecting evidence at his home, the abduction location. Authorities began to search throughout the region for the officer.

At 8:20 pm, someone called the emergency phone line and reported that officer Cañez Leon had been killed, or “deprived of life”, according to a statement by Sonora’s Public Security

Then, at 9:00 pm, police officers were seen cordoning off the location where a dead body had been dumped, located on a section of the highway known as "Las Calabazas" that connects Pitiquito with Caborca. At 10:20 pm, agents of the state Attorney General’s Office arrived at the scene and preliminarily identified the dead body as that of Officer Cañez. 

Cañez Leon was killed by gunshot wounds, presumably inflicted by his abductors. Some publications, such as PacoZea, say his body was “riddled with bullets”.  

Jose Ramon Cañez Leon was 31 years old and he worked as the chief bodyguard for the mayor of Caborca, Abraham David Mier Nogales. He leaves behind a wife and child. 

A narco message sign was discovered at approximately 11:00 pm next to the Cuauhtémoc Elementary School, located on Primera Street, near its intersection with Avenue P.

The cartel news Twitter account Calvarie Locus and the local news account Art. 7mo el Observador posted photos, shown below, which allegedly shows the sign that was left. 

It reads as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

The purge has begun against all municipal policemen and military personnel. Stay within your barracks or leave this area for your own good. We wont be responsible for the safety of all military men caught outside of the civil cartel. 

El 8 from Sonoyta 


Later Denial of Involvement 

The next day, a narco message sign was taped over top of a billboard in the Ortiz neighborhood of the city of Caborca. The message appears to be a response to the message left at the elementary school. 

It reads as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

La Chapiza gunmen don't threaten government personnel. The only individuals who die here are those responsible. Whoever released that threatening narco message yesterday has 2 hours to leave this town. 

It's interesting to note that the message doesn’t make it clear who they believe created the previous message. 

This presents a number of possibilities, such as:

  1. A rival cartel posted the message at the Cuauhtémoc Elementary School, signing the message with “La Chapiza” in order to bring down heat -a way of saying law enforcement attention- on them. 

  1. A rogue member (or group of members) of La Chapiza created and posted the message without getting approval on the content of the message from their superiors. La Chapiza is now kicking them out and this message is them publicly denouncing them. 

  1. La Chapiza was behind the original message and the content of the message was approved however they are now trying to deny they were involved. 

El 8 de Sonoyta 

What can we make of the name signed on the original message, “El 8 de Sonoyta"? Well, that was one of the aliases of Santiago Mazari Hernández, also known as “El Carrete”, a leader of the BLO splinter group Los Rojos, who is currently serving time in federal prison.

However, Carrete’s group of followers is currently fighting in the state of Morelos, south of Mexico City and quite a far distance away from Sonora. Based on the huge geographic distance, it seems unlikely that “El 8 de Sonoyta” is referring to Santiago Mazari Hernández. 

It's more likely that “El 8 de Sonoyta" is an alias being used by a different cartel figure who is currently operating in Sonora. The alias may have been picked up due to the 2008 narcocorrido about El 8 sung by Larry Hernandez.

A more recent corrido called Gente del 8 by Victor Eme may be about the new Sonora figure. With lyrics like “Sonorita is the zone and 8 controls the plaza, the boss 100 takes care of him.” 

Based on information from an October 2022 interrogation video, it's likely that El 8 is working under the leadership of Óscar Martínez Larios, alias “El Gabito” and “El 80”, and someone known as “Acord”. To read up on Gabito’s criminal history, please see this previous story

Meanwhile, on the Caborca Cartel side, we have recently seen videos of hitmen who allegedly work under “El Lobo”, another figure whose real name is unknown.

Some of their top leadership is believed to include Rodrigo Páez Quintero, alias “El R”, and Adelmo Núñez Molina, alias “Lemo Nuñez”, as well as others such as the recently married El Frank and their longtime head of hitmen, leader of La Barredora 24/7, Jesus Dario Murrieta Navarro, alias “Cara de Cochi”. 

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Later Denial Sources: Art. 7mo el Observador, Sonora Informativo, Valor por Tamaulipas

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September 02, 2022

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  1. There is nothing scarier than Pizza Slices.. Puro Chapiza

  2. Enseñenles a escribir a estos imbéciles; no saben ni limpiarse el fundillo y ahi andan de sicarios. Yo solía ir a esa escuela primaria, me duele en el alma ver en lo que se ha convertido mi pueblo. La semana pasada iba mi madre en su carrito por la calle a comprar comida, y en eso casi la arrolla una troka llena de sicarios. Se tuvo que meter de emergencia a una casa para estacionarse. Gente sin alma, sin compasión y lo peor del caso que los traen todos mugrosos, sin paga, asaltando tiendas de abarrotes para comer. Pero eso sí, son gente arremangado, chingona según ellos. Que chinguen todos a su madre, Chapiza, Paez, Caro, el 8. Dejen de hacer su cochinero en el pueblo, en tirar cuerpos enfrente de las escuelas, en tener a la gente asustada.

    1. 6:55 A pero dice GsonoraN que en Sonora todo esta bien controlado

    2. 6:55 Su pueblo es un lugar muy hermoso. También me duele el alma al ver en qué se ha convertido.

      Que chinguen todos a su madre, Chapiza, Paez, Caro, el 8.

    3. Nada que ver nos la llevábamos bien kn nachito paez hasta que lo mataron. Somos gente del m100 teníamos bien controlado y le andamos hechando ganas a volver el estado a como estaba antes del desmadre que soltaron los de caborca pronto volverá a como debería de cer. Nos hace falta mucho el r5 que te seguro que no estará lo cosa como esta que chingue su madre el ardido del 7:11ardido x que en su casa no controla nada y me viene reclamando mi estado lindo

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Que chingue su madre el M100 y toda su bola de pendejos tambien

    6. 11:18 Quisieras ver mi casa Culon, aqui se respeta al verdadero trabajador, al que no necesita meterse en cosas turbias para ganarse el dinero limpio, los putos narquillos dan lastima porque subunico dios es el dinero mal avido, y al ultimo lo pagan mas caro con su familias, pobres babosos que el 100% van a terminar mal y asta van a arrastrar a gente sercana, pero como dice el dicho, aunque la abeja le enseñe de mil maneras a la mosca que la miel es mucho mejor que la mierda, la mosca no lo va a aceptar porque la mierda es lo unico que conose

    7. GsonoraN, soy el 06:55 AM. Nacho mantenía Pitiquito bien calmado, eso sí, y sea lo que sea, era hombre cabal y de palabra. Se ha manejado que fue el Cara de Cochi quien lo mató, por órdenes de Rodrigo Páez, porque según Nacho hizo pacto con el Chubeto y los Cazadores para no calentar Pitiquito. Nacho también cuidaba mucho su pueblo. Ahora ya no se sabe quién anda, quién manda ni nada.

  3. Another fantastic, thorough article from Hearst. Great job!

  4. Fue El Leon, mejor conocido como leonel leon ochoa, de los chapitos

  5. So, tell me your opinion and your reasoning behind it.

    Was it a rival group, a Chapiza hitman gone rogue, or are La Chapiza deflecting from something they actually did?

    1. To me, it seems that the most likely scenario would be Caborca heating up the plaza. IMO, it would make Chapiza look weak by putting a second sign up to save face but who knows? P.S. I lover your writing style HEARST! Keep up the fantastic work pleas and stay safe!

  6. 8:18 eres un lambe huevos de Los chinolas como la mayoria de Los sonoras.
    Si deveras fueran chingones ustedes, no estuvieran agarrando ordenes directamente de sinaloa

    1. No seas Pendejo todas las ordenes vienen de Sinaloa/Durango

    2. Asi nomas quedo dijiera el pirata de cln pa que sepan quienes son su merro padre los yaquis 🍅 🍕

    3. El pendejo eres tu aunque vengan de dgo son de un chinola 😆

    4. Los de Durango tambien son lambe huevos de chinolas. Esa plaza es cartel de sinaloa y estan orgullosos Los tontos. Jahaja

  7. Anyone with a gun makes a new cartel in Sonora

    1. It's an illusion! These major players in the region been there way before the chapitos and will continue to he there way after.

    2. Back in the day it used to be called the Sonora cartel.

    3. No! Just groups! Family names! Back then everybody got along and prospered. When chapos people moved in is when all the violence this stupid cartel shit began.

    4. 2 friends + a .22 with 2 bullets + living in Sonora = NEW CARTEL

    5. Since Manlio Fabio Beltrones got kicked out of politics, sonora has been one hell full of motherfuckers running for office, shit and turf.
      Former colleague of Manlio and new governor Alfonso Durazo need to wake the fuck up.

  8. @6:55 AM: Te oigo muy bien, amigo. Pero, que podemos hacer? El mundo quiere sus narcoticos, y Mejico es la gran ajencia de este mecado mavado.

    1. 12:09 lo que puedes hacer es responderle en su commentario y no al ultimo de todos los comentarios, porque tenemos que regresar asta arriba para ver a quien le respondiste 😤

    2. Soy el 6:55 am. Así es mi amigo, recuerdo mi niñez en Caborca y fue la época más bonita, podíamos andar dondequiera jugando y no corríamos riesgo de nada. Tuve la suerte de emigrar a E.E.U.U. y aquí he hecho una vida. Aún recuerdo el día en que Caborca cambió: fue un día de abril del 2004, cuando asesinaron a Don Octavio Páez, quién tenía la plaza de Caborca.
      A pesar de que estoy contra el narco, ese hombre mantenía el pueblo tranquilo. Igual, eran otros tiempos, antes mandaba la marihuana y la cocaína. Ahora el cristal, el fentanilo y sabe Dios que más es lo que mueve el mercado.

    3. La plaza era de Miguel caro, al caer el se la dejaron a los Páez ya que están emparentados, eyos eran otro tipo de mafia con otra escuela, la de ayudar y hacer dinero.. esa línea la traía bien clara desde Emilio quintero y Lamberto, siganle hechando porras a los chapos, que luego les van a cobrar cuotas hasta los taqueros, toda la juventud envenenada con cristal, y si antes no se vendían pastillas azules ellos ya las andan vendiendo en la frontera a la población, pura vieja escuela, la de hacer dinero, amigos y ayudar al jodido, escuela de Juan José esparragoza Moreno, y puro huixiopa badiraguato


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