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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Nevada State Police Busts Illegal Marijuana Grow Site Worth $7.8M

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Nevada State Police said it joined forces with several other agencies to conduct an eradication operation on an illegal outdoor marijuana grow site that was worth an estimated $7.8 million.

According to a news release, the bust occurred Sept. 18 in a remote wilderness area in Lincoln County.

The release says the operation resulted in the eradication of approximately 8,784 pounds of marijuana. which was worth an estimated $7,808,000.

According to authorities, three suspects were arrested during this investigation: Marcelino Madrigal, Antonio Madrigal and Jesus Garcia Lopez.

Nevada State Police said the three individuals were charged with trafficking marijuana of more than 5,000 pounds and were booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center.

The agency was alerted to the grow after a local hunter contacted authorities in February and said that he believed he had walked into an illegal outdoor marijuana grow site while scouting in the mountains.

According to authorities, police “conducted surveillance and reconnaissance operations and determined that the grow site was a historical grow site that had again become active.”

Nevada State Police say the investigation and operation ultimately led to the seizure of the illegal marijuana and the arrest of the three suspects.

According to Nevada State Police, individuals who are “working” the illegal grow site can be a threat to hikers, hunters, campers and people enjoying outdoor activities on public land, the release said.

Authorities advise those that come across a suspected illegal grow site to leave the area immediately and contact the Nevada State Police - Investigation Division at 775-684-7412, according to the release.

Fox 5 Vegas


  1. Green house ain’t worth shit any more they trying to look good

    1. @9:47 WEST SIDE MODESTO!!! Want the address I’ll be gladly to give it to you if you know then you know who I am

    2. It still must be worth something

    3. @209, I don’t know who you are but send them over to Ohio. We don’t want Michigan bud anymore.

  2. Replies
    1. I wonder where in Lincoln county. I tried looking on google maps to see if I find anything. It’s so open I’m sure a operation like that would be visible

    2. I think it's worth more.

    3. @3:59, when they say the amount. Is it only nuggets or the whole plant including stems and leaves.

    4. They counting the weight of everything to make it seem more impressive 5:17.

  3. Everybody and there momma growing out that way reno included!

  4. they weighed the whole plant and multiplied the weight by an astronomical price per gram.
    Oh, you americans, so simple-minded, so gullible.

  5. 1128 that's a big generalization. What are you? It's very foolish to assume such things. You are however alone here in being an ass. Are you a mother to anything besides fuck ups? Another jealous hater. You should know that many people simply fuel their success with the hate of the likes of you. Now dust off your jankees hat and worry about yourself.

  6. How hard is it to get a license or permit in Nevada to grow marijuana?


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