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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Mayor Of Guerrero, Coahuila Reported Missing In Nuevo Laredo, Is Released

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Through a post on Facebook, Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís announced that the mayor of the municipality of Guerrero, Mario Cedillo Infante and the people with whom he was traveling to Tamaulipas have already been released.

This morning it was announced that on his return from Oaxaca, after participating in a Magical Towns event, Mayor Mario Cedillo Infante, his wife and children and at least three municipal officials disappeared on Friday night in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, the Secretary of Public Security of Coahuila reported.

According to the information provided, the disappearance occurred around 11:00 p.m. on Friday, when they were crossing the city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, aboard two vehicles and coming from Oaxaca.

"The events occurred when they crossed the city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, when they warned that they were being chased by two vans with armed men, after which communication with them was lost," the agency reported in a statement.

The unlocalized people are Mario Cedillo, his wife and son, as well as the municipal treasurer Enrique Cervera López, his wife; the councilor Estéis Adriana Trejo Meza and her husband; the director of Tourism, Pedro García Macias, the secretary Aidé Solís Guevara and the private secretary of the mayor, Mainor Estuardo Barrera. fbid=670621307760568&set=a.272389907583712

According to the Secretary of Public Security, the mayor's latest message indicated that they were already about to take highway number two, at the exit of Nuevo Laredo; however, there was no longer any more excellent communication with the official.

Mica: “There is only one difference between a Mexican and an American politician. The majority are corrupt, and they all have access to dirty money attached to bribes.  

The US politician takes a bribe from Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals instead of Pfizer.  No sweat! 
The Mexican politician, if they want to live, is forced to accept bribes from competing cartels (but they gladly accept them).

Pfizer is probably not going to kidnap the American politician. Mexican politicians and sicarios live differently but end up the same.”


  1. So I gather calls were made to the criminals from a politician or police commander and they were released.Bribes were passed along the way.

  2. They’re rolling through town in two cars. Supposedly from my understanding estacas are two to five cars/trucks with atleast 4 people in them. They might have snatched them up thinking they work for another group and took them somewhere while they looked into it. I’m thinking that’s why the Coahuila government arrested them 5 CDN members (el Chuki/Trasky and four of his men). “If you don’t let my mayor go we’re going to keep hitting you guys here in Coahuila” or “If you dont let my mayor go we’re going to hurt/disappear these 5 associates of yours”. The story of their arrests was weird to me from gate with the lack of information of how that came about.

  3. I go to MTY often and go through Nuevo Laredo. It’s easy to spot the cartel outlooks posted on the non-toll highway (“libre”). They are usually cars without plates that are just driving and circling back at the turnaround, looking for targets to extort. They will then try to pair up with you and cut you off. That’s if there isn’t a checkpoint set up. When people go I recommend they go through downtown instead and then try to speed their way to the federal highway. I suspect the outlooks saw the Coahuila plates and that they came in pairs and thought they were contras.

  4. Mica we could without comparisons between mexico and the U.S. We got enough haters already ?

    1. Naming names, with reason,
      is OK, but if they don't like it could lead to court for defamation, alex jones just lost and gots to pay about one billion dollars to the victims of his BS, send him money for his defense fund, but save some for his buddies too, they are begging hard.

    2. Mica is right. What’s the solution? No federal govt. Only local govt.

    3. @5.53 It's true about the hatred, but it cuts both ways. The endless ignorant comments about a ''third world'' country where everyone is on the take is as tiring as the anti-American bullshit. I thought Micas comparison was well judged, and needs repeating every now and again. I don't think it'll be fuelling the haters.

  5. My cousin was in that group , they knew what they were doing when they kidnapped them , it was just so the mayor and cartel could be on the same page and look the other way .


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