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Monday, October 24, 2022

Matlaltoyuca, Puebla: Commander Rojo Tortures And Kills 3 Individuals

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

The bodies of three young men were found gagged and had stab wound in their necks inside a house in the municipality of Francisco Z. Mena, along with a narco message warning criminal groups.

The incident occurred early Saturday morning, just five days after armed men killed Felipe Hernández Cruz, a local police commander as he was leaving his home.

The bodies correspond to citizens who were identified as Jazmín "N", 19 years old; Abel "N", 20 years old and Gustavo "N", 29 years old. They were found inside a house located on Prolongación de Aldama street in the center of the municipality.

The bodies were bound hand and foot, gagged, had injuries and stab wounds in their necks; the torso of the three victims were semi-naked. Next to them was a narco message apparently addressed to criminal groups as it indicates that there will be a "purge" in the community of La Mesa. It is claimed that the area already has "owners".

On October 16, an armed criminal cell gunned down Municipal Police Commander Felipe Hernández Cruz as he was leaving his home in the community of Nuevo Carrizal in the municipality of Pantepec, in the Sierra Norte of Puebla.

The event occurred when the public official was off duty at his home, located on 16 de Septiembre street. Upon leaving his house he was met by several armed individuals who shot him on numerous times.

Municipal police launched an operation on the highway that connects the municipalities of Pantepec and Mecapalapa in order to find the perpetrators, but perpetrators fled without being apprehended.

Hernández Cruz had joined the Municipal Police of Francisco Z. Mena three years ago, during the administration of former mayor Pascual Morales Martínez. He had previous police experience, he joined as a private police officer and later, during the current administration under Gildardo Vargas García, he was promoted to commander.

A few weeks before being executed, the former police commander was convalescing due to a motorcycle accident. He was resting at his home during the armed attack.

According to neighbors, a few months ago Hernández set up checkpoints at different points in the municipality of Francisco Z. Mena in order to locate criminals, which caused annoyance among some motorists who claimed that the roads were blocked for hours.

Warning: Graphic Picture

Narco message reads as follows:

To all the citizens of the Francisco Z. Mena municipality. As I mentioned in the video that is circulating today on social media. The first filthy individuals have already fallen. We’re coming after the rest of the dickheads who are left. This purge will continue until we exterminate all the bullshit they had here. This area already has an owner. 

Sincerely, Commander Rojo

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  1. Maybe a dumb question , but who’s territory is Puebla known traditionally?

    1. There ain't no such thing as a dumb question or dumb answer. But the answer to your question, I mean to be real with you man, I don't know either lol

    2. It was traditionally Zetas , now it’s divided with some groups of CjNG in some municipalities, but Zetas Sangre Nueva has more territory .

    3. 845, don't be afraid to ask a question. Many of the questions we all have are not Google-able, so we have to rely on others and collective knowledge. Also, it isn't as if any commenters have high ranking boots on the ground. We can guess, poke and prod at this beast of a subject but we all count on each others knowledge and half truths.🎯

    4. It was well stated however when ill-informed or worse, patently made up answers that inaccurately tarnish working Mexicans and the Mexican people as a whole; it is important this be pointed out.

      The manufactured lies about Mexicans as a whole (I don’t care if people want to hate on, or more accurately love on their “cartel team”) is immoral, unwarranted, and only causes additional harm from the criminals that work tirelessly to deliver drugs and other vises to Americans.

  2. OMG not another Purge!
    Time to lock up the town.

  3. La Familia Michoacan = Mexican Taliban
    Unstoppable cartel

    1. Ok would you like a Gold metal?

    2. "La Familia Michoacan = Mexican Taliban
      Unstoppable cartel"
      Fuckin bellend,look what they did to michoacan.Grow the fuck up,or give ye arse a chance to think,it might make more sense?

    3. Dumb reddit nino we got your fkn point.
      Now go play with your toys.

    4. Would los zetas be considered isis??? Or should that be cjng?

    5. Taliban makes Organic Methamphetamines and Organic Opium. They are strategic partners with the USA in the war in terror

  4. Quick questions: if I win powerball worth $400 billion, is it safe to buy property top of the mountain in Mexico? I’m planning to buy if I win.


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