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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Disfigured Body Left with Narco Message in Guaymas, Sonora, & La Plaza Members Killed in Mazatlan, Sinaloa

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

The city of Guaymas, continues to heat up, fastly developing into one of the fronts in the Sinaloa Cartel vs Caborca Cartel war that is overtaking the state of Sonora. 

In the city itself, police responding to a report of gunshots found a man executed on the street just minutes before their arrival with a marco message sign lying under his body. 

Then two leaders of La Plaza hitmen squads were executed while dining in seafood in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. 

Warning: Graphic photos below this point.

Dead Body with Message Left in Guaymas

At approximately 6:00 pm on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, the emergency phone line received a call which reported the sound of gunfire in the Centro neighborhood of the city of Guaymas, located within the state of Sonora. 

Municipal police officers were dispatched to check on the neighborhood. While patrolling the area, the officers spotted a suspicious looking bundle lying at a distance, on 12th Street, near the intersection of 19th Avenue. 

As they approached the bundle, it became clear that they were actually looking at the disfigured human remains of a male. The man was lying face down on the pavement, with a gunshot wound to the head that appeared to pierce his skull. He had his hands and feet hogtied behind his back with silver duct tape.

The one photo, posted by social media account Calvarie Locus, has most of the words obscured by blood although the word "chapuline", meaning turncoat, refers to someone who changes cartel affiliations often. 

The coastal city of Guaymas in southern Sonora has been a hot spot of cartel violence for over a year now, although the activity has seemed to spike ever since the July 2022 arrest of Caborca Cartel leader Rafael Caro Quintero.

The cartel group alleged to control Guaymas is Caborca Cartel subgroup La Plaza, led by Francisco Javier Espinoza Camacho, alias "El Picipi". It's likely he reports to Caborca Cartel leadership figures like Rodrigo Páez Quintero, alias “El R”, who recently partnered with Adelmo Núñez Molina, alias “Lemo Nuñez”. 

Former Cop, Who Worked for La Plaza, Killed in Mazatlán

At around noon on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, two men traveled to a seafood restaurant located on Del Mar Avenue in the city of Mazatlán, located in the state of Sinaloa.

One of the two men was a former municipal police officer named Josué Achondo Ríos, alias "El H". 

El H went on permanent disability leave after a 2019 injury. Some online, such as Sonora Informativo and Calvarie Locus, have claimed that El H is associated with La Plaza. 

They further claim that El H and the other man with him, known only by the alias "El 26", were both leaders of hitmen squads for the organization. 

At approximately 1:00pm, a group of armed men approached the table they were sitting at, located under one of the restaurant's palapas, which are gazebo-like structures. The armed men opened fire and killed both men, leaving one slumped over in his chair, another lying on the ground. 

The hitmen fled the area before police arrived and so far no arrests related to the incident have been reported. 

Why the two Guaymas men were in Mazatlan is unclear. Who ordered the hit on them is also unclear at this time

Dead Body with Message Sources: Calvarie Locus, El Sol de Hermosillo, Opinion Sonora, Entorno Informativo, FM105 Guaymas

Former Cop Sources: Calvarie Locus, Radar Sonora, Opinion Sonora, FM105 Guaymas


  1. Once the riddle of the Caro sell-out is known to readers, the motive behind the seafood murders will be clear! Within cartels and crime syndicates your fellow criminals are the ones who you need to worry about the most! The handshakes and smiles while planning the backstabbing for a few pesos more!

  2. Wow el 26 must like that pose. He even died with his arm behind his head just like his living photo. Lol

    1. Weird observation.

      [Young Tucker Carlson]

    2. Oh cool I didn't notice that at first

    3. Okay, that is kind of a premonition type occurrence. Thank you 11:25 for bringing that to my attention!!

    4. His arm was purposely put like that by authorities to match the living pic for ID, good catch.

    5. Why a millionaire like Tucker Carlson with intelligence to spare becomes such an ass?
      I could understand somebody trying to get their first million dollars, but tucker?

  3. Rafael Caro Quientero controla tu gente Guey! Mejor dedicensen a vender naranjas o tacos !
    Sonora tiene dueño !

    1. dueños, diras... son un chingo.... en cuanto se nos vaya el Mayo se va hacer un desmadre.... dudo se logren poner deacuerdo entre los 10 hijos del chapo mas los 10 hijos del mayo...

    2. 12:16 no te salgas del calzon lla ves lo que le paso al GlloroN 🤣🤣🤣

  4. In Mazatlan, we don't see hits like that. A long established marisco in a busy district along a busy avenue, and right as they are about to get busy.
    Either someone's trying to heat the plaza (not likely at 1pm), someone wanted it well established that leadership of sicarios in other plazas and perhaps from Sonora more than others, are not welcome.

    1. Yeah. The Mazatlan killing is very interesting. La Plaza allegedly killed off one of their own guys while he was on vacation in Baja California.

      Makes you wonder if they send their leadership on "vacations" when they really want to execute them. Strange stuff.

    2. 6:20 very possible but another plaza boss would be an idiot to enjoy Mazatlan mariscos now.

  5. In the image of the map key it says caborca/mayo. I did not understand the information on that map very well since the one with the chapos appears in green and the others in red. Does that mean Mayo is supporting Caborca ​​and la plaza in Sonora? Or mayo not support anyone and works their group alone? I didn't understand that, could someone explain? Thank you

    1. Great questions.

      My current understanding of is that El Gigio, one of Mayo's top lieutenants, has an alliance with the Caborca Cartel.

      A non-aggression pact may actually be the better way to put it because I don't believe Mayo financially supports Caborca or it's subgroups, just his own people within Sonora, like Gigio and Chavo Felix.

      El Gigio's group are CDS, however they fight to the death against another CDS group in Sonora called Los Salazars, who are Chapitos affiliated. Hope this helps and feel free to comment more questions.

    2. 6:04 It would be very strange for me that Mayo supports Caborca ​​but a non aggression pact sounds extremely logical, thank you very much for clarifying my doubt

  6. Los gigos were fighting with los cazadores but that has since seized

  7. Hearst Magdalena and Santa Ana still belong to los cazadores


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