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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Villagrán, Guanajauto: 4 Individuals Killed In The El Rehilete Neighborhood

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A multi-homicide was recorded in the El Rehilete neighborhood, claiming the lives of four adolescents when they were asleep.

It was 10:00 this Sunday morning that authorities were alerted to at least 10 gunshots and later two dead people in the Circuito de la Iguana. 

However, when they arrived inside an apartment, they located two bodies at the entrance and two more in another room, three of them brothers Miguel, Erick and Patricio, the four victims had been shot in the head with a single gunshot. 

Personnel from the Regional Prosecutor's Office are carrying out the pertinent investigations at the crime scene. 

In recent days, violence has increased in that neighborhood.

On September 1, a man was murdered in the Circuito de la Iguana during the early hours of the morning.

On September 16, a couple was gunned down inside their home on Sendero del Canto street.

On September 19, three homes were the object of an arson attack, one in the same Circuito de la Iguana where so far it’s unknown why the Fire Department abandoned its unit and work gear. 

Afterwards they were guarded by elements of Sedena and National Guard in order to take their equipment. They allowed the flames to consume one of the buildings that were extinguished by the inhabitants themselves.


  1. Off subject: I live in Los Angeles and guess what I saw? I saw two individuals wearing jeans and ballistic vest with some sort of emblem on it, looking like typical sicario minus the weapons. They got into a truck and drove away blasting corridos. One looked like a teen and the other was in their 30s. I was like wtf!

    1. Next time take them pics and email them in. We're curious to see them fools.

    2. Bet they were some Sinaloa alucines 💯

    3. Sol Prendido, should have done that. Next time I will. Also, the vest looked fake though, very light weight.They were walking through a well known commercial center, frequented mostly by Hispanics, in the parking lot then jumped in a red truck.

    4. That’s just the safest way to drive through that shithole LA

    5. Dude anyone can just walk into a store n buy one of those ballistic looking vest n print anything they want, it's not against the law to wear jeans either

    6. 8:36 Who said it's against the law?

    7. I lived in LA for around 30 years, there are lots of poseurs and wannabees.

    8. That was probably sicario006

    9. 5:32
      What do categories Mexico.
      One thing I can say, Lopez Obrador, is making his country go to HELL.
      No have nada El Grampa.

  2. Villagran has a population of perhaps 45,000. This article reveals 7 homicides in this municipio in less than one month. Few towns of about 45,000 in the U.S. have 7 homicides per year. This is an extraordinarily high homicide rate.

    1. You’re exactly right. That’s a lot of murders for that small of town. How to know the cartel has moved in without sewing the cartel move in.

  3. The perpetrators left no claim to fame?


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