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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Villa de Pozos, San Luis Potosí: A Local Resident Discovers Two Beheaded Corpses

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two decapitated bodies were located on the way to Borregos, a community near the district. 

On the way to Borregos, in the Villa de Pozos region this morning two corpses were found, tied up and with traces of torture.

The discovery was made by a lady who, after taking several children to school, found the two bodies on the road between Borregos and Rancho Tanque Tenorio.

Authorities deployed a security operation in the area. The Prosecutor's Office is currently investigating.

Warning: Graphic Picture

Codigo San Luis  El Mexico Real


  1. Replies
    1. La Pila is just down the road. Lots of murdered people in this area involved in organized crime.

    2. You should do an article on La Pila

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Shoutout to playboy Sol,get a grip ye fuckin texan

    5. 7:43 I guess your moms couldn’t keep that secret

      - sol

    6. I missed it. What was the nature of comment deleted?

  2. Tango unos pedos bien feos y cabrones ahora.

    1. 4:27 Wow you’re so funny, fxcking dumb ass.

    2. CDG cleaning out Jaliscas

  3. 4:27 Saco conclusiones que andas cruda, metete a bañar

  4. Good evening everyone.
    Mannn there's something that never goes away about seeing some of these beheadings. Yes you have your sociopath that is ok with all this. BUT I can imagine how much drinking and drugging others do to "cope".

    Sol sending you a shout out. Be easy always.

    1. Rubio you ever seen the video where some sicarios from Comandante Diablo pick up a dude who bought a weed sack, poor vato was desperate and scared as fuck trying to explain to them stupid MF that he just smokes weed. Those SOB shot him up without mercy, I think they had those demon masks on. I might be mistaken but within days military forces lit them up in a confrontation. Even their commander paid a very high price by having his mother, sister and BIL clubbed on the head and then decapitated.
      All you drug dealers on this site contribute to the wholesale murdering of innocent people because the money you pay for those drugs helps to pay for the POS sicarios causing all the mayhem.
      If your dumbass hasn't made the money you originally wanted to make in the dope game before getting out well you must have really high ambitions but when you get popped don't turn bitch like those Snitchaloas

    2. Is called malice. Very few of them are actually sociopaths. You will be surprised what malice induced through peer pressure can make a group of people do terrible things.


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