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Thursday, September 15, 2022

The US Accuses Two people And 10 Mexican Companies Of Laundering Money For CJNG

"Mica" for
The US Office for Foreign Assets Control claimed that his income comes from the sale of narcotics.

Through the Office for Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the Department of Justice specified that the two people and the sanctioned companies collaborate with the CJNG for the laundering of assets from the sale of narcotics.

Hassein Eduardo Figueroa Gomez
DOB: 09 May 1973
Alt DOB: 10 May 1973
POB: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

These are Hassein Eduardo Figueroa Gómez and Ernesto Fernández Gómez, whom he describes as partners and members of lines of operations for the CJNG in the management of fronts or companies dedicated to laundering money from the sale of illicit drugs.

Both Mexican citizens, designated as significant drug traffickers, the OFAC attributes real estate possessions in Guadalajara, Tlajomulco, El Palomar, Puerto Vallarta, Zapopan and Donato Guerra, Jalisco and a penthouse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The group of companies sanctioned and identified by OFAC are: Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Citadel, SA de CV, Desarrollos Turísticos Fortia, SA de CV, Unión Abarrotero de Jalisco, SC de RL de CV, El Palomar Car Wash, SA de CV

Fortia Baja Sur, SA de CV, Geofarmas SA de CV, Grupo Comercial San Blas, SA de CV, Group F and F Medical International of Equipment or Citadel Promotions, SA de CV, Punto Farmacéutico SA de CV and Architectural Development Fortia SA de CV

The designations and sanctions prohibit all United States citizens, businesses, and entities from having any professional or business relationship with the entities and individuals subject to Department of Justice sanctions.

The Department of the Treasury through OFAC freezes bank accounts, confiscates property and assets located in the United States or under the jurisdiction of this country abroad.

Hassein Eduardo Figueroa Gómez and his father Ezio Benjamín Figueroa Vázquez attracted attention for the first time in 2012 when they were designated drug kingpins by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of the Treasury. 

The accusations were formalized after Figueroa Vázquez was captured in November 2011 due to his ties to Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, according to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Precursor Providers to Sinaloa and CJNG DTO's by Yaqui for Borderlandbeat
Mexican Narcos Invest in Dubai by Yaqui for Borderlandbeat


  1. Only 10 companies? How about the entire Mexican government and banking system. And now we wait for the cartel fanboys to come out screaming about gringo banks and claiming the narco state of Mexico is cleaner than the US. Another reason for armed intervention and regime change

    1. Exactly. These pathetic Anti gringo Mexican mother fuckers are in denial about what's going on in their country. they get so mad when people begin to talk about accountability, the fact is Mexico has always been a weak country. the poeple of Mexico have surrendered their freedoms to the bad guys. their coping mechanism is Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers. Fuck thoughts and prayers! nothing's ever going to change if people just sit there hoping for change. there needs to be an Uprising, serious drastic measures otherwise Mexico will NEVER improve. these Mexican mother fuckers cant talk their way out of this mess, AMLO with his stupid ass mananeras. how can people be fooled into voting for this old fuck???? Incredible. a lot of people are gonna have to die before Mexico can return to glory that's the bottom line

    2. And the entire USA banking system too.

    3. 159 I punch you in nose for disrespecting ALMO👊🏼💪🏼

    4. 845 how about catching any white men from 🇺🇸!!!!!?? I don't any

  2. Curuption at it's finest, laundering money for CJNG, no wonder they give a free pass, for that cartel, because they are getting good bribes.

  3. These 10 companies will allow for other smaller front companies to surface. Once they got your money, they know where to go and there’s no stopping because it’s money, they care more about money than deaths (US/MEX relationships). There are a lot of UAE folk in Mexico, and they are filthy rich, and very important to both Cartels and corrupt officials. These people are heavy hitters but they don’t even know who the others laundering money are; many layers between these CJNG leaders

  4. @12:19 FACTS BRO that’s all they care about is the MOOLA!!

    1. I’m that’s sort of the point of being a criminal is the love of money.


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