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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Puerto Madero, Chiapas: 1700 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized In High Seas

”Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

The Secretary of the Navy reported the seizure of 1,700 kilos of cocaine and a boat. As well as the arrest of 8 drug traffickers in Puerto Chiapas. 

Through a statement, he explained that in an operation by the Mexican Navy, 1,744 brick-type packages weighing approximately 1,700 kilos of cocaine were seized.

He indicated that the seizure of the drug had an impact on the financial structure of organized crime of approximately 487 million pesos. 

The actions were implemented after it was learned of a probable transfer of an illicit cargo. For which various units of this institution were deployed with sea, air, and, ground support for vessel tracking and seizure. 


  1. SEMAR has been getting some big loads lately.

  2. Sir has been posting as anonymous lately. He's been in Ukraine on a secret mission with Sicario 006 and they got into a little spat. Sicario told Sir that he was lousy in bed and Sir responded, "You think I'm bad in bed. All you do is lay there like my daughter".

    1. Sir had to change his call sign, the rumor is that he is helping out Ukraine.
      Special mission, Ukraine is pushing out the invaders, killing many. Sir we hope you make it back alive.

  3. Will probably go right back into circulation and onto the streets of Chicago, New York or LA ❄️

    1. You think. Ain't nobody burning away this much money. Nobody

    2. 6:46 hijacking loads only until they get all the Chapo's jobs:
      Middlemen, they know better than dealing on their own.

  4. Nope their grabbing both cartels loads, dummy... When the Colombians send work up they don't send it by individual cartels... They send everything stamped

  5. Obviously the only cartel that moves drugs like that is the Sinaloa cartel

  6. Anyone else find it sus that they 1700 kilos in 1744 packages? They sending out light now?!


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