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Monday, September 12, 2022

Hours Long Armed Confrontation & Shootout with CJNG in Orizaba, Veracruz

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

The Ministry of Public Security implemented an operation in the downtown area of ​​Orizaba in conjunction with SEMAR, the Army, and the National Guard.

Residents of this city indicate that the confrontation between police officers and alleged members of a cell of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) lasted for more than an hour. The downtown area of ​​the city of Orizaba experienced moments of panic on the afternoon of this Monday, September 12, after a shooting occurred in the vicinity of Oriente 4 and Sur 13 streets.

The first police reports refer that alleged criminals opened fire on elements of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP), a few meters from Parque López and the PRI municipal steering committee. The chase extended to a house on that street.

State and municipal authorities recommended that citizens not leave their homes and businesses in the central area of ​​the Orizaba municipality, in the Altas Montañas region of Veracruz. Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez confirmed that in the events a person was killed inside a home where they tried to take shelter. He said that in addition to attacking the police, they tried during the chase, to set fire to a gas station and set fire to a tractor-trailer, to distract the attention of the SSP elements. According to the report published on their social networks, there were no deaths.

The SSP activated a red code and implemented a deterrence operation made up of the same State Police, Civil Force, SEMAR, SEDENA, National Guard, and Municipal Police.

"We understand that the person who has already been neutralized in a home is a criminal of a certain rank, we are going to be vigilant, the Secretary of Public Security already has instructions to maintain coordination with the Secretary of the Navy and Sedena," Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez stated.

A blockade was also reported on the Fortín Orizaba highway, where a cargo unit was set on fire.

Three of the alleged criminals turned themselves into the authorities, "We said we were going to turn ourselves in and I have my word, but they killed my comrade," can be heard on a recording. 

In another recording that circulated on social networks, you can see two alleged assassins who participated in the shooting. After being cornered, they are afraid of dying and intend to turn themselves into the authorities. "I have no weapons, we are going to surrender, we want the sailors," can be heard in the video.

That same day, at a press conference, the governor was questioned about whether the government would support Orizaba with investments because the leader of CROC Orizaba called on the government to support them with works and work since the young people in the region are committed to joining organized crime and “hawking,” which increases criminality.

“We have a problem, not in Orizaba, Orizaba is getting ahead with tourism. Only someone who doesn't know Orizaba could say that" answered Cuitláhuac García. “Not only go for the small fish, but catch the ringleaders. It will take us a while, but the results are already appearing”. He mentioned that a plaza leader was arrested in that area this weekend. “We are attentive to giving opportunities to young people. If there is juvenile delinquency, we cannot hide that. These opportunities must be taken away from crime, expanding universities, and giving scholarships at the high school level. This is how you have to do it," he added.

Sources La Silla Rota, Infobae, Riodoce, Azucena Uresti
Azucena Uresti


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    1. Could you be SIRs brother, because you sound Gibberish. The topic is Veracruz.
      Why the hell you talking about New York?

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      5:40 the dead have never created anything, and that many pick up and carry on with their 'Fallen Standards' does not help anybody, take you and your gun solutions pendejadas...
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    3. Ok, and how did Mexico get it's independence? Surely didn't run, they stayed in Mexico and fought and many died just the way the US got it's independence. and what are these narcos doing? They're fighting the government too right??? Who makes up nearly 20% of the United States Marine Corps? Marines that have ties to these countries, whose parents, grandparents and sometimes even them selves you're calling cowards for leaving the country they were born, yet somehow weren't coward when they risked their lives coming over, and haven't shown any cowardice in any battle this country sent them to, it's easy to talk about cowardice when you haven't faced danger and it shows. So no sir, these people don't leave for being cowards, you don't see a single Mexican claiming to be asylum seekers why? Because we don't run from danger, we glorify death, even have a holiday for it!!! They come to work, work on the places you wouldn't want to work in. It's called being a worker not a coward, coward is the dude you praise, Mr. Draft Dodging I don't wanna fight in war Donald J Trump

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  2. So after a whole hour of getting in a shootout with the cops and the Military during a busy day and no concern that a stray bullet may hurt one of the many children, they still have the nerve to record as to make sure their rights aren't violated and they fear getting their ass whooped by the cops. Me van a golpear??? Seriously. He expects the cops to be nice after he tried to kill them!

    Another crazy thing is that after a shooting like that, instead of having a squad of soldiers kicking doors and clearing rooms, there's 2 police officers very calm without their weapons drawn, no matter if they surrendered or if they say they ran out of ammo, they're still to be taken as a threat until they're in handcuffs, detained and able to receive a search to confirm that they're no longer a threat.

  3. Seeing their leader get blasted sure made them switch from bad hombres to abrazos no balazos really quickl

  4. So in the shootout they thought they would win the gun fight against the police and public security. Did you noticed once they were cornered like rats and one of there's dies, they quickly give up, of that was happening in Brazil, the police and military would have continued shooting until all of the criminals were dead.

    1. 8:38 And they cried they only wanted to be taken in only by the Marinas.
      Since when do the criminals decide, by whom they will be arrested?

    2. Since the police have been known to extort, kidnap for ransom, steal and disappear people for good...


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