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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Four CDS Gunmen Attack Police in SLRC, Sonora

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Four Sinaloa Cartel hitmen attacked state police officers in the desert of San Luis Río Colorado municipality, in the state of Sonora. 

The Attack and Arrest 

At approximately 5:27 pm on Monday, September 26, 2022, state police officers who were on a routine patrol of a remote desert area of San Luis Río Colorado municipality were attacked. The officers had been shot at from a distance by a number of cartel hitmen sitting inside a vehicle, according to the FGE press release

The officers returned fire, shooting back at the hitmen’s 2003 white GMC Yukon SUV. The officers then reported they were under fire on radio. Soldiers from the National Guard and Army, as well as municipal police officers were sent to help out the officers being attacked.


The region where they took fire happened to be close to the "Cucapah" military checkpoint, so it's likely soldiers were the first to arrive to support the officers. Based on photos of the incident, it appears a car chase ensued and the hitmen attempted to drive off road however their vehicle sank into the sand.

The hitmen eventually surrendered and four detainees were arrested on scene. 

No government personnel were injured in the attack and only a patrol vehicle was left damaged by the incident. 

Three long barrel firearms were seized, two were AR-15 style rifles and one was an AK-47 style firearm, according to the press release. Also seized on scene were a number of ballistic plate vests. 

The four detainees are the following: 

Gerardo, originally from Yuma, Arizona, in the US

29 years old

Jose Ramon, originally from Huatabampo, 

31 years old

Carlos Martin, originally from Navojoa, 

27 years old

Luis Rey, originally from Navojoa, 

21 years old

The press release gave no details about the cartel affiliation of the detainees, however publications such as Noticias de Bariloche referred to them as “sicarios sinaloenses” or Sinaloan hitmen. 

So which subgroup of the Sinaloa Cartel are the detainees likely from? It can’t be said for certain however it's worth noting that all of the detainees are originally from either Huatabampo or Navojoa, which are two municipalities in southern Sonora which are known to be controlled by Los Salazar, a group which falls on the Chapitos side of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Update 6:00AM CST: Added "a group which falls on the Chapitos side of the Sinaloa Cartel" to the last paragraph for the sake of clarity.


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    1. Yes. I'll add that real quick for clarity.

    2. At this point, Chapitos are CDS?, Whats the Mayo Zambada position?

  2. Oh bummer why did the police just kill them, as they were being fired upon. Now after the Mordidas to the judge, they will be out soon, through the back door.

  3. They shoot at police then surrender like lil sissies ... Idiots

    1. Oh my, it's like something out of a dark comedy movie. A training video for exactly what not to do. The part where they get stuck in the sand is priceless. Pls pass the popcorn.

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    Do the Chapitos have male prostitution in Culoucans?? Really is male prostitution and male or gay brothels legal and a thing I know woman on men sex work is regulated and legal in Mexico.

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