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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

FGR Raids In Five Farms In Search Of Federal Ministerial Police Officer Deprived Of His Freedom: El Salto, Jalisco

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

According to investigations by the Federal Ministerial Police of the Criminal Investigation Agency, the kidnapped element may be located at a farm in El Salto, Jalisco.

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

The search continues for the member of the Federal Ministerial Police, from the Jalisco delegation of the Attorney General's Office, who was deprived of his freedom on August 21 of this year in El Salto. As part of the investigations, the agency searched five properties in said municipality, as well as in Juanacatlan, where vehicles, weapons, cartridges and drugs were seized.

The FGR informed that members of the Federal Ministerial Police of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), after carrying out several procedures and collecting statements from people related to the investigations, in order to find the whereabouts of the element, informed the Federal Prosecutor that his partner could be in a farm in El Salto.

For this reason, the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office requested and carried out the search procedures with the support of the institution's experts and elements of the Federal Ministerial Police.

A search was conducted at a property on Camino Viejo al Castillo street, Infonavit Condor, San Jose del Castillo, in the municipality of El Salto Jalisco, where Francisco "L" was arrested and six blister packs with the legend clonazepam, 31,380 pesos, 701 dollars and eight pieces of communication equipment were seized.

They also seized two license plates, a long gun, 204 useful cartridges of various calibers, a video recorder, three jackets, 58 bags containing crystal methamphetamine, six passports, three credentials, two chargers and a USB flash drive.

Francisco "L" was indicted for the crimes of violation of the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives, in its modality of carrying a firearm, possession of cartridges and magazines for the exclusive use of the armed forces and for the crime against health, in its modality of possession of psychotropic drugs for commercial purposes, for which he is already being held in Puente Grande.

In another raid carried out at a property on San José street, in the El Verde neighborhood of El Salto, two voting credentials, a bag, four balaclavas, 51 useful cartridges, 44 small bags containing solid, granulated and crystalline substances, a laptop, a USB, a percussion cap, a communication device, a vehicle, two knives and two metal handles were seized.

In another search carried out in a property on Privada Flores Magón street, in the San José El Verde neighborhood, two vehicles were seized and nine cartridges and one cartridge case were found.

Another warrant was also served for another house located in the same streets and neighborhood, where 35 cartridges of different calibers, 24 cartridge cases, 66 bags containing crystalline substance and eleven communication devices were seized; in addition to an INE credential, a USB, three computer devices and four vehicles of different brands.

In another raid that took place in a property located on Morelos Street in the La Playa neighborhood in Juanacatlan, no evidence or object of the crime was found.

The properties, vehicles and everything seized were handed over to the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office of the FGR, who will continue with the corresponding investigation for the crimes of forced disappearance, against health and violation of the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives.

On that date, the 36 year old José de Jesús R. was at a party at the intersection of Fresno and Encizo, in the San José del Verde neighborhood, when several armed individuals arrived and deprived him of his freedom, since then nothing has been known of his whereabouts.


  1. Hey sol can you find the post of a red Dodge Caliber that was shot over 300 times in Mexico with ak rounds and grenades and nothing penetrated the car.

  2. FGR should have been conducting more raids, like this in the past, to show criminals sooner or later, their freedom will be gone.



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