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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Corrido To The Soldier Killed By CDS During The Arrest of El Duranguillo in Sonora

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

An Army (SEDENA) soldier wrote and performed a song dedicated to all of his fellow soldiers who participated in the arrest of Sinaloa Cartel’s Francisco Torres Carranza, alias “El Duranguillo”. 

The song gives special honors given to a comrade of his who died in the confrontation with Duranguillo’s hitmen from Gente Nueva de Altar. Duranguillo is alleged to be the brother of Gente Nueva de Altar’s former head of hitmen, José Bibiano Cabrera Cabrera, alias “El Durango”. 

For more details about the 15 soldiers and the battle they endured while trying to arrest El Duranguillo, please see this previous story

A video of a soldier performing the song is being shared on social media. It was reportedly recorded in Sonora, at the Training Center of the Second Military Region.

Video Source: El Cocho on Tiktok

The soldier begins by saying "Today I want to share with you a song composed in recognition of some of my colleagues, who last month brought praise and recognition to the name of the Mexican Army. It's also in honor of a fallen comrade who died in that confrontation.” 

Some of the lyrics of his song go: 

"Once again the Mexican Army 

showed what they are made of, 

I pay my respects to them.

On patrol in Altar, Sonora, the infantry troops 

detained a hitman from that area, 

they were unlucky that day, 

Who would have thought?

Then, armed men arrived to rescue their boss, 

They offered him 10 million pesos to release him

they proposed this to the lieutenant and his men

The Lieutenant answered them 

‘I'm not going to release anyone 

We're all going to die here, 

there's no other way’

After a while, more and more soldiers arrived as reinforcements, 

and after the first bullets flew, the hitmen were seen less and less

as they began to run away.

Not even with a lot of people, 

not even 10 million pesos was enough for 

Them to let ‘the good one’ go.

Know that the loyalty of a good Mexican soldier is priceless…

my respects to the troops of that day 

who put very high the loyalty, 

the courage of the Mexican Army and the soldier".

Although the fact floods us with pride, 

it floods our hearts with emotion, 

because we lost the life of a comrade 

in that confrontation, a sergeant".

How it hurts to see a dead comrade, 

because they work,

ready to give their lives to take care of our people, 

because they too are a part of the people."

Sources: TV Azteca, Michelle Rivera


  1. Hell of s corrido. This is what a corrido should be about. Glorifying heroes. And changuitos.

  2. A corrido I can get down with

  3. Ajuaaaa! I like this corrido ! Mis respetos para EL Ejercito Mexicano y los GAFES tambien la Sedena !!
    QEPD el Sargento que perdio la vida.

    1. 10:22 puro pinche nido de criminales all scratching everybody else's back and covering for each other's ass and criminality and including cadets of the Military College

  4. Sadly but Mexican glorified criminals than it’s Mexican armies.

  5. Already a 15x Latin Grammy nominee over 75billion views on social media right now!

  6. Finally, a corrido that speaks the truth. God bless the brave soldiers of SEDENA.

    1. Ajuuuaaaa!!! Esos si son soldados mexicanos. Le hicieron honor y orgullo a la patria.

  7. That’s what’s up

  8. Se enchina la piel algo bien q chinguen a su madre bola de lacras come cacas

  9. I would like to see this come out in a CD and video. I hope this young man goes on to a successful recording career.

  10. Kudos!!! Well done!

  11. 🍻🍻🍻🍻 ill drink to this corrido any damn day... Better than chapos corridos that say he is brave and tough yet never showed that bravery ..

  12. Nice now let’s make a corridor about all the corruption in the Mexican military. I’d love to sing about the us involvement in everything as well. Thanks

    1. Shurrup miserable arse

    2. 3:52 you are wrong there.
      12:52 is saying nothing but the truth about the real truth.

    3. 3:52 wake the fack up and learn to handle the truth, the mexican army is full of motherfucking peacocks too spoiled to hear about their beloved institution and brothers at arms crimes, but they will be hearing about them more and more and more

    4. Whether it's true or not, why try to take away what these men, these mexican soldiers did. You could talk about that issue somewhere else. It doesn't have to be here on this story's comment section. This is about how soldiers fulfilled their duty, and though outnumbered and surrounded and turning down bribe money that would have set them up for life, they acted with courage and honor and not only turned down the money, told them that they were all going to die, "there's no other way!!!" They literally put their lives on the line when they didn't have and were even attempted to besweetly pursuaded

    5. *attempted to be sweetly pursuaded, but they honored their uniform and filled their country with pride. They actually put it all on the line and backed it with actions how a true mexican soldier is supposed to act. The best you critics could do is try to take away from something positive and try to smear it with your negativity. If it actually mattered to you critics you would try to build on it instead of trying to shut it down . But that's how little men function. They don't want anyone to shine cause they feel threatened and their miserable lives wouldn't be the same if everyone was shining but them. No one would pay them no mind witch is exactly how most of their lives had been till they discovered negativity. They just haven't realized most people do not like being around negativity and the attention they receive is for the wrong reasons

  13. Tengo unas ganas de unos pinches tacos bien enchilosos! Nomas que sin tortilla ni salsa ni carne, nomas las Caguanas

  14. He got down for real. A legend in the making

  15. they knew they weren’t dealing with big heads, they distracted them so back up would arrive

  16. What distraction? These soldiers didn't distract anyone to wait for backup, 15 soldiers surrounded on all sides by 60 sicarios at close range. It was the sicarios who kept making time, yelling at the soldiers to stand down yet it was the soldiers' sergeant that said they were ready to die. It was the 15 soldiers who chose the bullets, and it was the 60 sicarios that after acting all though and as if they're in control, ended up running away.

  17. Nice song but that's what they signed up for nobody forced them to join the army so do a good job and get rid of the trash which will take forever but anything counts one less to worry about.

    1. Mexico requires it's males to serve 2 years in the military. Not all soldiers are volunteers.

  18. Chingón. Tiene futuro en la música.
    Mr Tyson El Koreano(UNOPES)


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