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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Ciudad Obregón, Sonora: State Attorney General Is Investigating Daylight Abduction

"Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

The abduction in recent days of a man in the Del Valle neighborhood, who was captured on a surveillance camera, is being investigated, reported the Sonora Prosecutor's Office.

The fact that was recorded on Allende street between Michoacán and Querétaro last Thursday where a man who arrived at a home is kidnapped by three subjects with tactical clothing and long weapons when he descends from his pick up.

The abduction was recorded on a surveillance camera where it can be seen that although the man resisted, he was subdued by his victimizers and taken away by force.

The video was distributed through social networks last Monday where it quickly went viral.

The Prosecutor's Office commented that this fact was denounced by relatives of the victim 24 hours later.

He said that so far no ransom payment has been requested for the man from Sinaloa, but that the search for him continues, while keeping his identity private.

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  1. While the bosses relax in Rosarito enjoying life.

  2. “Investigating” lol made me chuckle

    1. 809, funny. Lol jejeje "investigating" air quotes, a wink and a giggle.

    2. Investigating now that is really funny.
      We all know it will go to the back burner after a week. 4 years will go by, and a governor, wanting to be re +elected, will request an investigation and arrest of the criminals. It's predictable, if they can't find no one, they will pin it, on two burachos that are innocent.

  3. Police truck at 0:29?

    1. Nah, that was a Nissan SUV, old one

  4. Broad daylight they don't wait until darkness comes, reminds me of the homeless addicted, they usually come out at night to break car windows to steal stuff. Now they do it in the daytime and quick so they don't get busted.

  5. I always think that if it was me being kidnapped, I would try to run or fight so even if I didn't break away, they would just go and and kill me there. Never let yourself be taken to a second location if possible. It'll be 10 times worse.


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