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Monday, September 19, 2022

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Three Murders Occurred This Sunday

"Sol Prendido"for Borderland Beat

The dawn and morning of this Sunday three murders were perpetrated in the southeastern part of the city.

In the first police report, authorities went to Campos del Rio and Campos de la Cuenca streets, in the UrbiVilla subdivision during the early hours of the morning.

There, a man was killed inside his home by two armed men who entered violently.

Minutes later, the body of another murdered man was thrown on the streets of Martín López and Zaragoza Boulevard, in the Primero de Mayo neighborhood.

Authorities mentioned that the person was tortured and shot to death in another place, and his body was later dumped at the aforementioned intersection.

In the morning, armed men surprised a person who was repairing his bicycle on Villa Victoria and Villa de Alcalá streets, in the Villas de Alcalá subdivision.

Although he tried to run away the assailants caught up to him and killed him off in the middle of a public road.

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