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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Aguascalientes, AGS: 'El Negro', Right-Hand Man Of 'La Vaca', Sought To Expand In Aguascalientes

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

José de Jesús “N” alias “El Negro”, right-hand man of José Bernabé “La Vaca”, leader of a criminal group that generates violence in the state of Colima, sought to expand his criminal activities and his area of ​​influence in Aguascalientes.

Said information issued by the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) determined that this was derived from inquiries made by investigative and security authorities.

As is to be remembered "El Negro" is an alleged logistics operator of the criminal group Cartel Independiente Los Mezcales with a presence in the state of Colima.

The individual has been identified as a mastermind in the burning of vehicles in Colima and Villa de Álvarez on August 19 as a response and a measure of pressure on the authorities, for the capture in Mexico City of José Bernabe alias "La Vaca".

According to Sedena, intelligence activities were intensified, obtaining information that José de Jesús had moved to the city of Aguascalientes, in order to expand his criminal activities and his area of ​​influence.

Reason for which, the personnel of the Mexican Army and the National Guard, carried out the operational planning to integrate a joint force, which would limit their movements. 

It was reported that the joint efforts were carried out at a home located in the Lucerna Residencial subdivision of said entity. Upon arrival, the military personnel, achieved the arrest of José de Jesús”, without firing a single shot.

Two thousand pills of possible fentanyl, 45 rounds of 7.62X39 mm, 10 rounds of 9 mm, two vehicles, a weapon for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces and a  9 mm magazine were seized from the individual.


  1. Replies
    1. Not if you compare them to CDS

    2. 11:05 once u snitch on ur own people u a rata it don't matter how many peeps u rat on so no need to compare

    3. There must be an error,
      vacas have 4 patas, no hands.

    4. I agree Catalina Mexican government been hittin hard in Sinaloa and Michoacán but haven’t seen them rounding up many if any of those creatures

    5. 10:29. Isn’t that true! Mencho just told on 85 too!!

    6. Funny!! Good joke
      Cdsnitches take the #1 snitch tittle though
      They're not known as snitchaloas for no apparent reason..

    7. Catalina terror always been a Sinaloa fan. You can’t beat Sinaloa at snitching even if you wanted too. El Fumador stopped working with La Vaca a week before the vaca got caught. El cejas/ fumador/ negro is vaca compadre. La Vaca tried going against la Fiscalia aka Chilangos that why he got caught. El 85 was retired & got caught just like his sister (Mencho wife)

    8. 9:28 no es su hermana, según era su cuñada

    9. 2:49 la Mencha Wife Rosilinda used to be married to Maradona until he met la Mencha cousin ines oseguera then wife of El Cenizo...
      Anybody with fotos of Ines Oseguera, please send them, it has rained a lot but still want to see her mugz.


    1. You mean MICHOACÁN controls since the bosses of the Jaliscas are Michoacános!

    2. 3:01 he said CJNG, he didnt say "Jaliscos" calm down, Juan Ga also controled Juarez

    3. @3:15
      “Juan Ga”
      Is that the best you can do baby girl?

    4. 4:54 i wasnt been sarcastic or disrecpecting Bebe de Luz, Juan Ga in deed controled the music sene in Juarez, thas the reason he was nicknamed El Divo de Juarez

    5. @9:58
      Either way your mad Michoacános control your state girly girl!

    6. Catalina terror is a dude from sinaloa, and he comes out of the closet when he is in BB

  3. I wonder how many people these thugs have killed directly and indirectly by the time they get to his rank?

  4. This cow crew won't last in those areas


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