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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Dismembered Torso Placed Near Jalisco - Colima Border

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Two dead bodies, mummified in silver tape, were placed near a school in the city of Colima. The next day, a man was found dead on a bridge and later a dismembered torso were found north west of the city.

Warning: Very graphic images below this point.

Colima City - Two Taped Bodies 

At around noon on August 01, 2022, residents walking on Vicente Guerrero street, located in the eastern region of the city of Colima, called the emergency phone line to report the discovery of two suspicious objects that were shaped like human remains; saying they had just made the discovery in the San Isidro neighborhood. 

Police later arrived at the site and confirmed that two taped up bodies had been placed near the Manuel Álvarez secondary school on the aforementioned street.

In a potentially related incident, a father and his son were abducted in the community of Cerro de Ortega in the municipality of Tecomán, Colima, just the day before. Witnesses to the abduction say that several cartel hitmen dressed in black, carrying firearms, forced the father’s vehicle to a stop and forced the two into another vehicle. The witnesses called the police and reported what they had seen but so far the man and his son have not been found.

El Trapiche - Bridge Remains 

At approximately 8:00 am on the morning of Tuesday, August 2, 2022, police received a call which reported the discovery of human remains on the Highway 54D bridge in the town of El Trapiche, which is located north of the major city of Colima and south of the city of Cuauhtémoc. 

Police officers were dispatched and they found the remains of a male, still wearing a red t-shirt, whose hands were bound behind his back with what appears to be silver duct tape. 

Next to his remains, cartel members had placed a number of black garbage bags. An accompanying narco message sign written, on brown cardboard, lay on top of the remains, the contents of which have still not been detailed by authorities.

Colima-Jalisco Border - Torso & Two Legs 

At around noon on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, an anonymous caller reported the discovery of a dismembered human torso. The caller said they had just found the remains while walking on a property located off Highway 54, within the municipality of Cuauhtémoc, in the state of Colima. The property is quite close to Colima’s border with its neighboring state of Jalisco. 

Police officers and members of the military were sent to investigate the report. When they arrived on scene, they found the male torso that the caller had described and an accompanying narco message sign.

The sign read as follows: 

Cuauhtémoc already has a name and a surname. 


La Mera Verga [or The Grand Dick]

Please note that “La Mera Verga” is a generic, intentionally non-identifying title that is used by many cartel leaders from many different cartel groups.

Later, authorities received a report that more human remains were found nearby, this time located on a road to Tonila, near the town of Alzada.

When they investigated, they found two human legs. These remains are currently presumed to have come from the same man whose torso was found in Cuauhtémoc, although forensic testing has not yet confirmed this. 

The Cartel Context

Two main cartel groups fight for control of the state of Colima: the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and the Sinaloa Cartel (Cártel de Sinaloa, CDS) - El Mayo side. But it should be noted that the CJNG group present in the state recently had a leadership figure named José Bernabé Brizuela Meraz, alias La Vaca leave the group, taking with him the CJNG men who were loyal to him. 

When these three incidents are placed within the federal intelligence map of cartel control, it becomes clear that all of them took place within regions of CJNG or CJNG-splinter group influence. Based on this, it's likely these messages and threats are being exchanged between La Vaca and the CJNG. 

To read the most recent narco message signs that we can definitively say is from La Vaca, see this previous story.

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  1. Gpos afternoon HEARST. Hope you're good.

    Take care.

  2. Oooo where is secret management?

  3. La Mera Verga is Mencho
    Since his ealier days he signed his mantas La MV
    Look at his mantas in Morelos years ago. Its how he signed off, he has Menchito and 03 with him and they signed off as MV Los Carnalitos
    When they went after him once they found a cap that said
    Fuerzas Especiales Del Alto Mando
    And MV on it
    Others have been found with la MV which is suppose to be his persnonal escolta personal that he himself commanda

    1. Please, check out the section at the bottom of this story where I examine three different cases of mantas signed "La Mera Verga" which were found across different parts of Tijuana.

      It's highly unlikely that all three manta writers were sending a message from Mencho.

    2. @2:16 gotta take into account where these mantas are being left and if it's within their known area of presence/operation. Also 2:06 is writing something from before, timewise, that I certainly didn't notice regarding mantas from RNOC that may not have been widely reported, if what he writes is true.

  4. Cjng started that matter verga but now even CDS signs that way

  5. Chances are very high that the two taped up, were taped up alive and that makes it even more creepy. That fact that this crossed my mind in the first place is...well, creepy

    1. They had this Dateline on NBC
      This 21 year old female was driving her bike, in Ohio, where there's a lot of cornfields. This man had a fetish to collect ladies panties, Momentos.
      He abducted her, got his jollies and killed and buried her alive...the creepy part on this one is that he put a ball inside her mouth, she died from asphyxiation. MF had no remorse at what he did, the irony, he is in court on a 3 piece suit, clean shaven, happened in 2016.

    2. Her name was Sierah Joughin.

      The attacker's name was James D. Worley.

      Here's the Wikipedia article on the homicide for anyone curious:

    3. 8:18 True psychopath is unable to feel remorse. They are able to take it, but actually feel it is up for debate. Prisons and society are filled with them. Being put in jail, punished, just makes them angry, and pissed off at the wrongs done to them. Chapo is not feeling remorse, he is only feeling contempt towards those that put him there. These people are literally broken and should be shot, they are not 'capable of' getting better. Also, it is estimated that 3 put of every 100 people are sociopaths. Some murder but most don't.


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