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Monday, August 29, 2022

Sandra Ávila Beltrán to Sue Telemundo & Netflix for 40% of Profits from 'La Reina del Sur' TV Show

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Sandra Ávila Beltrán claims that the TV show used her image and likeness without her consent.

Sandra Ávila Beltrán, known as “La Reina del Pacífico”, initiated a legal process so that Netflix and Telemundo pay her a percentage of the royalties obtained with the series “La Reina del Sur”, for the use of her image without consent.

Ávila Beltrán wants the companies to pay up to 40% of the profits obtained from the production starring actress Kate del Castillo and based on the novel by Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

According to the lawyer of "The Queen of the Pacific", Israel Razo Reyes, "it is a direct affectation to her image." This is the first step for companies to pay "for the damages caused by the television series."

In his report, the journalist Víctor Hugo Michel points out that Ávila considers that the character of Teresa Mendoza is based on her and that it was used by the producers of the series to earn tens of millions of dollars.

The 61-year-old woman opened an administrative process at the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) for the use of her image without consent. "Living with the nickname of a drug trafficker is very difficult," Razo Reyes told Milenio. "Now, she has been acquitted in all the resources and criminal proceedings she has faced."

At the beginning of August, Telemundo announced that “La Reina del Sur”, which was broadcast in 2011 and 2019, will have a third season that can be seen on its screens starting in October of this year.

At the beginning of August, Ávila gave an interview to the YouTube channel Doble G, where she assured that her arrest in 2007 was due to the fact that former President Felipe Calderón wanted to use her as a "scapegoat".

Source Riodoce


  1. She a smart one. Maybe not to other haters out there but she was actually one with tenure, and not bad looking either.

    1. 7:36 she looks like a horse. Like a spoiled bitch to much botox

    2. So smart she went to prison.

    3. 5:58
      But I bet you want to ride that horse.

    4. 5:58 post the land whale you sleep next to. We are all trying to see what’s making you so confident.

    5. 9:06
      Wh, wh, what is a land whale?photos please

  2. Replies
    1. He goes to sleep early like 7pm.
      Since he gets up early in the morning to fight female violence at 5am.

    2. 7:54 prolly with your mama, AMLO is known to like his
      Waay Grey Panther/Cougars

  3. Sra Ávila Beltrán made years of business with protection through los puertos de Mazatlán y Guaymas. Her business ended because of Sra Ávila and her socios showing their money too much in Guadalajara, DF and Culiacán and when AFO started talking her powerful protectors could no longer protect her.

    1. 8:01 so you are saying he got snitched on by sinaloans?

    2. 8:34- I Don’t know if your joking - but if not re-read b/c not what was written. I gather AFO informants most likely as well as any of the 100s of paid DEA informants in any of those cities or knowledge of her obnoxious high life spilled the beans.

  4. Cashing in on her image. John Gotti's daughter, Victoria, did the same thing. There's nothing wrong with trying to earn an honest peso.

    1. Detroit if she would have made an honest peso from her work since the beginning this reality and portrayal wouldn't have been. What's your opinion??

    2. 2:58:
      I don't approve of her previous lifestyle and how she came to fame. Part of her fame comes from being a female in the male dominated underworld and also from the press referring to her as "The Queen of the Pacific". Her fame comes more from the press sensationalizing her story than from her actions. Rest assured, a lot of newspapers were sold and ad revenue brought in by calling her The Queen of the Pacific.
      The difficulty that I have with her is that she can't complain that she was raised in this lifestyle. She joined the criminal enterprise as an adult.
      The Chapitos can say that they were raised in this lifestyle. Being raised in the lifestyle gives it some sense of normalcy, like just another form of income. At some point as they mature, they can comprehend the wrongness of their lifestyle. The problem is how do you exit this lifestyle alive once you reach this point. I don't believe that the Chapitos want out.
      I believe this is what's happening with the Mayitos. They accepted this lifestyle as teens, but as they have gotten older their values have grown differently from the values that they were raised with. This may be also El Mayo. He may be seeing his past actions as a mistake and deep in his heart he regrets bringing his children into this lifestyle. I wouldn't be surprised if he were encouraging his children to cooperate with U.S. authorities and get out of this lifestyle and start all over. Starting over in a legitimate manner is an option for the Mayitos because their dad has a boatload of cash and can retaliate against anyone who does them harm. El Mayo should be an interesting person if we could ever get an honest evaluation of his life.
      From publicly available information, El Chapo comes across as street smart with a very limited education. El Mayo comes across as having more of a business acumen. The little information that is available about El Mayo suggests that he has greater insight and wisdom than El Chapo.
      Sandra Avila-Beltran has had several persons in her immediate family who have achieved a high rank in organized crime. No one forced her to accept this lifestyle. She chose this lifestyle on her own.
      We don't want criminals profiting from their criminal activities. We don't want them to murder a dozen people and write a book and get movie rights from their acts, but her case is different.
      Her story is actually only a small part of her family's criminality. When you add up the various crimes that she committed and compare it to the crimes committed by her family members, you can see how small her role was. Her criminal activities are closely tied in with the criminality of other family members. They are so entangled that you cannot separate her criminality from the criminality of her family members.
      Keep in mind that more than 90% of all prisoners in the U.S. are eventually released and rejoin society. We all have an interest in seeing these individuals discontinue their criminal conduct and going on to become productive members of society. The citizens of Mexico have the same interests.
      She didn't crown herself the queen of the Pacific. This crown was given to her by the media. It is more the media sensationalizing her and her profiting off the media sensation rather than profiting off of her criminality.

    3. DETROIT
      People from Sinaloa know nothing else but drugs.
      No les gusta trabajar honradamente it’s very rare for those that do you that are from there.

    4. Morning Mr. Detroit. I'm curious why you think Mayo's kids want out? With Vicente, I understand and agree with you.

      There might be some evidence I'm missing but I believe Mayito Flaco is Mayo's second-in-command and his chosen successor, with Flaco actively choosing to become this as an adult.

      We've seen Gordo taking self-indulgent risks like partying in Vegas with Chino and Chayo, reveling in the narco flashiness. And to be clear, Gordo isn't in the US because he wants to stop being a narco. He chose to stay in the US for (right now) because there is supposedly a FGR arrest warrant for him once he crosses the border. Serafin is... well, a wild card. Who knows.

      I personally think it can be dangerous to project feelings of regret onto Mayo, or any cartel leader really, when we don't have any evidence showing that they want to be something different.

      Every kingpin, whether it's Mayo, Mencho, Ivan, Huevo, Contador/Osiel, is fully capable of forcing the men who work under them to end the torture, the executions, the routine sexual violence against women, and extortion of innocent civilians. But they don't.

      A part of being human is looking for the hero in every story. But that tendency can lead to some warped ideas when we immerse ourselves in cartel news.

    5. Why such a long winded comment about something you have no clue about?

    6. 2:58; I assume you realize their revenues come in green and blue face currency and not pesos.
      7:58; Ignorant stereotype of everyone in Sinaloa.

    7. HEARST I don't believe the fat mayo has any pending matters in México. The USA would have to inquire with their neighbors such matters, it's simply due diligence and diplomatic courtesy, before entertaining any cooperative proposal. The snitch fest is going to start again with this faction, all groups are at risk...

    8. 7:58, you know nothing! People from Sinaloa do not know just drugs. There are thousands of honest working Sinaloans. There's a reason the state or Sinaloa is rhe #1 producer of Vegetables/Fruits. Agriculture spans generations. All around Culiacan to Los Mochis you will see crop fields.

    9. @9:00 I wrote peso since that's the word Detroit used.

    10. @4:19
      Sinaloa knows nothing but drugs that’s it! The people who work those fields are not even from sinaloa they come from the sur or other parts of Mexico.

    11. Hearst:
      I wouldn't call Serafin a wildcard. He was facing 10 to life and the judge gave him only 5 years an extraordinarily lenient sentence under the circumstances. The prosecutor didn't engage in the usual rhetoric at his sentencing and didn't object to such a lenient sentence.
      What stood out for me at his sentencing was when he stated he wanted to return to college. We are all used to criminal defendants feigned remorse at sentencing, but I don't recall anyone stating that he wanted to return to college at his sentencing. This may have come from Serafin himself rather than his attorneys. Serafin has no need for college with his father's wealth. If he does return to college, it would be only to gain knowledge. Also, keep in mind that Serafin wasn't known for using violence. This is probably due to the advice of his father.
      I believe what's happening with each of Mayo's sons is that he is working his contacts to get timely and accurate intel on his rivals and is feeding it to the U.S. to get his sons more lenient sentences.
      Serafin's lack of violence I believe is part of El Mayo's low key strategy. Remember when Manuel Torres Felix went nuts, Mayo most likely gave him up to SEDENA. I believe that the narcomantas that arose after Torres Felix's death were accurate when they stated that El Mayo handed him over to SEDENA and that El Mayo expected that he be killed.

    12. Hearst:
      The galling thing about Sandra Avila-Beltran is that she spent less than 2 years in U.S. custody. There is no indication that her parents were into the trade. She got into it by sleeping with narcos. She proved that she could order violence like the big boys. Both of her husbands died from acute lead poisoning most likely by her orders.
      Granted she knew a lot of people and had a lot of good intel we don't know what, if anything, that she gave up in exchange for such lenient treatment.
      I don't believe that she is rehabilitated. I believe that she would like to continue the lifestyle but doesn't like the consequences. Simply put, she didn't enjoy her brief prison experience and doesn't want to take the chance of going back.

    13. Hearst:
      Part of the problem is that you are thinking like a cop. All the police sees are the guys who are recycled through the system again and again. They don't usually come into contact with the criminals that have turned their lives around. Most, like Avila, don't like their prison experience and choose to remain free. However, many also go on to do volunteer work and participate productively in society. A few have gone on to be pillars in their community.
      Criminals are not monolithic. Many have narcisistic traits like Chapo or John Gotti. Others are intelligent and send their kids to college. One of the mafia bosses daughters, who I don't remember his name offhand, became a very well respected federal judge in the U.S.
      You also have to remember the role played by mafia bosses wives and the mothers of their children. They aren't all brainless and compliant. Some are smart and can be quite firm in their convictions. There is significant information publicly available to suggest that John Gotti's wife was in constant war with him because he dragged their children into this lifestyle and was quite active in keeping her grandchildren out of this lifestyle. She appeared content when Gotti was bringing home the bacon but it was a different story when it came to her kids and grandkids.

    14. Hearst:
      Flaco appears to be the most logical choice for El Mayo's successor if he chooses a successor. He stays out of the spotlight and you really can't get any information on him. I believe the DEA has only recently released a couple of pictures of him. If he is Mayo's successor, he fits the low key pattern of El Mayo.
      Serafin has 2 kids and might be thinking about family life. A few years back I read a brief put together by the ACLU explaining how the human brain isn't fully developed until people are in their mid to late 20's and the nexus between maturity and recklessness and criminal conduct. Serafin bragged about his lifestyle throughout his 20's. I believe he really had no goal in life and was still trying to figure out where he fits into broader society. He matured, has a wife and kids and may be focusing on just trying to live a normal life. If he can make it 10 years without picking up a new case, he most likely is out of the business, hopefully for good.
      Maturity plays a role in all criminal conduct. I recall running into a family peeling onions in the Valley of Mexicali many years ago. A child of about 5 or 6 stayed focused on onion peeling while I talked with a couple of adults. That child worked as well as many adults that I have met in my life. That child was probably more mature than most American kids in their teens and 20's. I have learned that American kids mature slower than most Mexican kids. In Mexico, it's not unusual to see a 5 or 6 year old sweeping the dirt in front of his house or caring for younger siblings. The left would be screaming abuse and the state would be taking the children from their parents. Allowing the children to take on some responsibility at a young age builds character and a sense of responsibility and self-worth. The left in our country deny our kids this. In my house, the kids never went out to play until their room was clean and beds made. Occasionally, I would look in their rooms to make sure that their room was clean if they were out playing. I have never seen them playing when their room wasn't in good order. They grew up without problems and never had problems with school or work and have gone on to be responsible adults. I have seen many left wing families where the child grows up without direction or discipline. They are in their 20's and still playing video games and living with their parents rather than moving on with their lives.

    15. 11:20 not all sinaloas are delinquents i know personally 1 guy who is a hard worker, then again thats 1 out of like 20 dudes so i guess you can say 5% of them walk a straight line

  5. Pinche vieja mas fea que se muera a la chingada ya!

    1. 1:52 tu tás pior con tu pinchi cara de pasojo gûey...
      Parece que el diablo se peyó en tus narices.

    2. SIR you’re a straight up bitch who can’t even fight in real life only good a talking shit online.

    3. 10:53 don't make me come with your negativity against La Reina del Pacifico porque te chingo güey.

    4. 10:53 teeny bopper calm down dog, no one is going to fight with SIR in here, you don't want to be banned for bad behavior.
      SIR already has 2 Blacks eyes, he was boxing a Kangaroo and we'll you know who won that one.

    5. 1:51 Sir also got his blind eye beat like drum all night last night

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I want to sue Telemundo, for taking out
    Laura Bozos show.
    Laura Bozo from Peru never ages.
    She looks like 30 years, but really is 60

    1. 10:54 no mames gûey, la pinchi calaca ya ni tiene nalgas y nunca tuve la cabriona...
      Le decian Pásalas desgraciada allá en Perú y ya mejor se jué a ayudar Televisoras Mexicanas a hacer pendejos a los mexicanos.

    2. Angeline of Hollywood never ages too, she drives in her pink Corvette.
      She looks 40 but really over 60

    3. There's another one that never ages,
      She's from Costa Rica.
      At 25 wears a bikini.
      At 35 wears a bikini.
      At 45 wears a bikini.
      Whatever she is using, it's hiding her wrinkles.

    4. 12:51 Maribel Guardia is nearing 70

    5. 10:01 that's the name I was looking for.
      So she recently came out in a magazine photo, and had on a bikini, she never ages, it's like someone stopped her time at age 30.
      Must have a good plastic surgeon or the photos are retouched .


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