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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

National Guard Saves Kidnapping Victim & Arrests 6 Kidnappers in Aldama, Guanajuato

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

On Tuesday, August 9, 2022, the National Guard announced, via a press release, that its soldiers had arrested 6 kidnappers and freed one kidnapping victim in Irapuato municipality, within the state of Guanajuato. 

Saving the Kidnapped Victim

The press release states that National Guard and Army soldiers were on a routine patrol in the town of Aldama when they “received a report from a citizen” about a cartel safehouse with kidnapping victims inside, that was currently guarded by hitmen, located nearby. 

Whether this report came from a citizen speaking to the soldiers in person or if the report was relayed to them via a dispatcher is unspecified. 

The soldiers traveled to the property and upon approaching the residence, an armed man pointed a rifle at them. The soldiers managed to convince him to drop the weapon to the ground but the man refused to submit to arrest and he ran inside the residence, entering through the front door and leaving the door open. 

The soldiers chased after him into the residence and once inside, the soldiers found that there were five other cartel hitmen. The soldiers subdued the safehouse guards into surrendering without having to fire a single shot and a total of six guards were detained. 

While they were handcuffing the guards, the soldiers heard a man calling out for help from another room. They approached the sound and found the kidnapping victim, who was hurt and tied up. The victim was sent to receive medical treatment for his injuries and he was later interviewed by law enforcement, giving a statement to prosecutors about how his kidnapping occurred. 

The house was searched and the following items were seized: 

- 4 long-barrel firearms

- 1 Diabolo rifle

- 60 handmade explosive devices

- 2 pyrotechnics explosive devices

- 6 ballistic plate vests, each with two ballistic plates

- 6 Kevlar-type anti-fragment helmets

- 2 vehicles

These kidnappers seem to have been better equipped than the average hitmen, with actual helmets and ballistic plate vests as opposed to the typical “tactical vests”, with no plates, that are often mentioned in law enforcement seizures.  

The handmade explosives are also significant; they appear to have been constructed from some sort of pipe or tubing. All of the explosives were handed over to Army personnel for proper handling, storing and eventual disposal. 

Sources: National Guard Tweet, National Guard Press Release, TV Azteca


  1. Their is also a video out of them buying tortas in Aldama this was 6 months ago


  2. Everyone is in the kidnapping business, I better tell Ms H not to travel to Mexico.
    The elote sellers find it more profitable to kidnap, but they have to pay piso tax to do business to the cartel.

    1. They already tried to kidnap me, that's old hat for me now.

    2. 8:07
      Glad you're alive. We need you as a member of BB. Ask Sol if he has anymore coffee mugs, with the BB on it.

  3. This is fake news cjng does not kidnap they are the savers of Guanajuato

    1. Your right Trumpster....
      They don't kill mechanics.
      They don't kidnap or extort.
      They clean the city of criminals.
      They don't rob trains.
      They don't kill police.
      But they only stick to Drug Sales..
      I love CJNG.

    2. They the FBI raided ex President T. Pad to get documents (boxes) he took from white house. Now T is making a big deal and thanks to the Republicans, egging on the situation as if the FBI is wrong. This nutcracker wants to run again in 2024 hell no.

  4. I wonder. Do those ropes in the tactical vests in pic number 2 look like Detcord?

    1. No they would be black/ grey/ charcoal color, looks like standard rope, cut and ready to tie somebody up

  5. What is "opposed to the typical “tactical vests”, with no plates" ? Who wears a vest without dinner ware? No plates, fork or spoon? I have to Google this, what a tactical vest is w no plate.

  6. Ok, here is what my LACK of investigational skills found..."Keep in mind that carrier plates by themselves can never be categorized in any protection level unless they have ballistic plates in them. They are not bullet resistant" oh, and they are about $40. So why wear them? Is it a way to provide the grunts a false sense of security at cheap? Is it just a fancy air foam dress up thing, to look cool? Because,if so, I'm buying one for Sol to wear around, driving, looking all nifty and stuff.

    1. Driving Ms H
      Good 👍 question.
      Those vests you see the pictures I this article do have plates on front and back.
      A plate on a vest is a square piece made out of kevlar , approximately 8"x12"
      They come in levels the higher the level the heavier they get.
      Level 1 stops knifes, 22
      Level 2 25,38, 9mm
      Level 3 45
      Level 4 5.56, 308
      The vests come in different colors, get Sol Navy Blue level 4

  7. The tactical vests only have pockets for magazines and compartments to put other gear. Nothing special at all.

    1. Who said they were special?

    2. Ok, interesting. Now, it makes sense. It never occurred to me that it really would be a mess trying to gunfight and having to organize bullets etc. Thanks

    3. Don't buy the vests sold in China.
      Cheap quality, bullets go through.


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