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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Mexicali, Baja California: Citizens March In Protest Against Local Insecurity

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Hundreds of people attended the protest call by business representatives, groups searching for the disappeared and leaders of prominent communities.

Business representatives with their respective organizations, leaders of prominent communities and groups searching for the disappeared, among other social representatives, led the march against insecurity that took place on the afternoon of this Saturday, August 27.

The protest was agreed to start at 7 at night, but representatives from various sectors began to arrive an hour before, several of them dressed in white. With banners and signs requesting an end to violence, but also a more active intervention of government sectors to guarantee citizen security.

Directed by several units of the Municipal Police, the contingent headed by a war band, started from the Vicente Guerrero park, and headed towards the monument known as "El Caballito", to then cross the Adolfo L贸pez Mateos road and finally turn towards the Civic Center of Mexicali.

The march was directed at all times by the band leader of the war band, which was followed by hundreds of people who endorsed the call, such as retired teachers, PAN militants and former public servants, as well as groups such as the Occupy movement. 

It should be noted that the march was held on Saturday night, because the high temperatures begin to give up until the sun goes down.

The demonstration will reach its peak when it reaches the obelisk of the Civic Center, where they will issue various messages, honor the flag and sing the national anthem.

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  2. Lots of brave decent normal young people with shiny eyes full of hope. In a country ruled by semi literate thugs and run by corrupt amoral scum. One of the biggest tragedies of the 21st century

    1. Shiny eyes hm 馃 Just gave me shroom flashbacks

  3. But but but Lopez Obrador internet paid influencers, say Mexico is safe, no one gets killed, that mass shootings in US is the fault of political men, not the mentally unstable, people that press the trigger.

    1. It's like saying a boxe of matches did the fire.
      When in fact, it's the person that lit the fire with matches.

    2. Paid influencers are paid propagandists.

  4. This protest was brought to you and sponsored by a rival cartel.

  5. As a wannabe ALMO paid influencer how do I sign up?

    So all you Einsteins, if my boy steps down today and YOU are now the President of Mexico?

    What would you do to lower the violence?

    1. At the Tijuana consulate of Mexico.
      You have to put in 5 hours per day, on any website and if anyone says anything negative against AMLO, Mexico or his government you turn it into positive.
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    3. Yeah 12:40 Why Ask!!!

    4. First, I will not do what ELMO is doing. Duh.

  6. I feel kind of fooked up reading this as I eat my Mexicali taco in the safety of my San Diego suburban neighborhood.

    1. Professional agitators heating up the plaza, suspects leyzaola and capella ibarra trying to conquer the state for governor wannabe hank rohn, typical marxist/leninist/stalinist neo-liberalism of former Narco-Priistas...

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  7. All the power to them. You have to do it yourselves, because the government isnt going to help. Spread this heroism like a fire all ovre the lands. Never get back to a system with politicians. They are there to divide and conquer real humans. The Earth is Firmament/ flat, for the ball-earth is an Impossibility.

    Understand we are Created. And we have purpose.


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