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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Journalist Ernesto Méndez Killed By Gunmen In Bar Attack In Guanajuato

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

Journalist Ernesto Méndez, the director of local news outlet Tú Voz was killed by gunmen on the night of June 2 at a bar in Cerro Prieto, San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato. According to Article19, he had previously received threats related to his work.

According to witnesses, Méndez was at the bar with friends when gunmen entered around 11 p.m. and opened fire, killing four and injuring two. 

Article19 tweeted that Méndez received threats related to his journalism, which he had reported to the Special Prosecutor for Attention for Crimes Against Freedom of Expression (FEADLE), an office of the Attorney Generals Office (FGR) which focuses on threats against journalists.

Méndez was the director Tú Voz, a news site that reported on the state of Guanajuato. He was also previously contributor to Zona Franca and Periódico Correo.

Méndez is the 13th journalist killed so far this year in Mexico, one of the most dangerous nations for reporters in the world. This year has far surpassed the 7 journalists killed in 2021.

This story will be updated as new details emerge.

Source: Proceso, El Universal, Tu Voz, Article 19 Tweet


  1. With all due respect, other great reporters like the Loret de Moolah, carlos Marin, jorge ramos, have their own security details, after living great lives thanks to chayote from the likes of Alejandro Moreno "alito", other politrickos and businessmen, or "USAID"...
    But resistencia reporters without money need to stay away from bars and shit, the many murdered should have been enough since a long time ago, say since Manuel Buendia, or the Flores Magon brothers, persecuted by Porfirio Diaz and Teddy Roosevelt and murdered in a US Prison.
    The FECAL presidency has the record for journalists murdering, but peepol keep blaming AMLO while the protection of journalistas is a millions of pesos worth of contracts with Genarco Garcia Luna and associates':
    "Private Security Puercoraciones"
    Ricaro Flores Magon

    1. Well said, SIR...

    2. How long ago were these murders? Whataboutism

    3. Como chingas con tu "whataboutism" you learned a new word and try to find the perfect opportunities to use it. Give it a rest buddy.

    4. @9:37 tu mismo lo haz escrito, "try to find the perfect opportunities to use it". 13 periodistas killed this year y AMLO que chingados hace? Let's deflect and blame Calderon. Para gobernar México se ocupan huevos y al viejillo pedorro ya se le encogieron. Que dijo la dama de México, "señor sicario aquí le va un libro para que usted se eduque y ya dejé de andar matando gente". No mame

    5. 1:41 y que papel crees que juegan los gobernadores, alcaldes y jefes de plaza de las distintas entidades?, grandisimo animal.... Culpar a la federacion de las tranzas de los gobernadores no es muy inteligente... Ponte listo antes de culpar a lo tonto, y haz tantita memoria de como estaban las cosas antes...

    6. Con el PRI comías frijoles pero si te ponías listo podías hacer una feriecilla y comer y vivir mejorcillo.
      Igual con el PAN.
      Con AMLO/MORENA igual comes frijoles y si te quieres poner listo los putos lacras te cobran piso, extorsionan y secuestran y el sin huevos del presidente no hace nada.
      Que futuro nos espera con MORENA?

    7. No hace nada?, no paran de haber detenciones y enfrentamientos... pero si lo que quieres es otra guerra como la del 2007, estas bien pendejo.

    8. Dime la cifras de homicidios según tus cálculos del 2007 y 2021 buey aver en qué año hubo más. Deja de ser un PEJEpendejo y mira la realidad de un inservible que prefiere recibir billetes de los jefes para que no lo truenen mientras hace campaña por todo el país. Ya es el presidente El KAKAS!.

    9. 5:24 mira pinche gilbertona:
      El Presidente AMLO called the Fuchi-cacas first, in a mañanera speech, stop eating the mice droppings to come here trying to look "like, smart"

    10. Chupa pipas ZOMBIE tu no fallas en defender con la mamadora y el culo rancio al KAKAS? Ese viejillo lacra vividor los tiene todos PEJEpendejos con sus discursos lentos y idiotas. Cuánto te paga peacenik? Porque a los "otros" políticos lacras de MORENA que antes eran PRI, PAN, PRD etcétera si los empiezas a criticar. Dónde está la nueva sangre, los nuevos integrantes que van a cambiar el país con MORENA? Repito, puro lacra vividor "renovado" buscando tener hueso y mandadole su moche al lacra supremo.

  2. Margarita Magón Grajales near death, was asked to talk to her sons about selling out to the Porfirista government, she said she'd rather see her children hanging from a tree than selling out to porfirista.
    The Flores Magon sons were not allowed to see their mother die or attend her funeral...
    Pinchis neo-journalistas,
    no chillen o aguantensen.

  3. Orale Zombie lives Matter 😂

  4. Damn sir made a few legit thoughts there so he must be cleaning up.

    Stay in the program little homie. Your ballon head doesn't look that bad.

    1. You act like your comments are any better you FN weenie. How does you clowning SIR contribute to this article.

    2. 9:39
      Usually Sir is talking Gibberish, and once in a while he makes sense.

    3. 939 don't be so sensitive. The people here are happy sir is taking his health more seriously. Unfortunately it is too late to reverse the hormone treatment he was taking to be gilbertona. We all support him during his transition✌🏼

  5. The only thing FEADLE does is issue them a pager. They need to issue Glocks.

  6. Amlo addressing reporters during his mananeras: "esTaMoS cOn uStEdeS" "EsTo vA a pArar"
    a few weeks later:
    Me: Fucking idiots. se creen de todo
    Amlo's mananeras are a bunch of bullshit and everyone knows it. behind closed doors it's a completely different story. Let us find out that Amlo himself is ordering these hits. i wouldn't put it past him. don't rule out the old fart. he's been around a long time. you don't become president of Mexico by working hard in the fields, you gotta put in work.. you gotta take the bribes and do the favors.

    1. 2:26 ESTA está parada...
      Siéntese como en su casa, "señor"


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