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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Heibar Tapia Carried 6.99 Thousand Fentanyl Pills During Arrest

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The son of José Guadalupe Tapia Quintero and the other man with whom he was arrested were carrying 6,000 fentanyl pills.

Heibar Josué Tapia and his companion, identified only as José "C", were sentenced to trial.

The Attorney General's Office (FGR), through the Special Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime (FEMDO), obtained the indictment for their probable responsibility in the crimes against health in the modality of possession of fentanyl for commercial purposes and carrying a firearm exclusive to the Army, Navy and Air Force.

When they were arrested, eight bags containing 6,099 fentanyl tablets, a firearm, 47 cartridges for firearms, six cell phones and a pickup truck were seized.

In the continuation of the initial hearing, the Control Judge decided to sentence Heibar "T" to trial for the crime against health in the modality of possession of fentanyl for commercial purposes; and against José "C", for possession of a firearm exclusive to the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Four months were granted for the complementary investigation and the precautionary measure of informal preventive detention was ratified.



  1. Shame they didn't get busted in Oregon, assuming 6,000 fent pills falls under 'personal use'🍔🍟thanks for taking time to post, Ivan

  2. Los botones azules are doing away with America. Kids are dealing them in high schools now too smh

    1. But what kids are even stupid enough to buy these?

    2. 8:38 you’d be surprised. The alpha kids push em as the thing to do.

    3. @1:25 Do you know this to be the case though or are you just guessing because that still sounds highly unlikely to me. I can’t imagine kids are after anything these days other than weed, psychedelics and MDMA. Maybe a little Xanax too and some nitrous and maybe some Ket but that’s it. It’s mostly just moderate shit like this. Everyone knows oxy is dead and I can’t imagine heroin is even remotely as easy to acquire as it was just several years ago. Maybe some of them are getting into coke a bit especially in Europe right now but it’s hard for me to imagine many are fucking with opioids these days since everyone knows it’s all just fentanyl now and a literal gamble, not just a metaphorical one.

      Back when I was a teen just 10 years ago everyone knew heroin was fucked but at least you were getting bang for your buck and not just a 50/50 chance of dropping dead. Addiction was way more of a realistic concerned than ODing, now it’s the opposite. Now you have people dropping dead from amounts that are sold as “normal” single dose amounts (1 single pill, etc.). It’s hard for me to see how even teenagers could rationalize this. I know many teens are suicidal but come on now

      I can see opioid use dropping pretty starkly soon because of all this. Or at least rates of new experimentation of opioids. If cartels just dealt with classic pureish heroin then demand would probably be so high and profitable right now.

  3. These guys have old connections... he will be home soon


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