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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Ex DEA Agent: Four Witnesses And A Transcript Revealed The Complicity Of Bartlett, The CIA And Drug Traffickers In The Murder Of Kiki Camarena

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A federal court granted the first indefinite suspension to drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero against his immediate extradition to the United States, the extradition of the Guadalajara cartel founder will only be possible until the entire process is provided for the current laws and agreements.

A transcript of a recording that "by mistake" was delivered by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and at least four witnesses of the so-called "Operation Legend", are the testimonies that link the former Secretary of the Interior, Manuel Bartlett Díaz, and former CIA agent Ismael Félix Rodríguez, with the murder of Enrique Camarena, “Kiki” Camarena, former DEA agent Héctor Berrellez said.

In an interview for Aristegui en Vivo, Berrellez said he was "sad" by the determination of a Mexican judge that stopped the possibility of an express extradition of the Guadalajara Cartel founder, Rafael Caro Quintero. He considered that the delay in sending the Sinaloa capo to the United States is for fear that he will expose the complicity of Mexican and American officials with Mexican drug traffickers and the murder of DEA special agent Enrique Camarena Salazar.

If Caro Quintero were extradited here, it would be very shameful, it would implicate Bartlett and Ismael Félix Diaz, in 1984 the United States Congress refused to get involved in the war in Nicaragua, so the CIA did it clandestinely with a meeting in Mexico, They asked for help in Mexico, Mexico refused to do it openly, only clandestinely, in a meeting Bartlett suggested using the drug traffickers' infrastructure for the CIA, and they had a meeting with the drug traffickers, they helped the CIA to transport the weapons, he concluded.

Héctor Berrellez added that his accusations against Bartlett and the CIA are supported by all those testimonies and other sources, despite the fact that the current director general of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Manuel Bartlett Díaz, and the CIA itself have denied repeatedly any relationship with the kidnapping and murder of “Kiki” Camarena.

In fact, Berrellez explained that the torture of Camarena, which occurred shortly before his murder, was intended to find out if the then DEA agent knew anything about the relationship between the CIA, Bartlett and the great Mexican drug traffickers such as Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo and Juan Manuel Salcido Azueta, alias “El Cochiloco”.

Four different witnesses told me that they were in meetings where the murder of KIki Camarena was planned, but the plan was not murder, abducting Camarena was not to kill him, it was to interrogate him, that is why they bandaged him and should not have killed him, what happened was that during the interrogation he was tortured too much, the orders were to leave him alive, to get all the information that could be obtained and to see to what extent he was aware of what was happening at the Rancho de Veracruz, he said.

According to Berrellez, there are two recordings of the torture that Camarena suffered at the hands of Mexican drug traffickers, of which four transcriptions were made. However, there is also a fifth transcript that was provided to the DEA, but the CIA refused to release the recording to which it was related.

In that last transcript, it is in which the torturers asked the then DEA agent what he knew about the contras and the relationships of Mexican drug traffickers with “dirty” Mexican rulers and politicians, linked to drug trafficking.

He explained that despite the fact that "Kiki" Camarena clarified that he did not know who else was involved in the business and that he had only heard about the Veracruz ranch "because a lot of drugs were unloaded there," his captors continued to torture him to death, without him being killed. The original plan of the high command of Mexico and the CIA, since they thought to release him alive. "That's why they blindfolded him," he said.

“In that transcript, he asks Camarena what he knows about the Veracruz ranch that Caro Quintero had and Camarena replies that the only thing he knew is that they were downloading many tons of cocaine, they ask him how he knows that and he answers that a Commander from the Federal Judicial Police told him. They ask him what he knows about the contras and he says he doesn't know anything, that he doesn't know what the contras are. They also ask him in that transcript what he knows about politicians and rulers who are involved or in association with the Guadalajara Cartel and he answers that he knows nothing about that, ” said Berrellez.

He revealed that an informant and CIA element known as “Torreblanca” provided him with that information, which he was later able to corroborate with two more witnesses who had previously been at the service of the Mexican drug lords, René López Romero and Ramón Lira, the latter a former bodyguard for Ernesto Carrillo Fonseca, “Don Neto”.

“El Torreblanca was a CIA agent and I recruited him as an informant, I brought him with us and he told me that in that Veracruz ranch they were training the contras. And that in that ranch, he had put the communications, the communication towers so that they could communicate from the ranch with planes that came and left for South America and he told me that while he was there he saw that a lot of cocaine was being dropped. And those who were in charge there were from the United States and a CIA agent, who was their handler, their boss was Ismael Félix Rodríguez, a well-known CIA agent, they were the ones in charge of the operations at the Veracruz ranch ”, he pointed out.

The contras and the alliance with Bartlett

During the interview, Héctor Berrellez affirmed that given the refusal of the United States Congress to finance a war against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, and under the pretext of combating the expansion of communism in Latin America, he met with the then Secretary of the Interior, Manuel Bartlett, who warned that the Mexican government could not directly help supply weapons to the counterinsurgent militias.

Therefore, he suggested using the same routes used by drug traffickers to smuggle weapons to El Salvador and later to Nicaragua, an alliance that was accepted by all, so that the Mexican government, the CIA and the Mexican drug traffickers became partners. and accomplices, a relationship that Enrique Camarena was about to discover and that would have cost him his life

I worked in Mexico, I know how the drug traffickers work, the drug traffickers are not picking people up, questioning them, blindfolding people and even recording everything they are saying, that operation was not done by drug traffickers, that operation was done by politicians, by rulers and policemen, when drug traffickers kill, they kill, he said.

Given the questions that have been made to his statement, Héctor Berrellez affirms that if it were lies, he would have already been arrested and imprisoned in his country, emphasizing that he is still free and was also able to record a documentary in which he makes his theory known about this case, which could not spread so easily if it were a mere defamation.

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  1. Thanks man, great article. If Caro gets extradited no one is going to care what he says about his involvement with the CIA and their clandestine activities. The American public might believe it but there is no way the CIA is never going to face any repercussions for their involvement, no way. IT was a long time ago and without any direct proof, that would disappear anyways if it existed, the courts and the people won't care at all. They will just attribute it as a last ditch effort by a subhuman psychopathic drug lord to save himself.

    1. All so true, but so sad. The CIA gets away with murder and no one seems to care.

  2. I’m glad this article was put up so folks can stop calling me crazy in the comments. Your intelligence agencies work with drug traffickers! Get it threw your thick head ya boot lickers. Uncle Sam lines his pockets with dope money to fund clandestine operations. The were training the contras at Rancho Buffalo, not just growing marijuana. Kiki was killed to keep the Coke for guns deal with the contras secret and they used his death to receive billions of dollars in aid for the “war on drugs” that continues to this day.

    1. @1:55
      You are still crazy.

    2. Yeah that did happen but it was only because Congress would not give the CIA enough money, any money, to aid the Contras. These days, the CIA isn't trying to stop Communism from gaining a foothold in Central America, they get all the money they need from the Senate finance committee to fight terrorism. I do believe they work with the Mexican government and communicate with some cartels in order to try to control the trade as much as they can but it's they don't need the money. Uncle Sam doesn't need the money, they print money. The intelligence agencies have access to plenty of slush funds in order to fund whatever clandestine operations they deem necessary.

    3. 1:55
      You are crazy, but not as much as SIR.

  3. SIR called it first.

    1. Wtf did Sir call??????😂😂😂

    2. Sir makes calls with a flip phone he keisters.

    3. Pura SIRiza!!

      Y un saludo para la gente de Dr weasel!

    4. SIR called everything in the article, you just didn't catch it because he speaks in code to confuse his enemies.

    5. Simon 450. That's how he moved dope around the pinta. When he got out he missed it so he just keisters his flip phone. he's on the waiting list for when Sicario 006 gives away his old tactical samsung 6G celly.

    6. SIR doesn’t know anything. Pinche

    7. Some in here called Sir El Z
      And I thought he was part of the old Zetas. It turns out to be for El Zombie.
      Late at night when I get off work I see zombies high on something, talking to themselves. Cursing at cars that go by, for no reason.

    8. 7:47 you tickle your Kaboose too much to get your comments out, enjoy...

  4. "Estaba humeando el tizón, y es que querían poner caldo
    Voy a cantar un corrido, que no podrán olvidarlo
    Y es que atizaban el horno

    De la caldera del diablo

    Se oyó la voz de R-Uno, un domingo en la mañana
    Cuando le dijo a su gente, vamos a pizcar manzana
    Ahí les dejo un anticipo

    Y nos vemos en Chihuahua

    En la prensa publicaron, por fuente de una embajada
    En un rancho del desierto, allá en Búfalo, Chihuahua
    Había diez mil toneladas

    De la famosa manzana

    Se miró el FBI, en los lugares mentados
    También muchos federales, y unos hombres engañados
    Pero al famoso R-Uno

    Ni los soldados lo hallaron

    El amor es peligroso, aquí quedó comprobado
    Por unos ojos bonitos, la soga le iban pisando
    Lo hallaron en Costa Rica

    En un castillo muy caro

    El horno no está pa bollos, huele a azufre del infierno
    Lo acusan de muchas cosas, casi me lo estoy creyendo
    Yo no miro más que un paso

    De la caldera al infierno"

    1. Es de Paulino Vargas que no??

    2. Es de Caro Quintero, que no estas viendo muchacho!

  5. CIA Felix Rodriguez could of saved Kiki.

    1. 4:16 Felix Ismael Rodriguez Mendigutia, exiled motherfucker ordered the torture interrogation and the murder of Kiki Camarena for stealing about 250 million dollars (property of the IRAN/ CONTRA rogue agents posing as CIA) from the bank...
      Fack the transcripts, we want the motherfucking recordings, even Don Neto had his copies and he was listening to them when he got arrested by... Federal Police Commander Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni?
      (The childhood playmate of Don Juan Garcia Abrego)
      Get the tapes chingadamadre!

    2. He interrogated Kiki and tortured him

    3. The rancho in Veracruz was the Camino Real in Sanchez Taboada, formerly owned by some Ebrard Brothers and then by Rafael Caro Quintero and m
      Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, about 30 federal police officers were murdered there for trying to steal grifa and money from the contras operating there with rodriguez mendigutia and his compadre honduran Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros, owner of an air fleet that helped move the trafficking...
      USMC LT COL Oliver North did not speak spanish, so he relied on rodriguez mendigutia to run a lot of shit, and rodriguez took a lot of liberties with the money stealing and drug trafficking, but they all knew and took their share, complete with presidential pardons and shit.

  6. And yet they keep blaming the Mexicans. 😆

  7. Agent Felix Rodriguez also killed El Che Guevara

  8. Replies
    1. Félix Rodríguez, a Cuban exile turned CIA Special Activities Division operative, advised Bolivian troops during the hunt for Guevara in Bolivia.[227] In addition, the 2007 documentary My Enemy's Enemy alleges that Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie advised and possibly helped the CIA orchestrate Guevara's eventual capture.[228]
      that morning on 9 October, Bolivian President René Barrientos ordered that Guevara be killed. The order was relayed to the unit holding Guevara by Félix Rodríguez reportedly despite the United States government's desire that Guevara be taken to Panama for further interrogation.[235] The executioner who volunteered to kill Guevara was Mario Terán, a 27-year-old sergeant in the Bolivian army who while half-drunk requested to shoot Guevara because three of his friends from B Company, all with the same first name of "Mario", had been killed in a firefight several days earlier with Guevara's band of guerrillas.[10] To make the bullet wounds appear consistent with the story that the Bolivian government planned to release to the public, Félix Rodríguez ordered Terán not to shoot Guevara in the head, but to aim carefully to make it appear that Guevara had been killed in action during a clash with the Bolivian army.[236
      About 30 minutes before Guevara was killed, Félix Rodríguez attempted to question him about the whereabouts of other guerrilla fighters who were currently at large, but Guevara continued to remain silent. Rodríguez, assisted by a few Bolivian soldiers, helped Guevara to his feet and took him outside the hut to parade him before other Bolivian soldiers where he posed with Guevara for a photo opportunity where one soldier took a photograph of Rodríguez and other soldiers standing alongside Guevara. Afterwards, Rodríguez told Guevara that he was going to be executed.

    2. 10:22 while at it, rodriguez also stole Che Guevara's gun, Rolex and pipe, he brags about it on You Tube.

  9. 1:10
    SOSA is that you undercover?

  10. That’s exactly why I think is ridiculous that the United States wants to put Rafa in jail. The just want to punish someone for the crime. They don’t really care that some of his own agents were involved on all that. United States are as corrupt and have no shame. No to the extradition of Caro Quintero. He has done his time.


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