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Monday, August 8, 2022

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: They Find A Woman's Head Inside A Cooler

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Apparently the head belongs to a woman whose body was located wrapped in a blanket during the early hours of this Sunday.

The head was discovered by neighbors this Sunday morning in the Eco 200 subdivision.

Inside a Unicel cooler left on the public highway, a human head was found there on Sunday morning.

Local residents from the Eco 2000 neighborhood notified the authorities when they found the head next to a public park on Tiburón and Foca streets.

The rest of the victim's body was located during the early hours of this Sunday.

Investigating agents pointed out that apparently the head belonged to a woman and could belong to one of the two bodies dumped during the early morning hours in the Misiones de Creel neighborhood.

Said cooler was placed on the street, behind a personnel transport unit, as happened in Paseos del Alba, where they left a corpse wrapped in a blanket behind a truck.

Experts were in charge of securing the evidence of the place, while the head was taken to the Forensic Medical Service along with the cooler.

It should be noted that in recent days violence has intensified mainly in the southeastern sector of the city.

With the discovery of murdered people who are disposed of wrapped in blankets or cut into pieces, in different sectors.

El Heraldo de Chihuahua


  1. If a US court can award damages to Mormons for being killed by a cartel in Mexico you would wonder if Mexicans cant take the Mexican government to court and get damages against people like AMLO and his predecessors for the deaths of family members because the Mexican political class is so corrupt and incompetent. Or at least senior officials who can be show to have taken bribes and collaborated etc. I know its not possible but in a fair world they would lose everything to pay damages to the Mexican people

    1. Third world country.....
      Mexicans trying to sue the good, get disappeared,. Curupt officials love bribe money coming in.

    2. Developing countries, there is only one third world country in America (remember America is a continent) called Haiti. Thats basic geography from High School.

    3. 8:18 Just a reminder that US courts have no jurisdiction in Mexico anymore... Mind your own business and fix your own shit...

    4. 11:16
      A little shrewed today.
      You forgot to research that the Mormons have Dual citizenship.
      So buddy US Courts are involved.
      You did see this one coming 😂😂

    5. 2:11 it didnt happen in USA soil so in reality they cant really do anything

    6. 2:11 Mexico does have different laws, so US laws are not applied. But they can do a formal request through chancellery. And the fact that they are mexican citizens + events occurred on mexican soil, guess what?

    7. Back in the day, red skinned indians looking like "indians" attacked white refugees from the US, leading to the US declaring war on México to "protect their citizens", a lesson from the indians who stole the.King's tea in Boston and from the Cubans bombing the american ship that led Teddy Groosevelt to invade Cuba...
      Imaginary attack on a US ship in vietnam led to the vietnam war...
      The LeBarons just want to steal all the Litium in Chihuahua with help of the US, pinchis mormons also murdered white pilgrims on Meadow Mountain Massacre, disguised as red skinned indians.

  2. AMLO knows who is corrupt and he does nothing. Is he the biggest criminal?

    1. Nothing to do with president or federal agencies, the biggest criminal is governor, at least on Chihuahua, since she and her agencies are on the payroll of Juarez Cartel and CDS (in some cases).

  3. Have the cartels stopped posting their execution videos?

  4. Cooler from OXXO?



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