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Monday, August 22, 2022

Changuito Antrax Attacks Strip Club, Belico Piraña Dismembers Woman in War Over Manzanillo, Colima

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Sinaloa Cartel’s Changuito Antrax has been attacking and threatening certain businesses like bars and strip clubs within the Colima city of Manzanillo which they allege are selling CJNG drugs. 

After weeks of his attacks, a group calling itself “Belico Piraña” responded by leaving a number of dismembered bodies. Some of the deceased, they claim, worked at CDS drug sale points.

Quick Review of The Context Needed for This Story 

Rafael Guadalupe Félix Núñez, alias “Changuito Antrax” is alleged to be one of the leaders of Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) forces within the state of Colima. If you want to learn more about who Changuito Antrax is and his criminal history, please see this previous story.

The two groups which contest CDS within the state, according to federal intelligence presented at a presidential press conference, are the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and its splinter/defector group the Colima Independent Cartel (sometimes called Los Mezcales). 

The leader of the CJNG forces is alleged to be Mencho’s son-in-law Julio Alberto Castillo Rodríguez, alias “El Chorro”. If you want to read his criminal history, please see this previous story.

The leader of the Colima Independent Cartel was the recently arrested José Bernabé Brizuela Meraz, alias “La Vaca”.

Rumors are currently buzzing that either La Vaca’s sister or one of Vaca’s lieutenants Carlos Miguel Meraz Mercado, alias “El Abulon”, have taken control of the group following his arrest.

According to the aforementioned press conference, the city of Manzanillo sits on a split between territory controlled by the CJNG and territory controlled by CDS. Remember to keep in mind the two nearby towns of El Colomo and Jalipa, which fall on the CJNG side, as they are mentioned in later narco messages.

August 04, 2022

The Threatening Message on Mexico Avenue

At approximately 6:00 pm on August 04, 2022, people walking on Mexico Avenue noticed that a narco message sign had been placed on a sidewalk at the outskirts of a shopping center in the city of Manzanillo.

A rock was placed on top of the message in order to prevent the wind from blowing it away. Colima Noticias reports that witnesses reported their discovery to the emergency line and officers arrived to cordon off the area. The sign was collected as evidence by agents from the state Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

The message allegedly read, as translated by Ivan:

Greetings to Tapanko,

You asked for attention and we gave you attention, but you are acting deaf. 

Keep laundering money for the Jaliscans. And keep letting Wero Gamer and the motorcycle taxis drop-off drugs at your local business. 

You really think that we don’t know that in your building bases of Crom in Santiago?  

We will see if they send you protection and take care of your locale, or better yet your employees, 24 hours a day, El Tapanko and La Diez.

From the waitresses to the dancers, they will all fall like flies; so don’t say we didn’t warn you. 


Cartel de Sinaloa and Changuito Antrax

PS: To the narcotics squad of the FGE [state Attorney General's Office] in Manzanillo,

Calm the fuck down. Stop cracking down on people and saying you are protected by 04 and the governor!

Do they really only allow you to steal from us, while at the same time protecting Angel Barajas Caro? Why else would they only arrest Sinaloan people? 

El Aguado buys from a Michoacano that he lied to, saying he was from Sinaloa.  

And to El Pargo, Chicho, Beto, La Lupe, and La Fanny, 

We accept your challenge. We will now see if the 3 ministerial police and their gray truck will come to gun battle. 

Stop your bullshit and stealing!

WARNING: Graphic photos begin below this point. 

August 05, 2022

The Threatening Message and Severed Limbs on Nogal Street

The day after the message was found on Mexico Avenue, another message was discovered, this time on Nogal Street near the central bus station of Manzanillo

A green sign signed by Changuito Antrax, with almost the identical message, had been placed alongside two severed legs and two severed hands. Authorities were called to the area and the location was cordoned off while evidence was collected.

August 12, 2022

The Threatening Message and Human Heart & Head Left in the Bellavista Neighborhood

A human heart and human head were found alongside yet another narco message sign from Changuito Antrax. The human remains and sign were discovered in the Bellavista neighborhood of Manzanillo. The message of the sign was in general the same, although it named some new people.

The content of the sign was in general the same, although it named some new people. The message was as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

This is what is going to happen to everyone who hangs out with the CJNG and thieves in Manzanillo!

We are going after 

  • El Wero Gamer 
  • Daniel Gaitán, alias ‘El Guacho de San Pedrito El Alto’ 
  • Carlos Emilio Alcaraz de la Pedregoza 
  • Chicho 
  • Pargo 
  • Lupe 
  • Húnga 
  • The moto-rats of Colomos 
  • Los Tutusis of Jalipa
  • 'El Guitarras' from Los Tinocos [a group] 
  • Morgan Casillas, who steals 'containers'
  • El Chavis de Bellavista 
  • Julian Aveldaño, alias ‘El Pocho del Vigia’ 
  • The fuel thieves, and one of their bosses is El Chilango

Let the war begin and let's see if you come out to the fight, like you’re always saying you will. And it's all the better that is happening now that “El Señor Oscuro" [the dark lord] is here.

Send my greetings to Tapanko and tell him to expect our visit when his place opens its doors.


El Changuito Antrax and his bloody [or evil, cursed] legions of the Sinaloa Cartel 

It's difficult to find out through research exactly who Changuito is referring to in this long list of enemies. But there are a few groups we can begin to identify. Like, take note of the “Los Tutusis of Jalipa”, which may refer to a local gang within the nearby town of Jalipa, which is located in CJNG territory.

Also note “moto-rats of Colomos”, which appears to refer to a motorcycle gang (that they call rats in a derogatory manner) from El Colomo, also in CJNG territory. Based on these two examples, we can get the general gist of what kind of targets Changuito is naming. 

August 14, 2022

Attack on the Bar Botanero 21

A few minutes before 1:00 am on August 14, 2022, a group of cartel hitmen entered a bar named Botanero 21 in Manzanillo. The bar was a local hotspot, located on Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado Boulevard, right near the coast. The hitmen opened fire on the crowd, hitting both patrons and staff.

Videos of the shooting, like the one seen below, were later uploaded to social media. 

Video Source: Mr_Civico

The hitmen were said to have fled the area shortly after they stopped shooting. Cops were called to the bar and they found seven people - two of them women, five of them men - injured with gunshot wounds, all of whom were rushed to the nearest hospital to receive medical attention.

Later that same day, the state government of Colima made an announcement that two men who were suspected of being involved in the shooting at Botanero 21 had been arrested at a location they did not disclose. A vehicle belonging to the detainees was also seized.

August 20, 2022

The Attack at the Strip Club La Diez

A few minutes before 1:00 am on August 20, 2022, the strip club Le Diez was attacked by a group of hitmen who shot up the patrons and workers inside. It's worth noting that La Diez, located between Laguna de Garzas and La Costa streets, was a business specifically mentioned and threatened by Changuito Antrax in the narco message from August 04, 2022, making CDS the likely perpetrators. 

A surveillance video showing one part of the club during the attack, shown below, was posted to social media. The video contains no graphic content.

Video Source: Oscar Adrián Luna

Newspaper El Norte reports that four people inside El Diez were shot during the attack. One of the four, a worker, died at the location and another fled down the street, injured, trying to escape. All surviving victims were taken for medical treatment once the authorities arrived on scene.

WARNING: Very graphic photos begin below this point. 

August 21, 2022

Dismembered Remains Found

Grupo Belico Piraña, a cartel group, responded to Changuito Antrax’s messages and attacks by leaving the dismembered remains of a number of people, some of whom they alleged worked for CDS. 

The message was as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido: 

We’re all here ready…this should prove to you that we’re not hitting you from a distance. We’ve come all the want into your terrain and you failed to show your face. You faggot what happened to your claims about being so tough for your mob? This will continue to happen. We will continue to close off your businesses however many times it’s necessary. 

This establishment is the place where all your men gather. You’re being given anywhere between 30-50 pesos a month. In addition you sell your shit there….you like to attack innocent civilians because this is all you know how to do. 

Every stripper that continues working there will all be killed off one at a time. We will remove the skin off your face like the head that we’ve left as a gift for you on La Diez [the aforementioned strip club]. She was a drug pusher for those bitch ass Sinaloa’s. 


Grupo Belico Pirana GBP

[The Bloodthirsty Piranha Group]

There are currently rumors online that this group may be a subgroup or evolution of La Vaca’s Colima Independent Cartel. But this cannot be confirmed and requires further research. 


  1. I think Anthrax has bitten off a little more then they can chew.

    1. Video of Changuito being beheaded coming soon! He better buy his xmas presents now for family. He's not gonna make it for the tamales this year!

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    5. Literally ! 😆

    6. 10:40… they actually reclaimed some territory in Nayarit .. my family is from San Blas and yes CDS is definitely active and not hiding in parts of Nayarit

    7. 11:48 I have a real hard time believing that. Because of the closeness to PV I think your uninformed

    8. 11:48 they're probably from sinaloa no doubt but i doubt they're cds cjng tiene mucho chinolas aunque muchos no les cuadre

    9. @1:51 … well aren’t they in Manzanillo based on this article? That’s hell of a lot closer to PV than Nayarit … just sayin .. not meaning to hurt any feelings .. por favor no me vallan a levantar por un comentario.. se los ruego 🙏

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    11. 3:39 no te levantarán por el comentario pero si por lo buey😆. Manzanillo está 100km más lejos de PV que San Blas a PV. En cuestión de importancia no hay comparación, Manzanillo es puerto internacional, destino turístico y llega mucha más gente que San Blas.

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    13. The heading should be (MonkeyPox Anthrax)

  2. I don’t think there’s any way that’s Changuito Antrax despite all the evidence and excellent reporting of course.

    1. Hi J!
      Do you mean you doubt that's Changuito in the photo used for him? Or you doubt it's Changuito sending the messages?

    2. That picture is not changuito for sure. Also big doubts he had anything to do with this.

    3. My personal theory is that these few "known" photos of Changuito were taken from a fake social media profile which mixed in a bunch of random Antrax associated images.

      But, the "known" photos have been purported to be Changuito for so long - and no new photos have come out since - so we're kinda stuck.

      I guess I could switch to using the one from the press conference with the eyes blurred in the future. It's real tiny though.

    4. Changuito just wasn’t that guy and people change and come up but transforming into a bloodthirsty plaza cleaning crew, antrax were club kids and traffickers

      Probably didn’t happen, he’s more likely to be running a plaza in Sonora like Chavo and Cheyo

    5. @11:12am
      They showed his name, alias, and (admittedly covered) face as the leader of CDS in Colima at a presidential morning press conference this year.

      Look, feel free to doubt federal intelligence and question anything you like. A healthy amount of skepticism is good.

      But I don't really see why the feds would pick out Changuito Antrax, out of anybody they could pick, as the person they wanted to falsely accuse of leading of CDS in Colima. Because as you said, he’s not really that guy, so why would they pick him?

    6. That was me above, I forgot the name.

      I just don’t see it, it’s one of those weird things like when in Acapulco they would sign Sinaloa Cartel to mantas and bodies or Chapo Guzman in Nuevo Laredo once in 2012, when it was just Gulfos. It’s a tactic, or someone in Colima was into Changutio Antrax and just took his alias.

    7. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were just some random commenter, J.

      I'll have to think more on this. I know the modern perception of Antrax is different then what they actually were like. People make them out to be a lot more powerful than they were.

    8. Hearst what happened to R18 he was sent directly by Mayo Zambada to represent CDS in Colima

    9. R18 was arrested in May 2018.

    10. What I don’t understand about R-18 apprehension in 2018 is that Fierro was in control of La Barredora/CDS until he was captured in September 2017.

  3. Dude how can you hack people up like that and go about a normal life.

    1. that's right. it's normalized , plus a lot of folks(including sicarios) live in ranchos and rural areas where usually livestock is slaughtered for food or to be sold at local markets. chopping up an animal is almost the same as chopping up a human. both mammals. same movements etc.

  4. El Virus Antrax is back with a vengance.
    The Bloodthirsty Piranha Group will cease to exist .
    RIP Chino Antrax

  5. Nice job Colima you did it again, little by little you are becoming another Michoacan, now we are gonna call you Colichangos.

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    1. Yes men from other countries go there, for the strip dances, beer, music.

    2. 12:07 Going to Walmart can be deadly in the US...

    3. 4:35 it’s deadly but Mexico is different level of violence.

    4. 6:08 Deadly level you can be killed for being hispanic or black vs deadly level you can get killed if you are into something else... Deadly when you can get killed any time during school, even if is an elementary. You can be killed during a traffic stop if a racist police you think have gun in your pocket... Weird standards of what is deadly... crime vs random kills for nothing else than hate...

    5. You mean like going to the Walmart in El Paso where the White dude went specifically to kill Mexicans?

    6. 12:33 that was a once in a life time event

    7. 6:52
      This day and age many fail to see the point when Police stop anyone of any race, most stops are with probable cause. A certain ethnic group, sems to be more prone to not following directions..when told to simply put hands up for officers safety. Instead people choose to make the situation harder, than what it should be. Split second decisions are made, when the criminal draws a gun and the police shoot. A traffic stop because the person was speeding, is stopped, the race card is thrown in, the cop is already labelled the bad guy, cooperation, would would keep many people alive.

    8. 7:02 Once in a life event?, random shootings (including schools and public places) and "police brutality" against minorities happens on a regular basis since Columbine.

    9. 8:43 Sorry, but there are videos and tons of cases. Racism in the US have a long and WELL documented history, only country in the world it had been happening since the Plymouth arrival. Looks like someone never learned from history.

    10. 10:07
      Points made and you choose to still be stubborn as a mule. Forget explaining to this fool. The more you define, the more of a moron he becomes.

    11. 11:13 Points is ignoring the documented obvious events?, case after case of police brutality, random hate crimes, shootings and so on... all of them with videos with audio, and im the stubborn? ☺ is clear you had nothing else to say when it comes to rational and verifiable facts.

    12. It's 12:54 El pendejo Mr. Facts guy.

    13. 8:42 Mr. Racist? is that you?

  8. Mencho only has Stepson's... WtF... His Sperm counts too low, he couldn't father a Real Son. Menchito is a buffoon. Get him some Cialis for his Erectile disfunction

    1. You better respect El Señor de los Roosters SR Mencho . Grupo Elite ,Grupo Delta and FEM as well as El 03 and El Double R El Jardinero y El Apa will not like your comment

    2. El espierto de Mencho.

    3. 3:57 si cierto el señor mencho tiene un hijo que le dicen el espierto, tu si saves 🤣

    4. Iits a mistake the guy is the late menchos's son in law

  9. The cartels try to act like the avengers... Defending civilians


    1. Sorry I don't read comments with all capitals.

    2. 3:03 i do and he said Cds are a bunch of snitches

    3. Me too, some people don't learn from the others to use capitals properly.

  11. Thanks Hearst for the context and Ivan for the translation. Good job as always.

  12. Your mighty welcome Dr. Detroit!

  13. Los Colimas/Mezcales haciendo la vieja tactica de empapelar a otras organizaciones de su cagadero.

    En una supuesta situación que fuera una celula del Changuito por parte del Mayo igual los Jaliscos ponle que barren con la celula completa, no lo dudo.

    Pero tampoco hagan ver a los Jaliscos como invencibles, si la GN los hizo sudar con el RR y pues el Gobierno les ha dado varios golpes y pues los deja evidenciados que ni muy Élites, ni que el que mas ladra muerde, al final como todos contra civiles nada mas.

    1. Lol what you talking about Deltas dropped like 5 military helicopters 4 when they tried getting el Mencho next to the Jalisco/ Michoacán border & 1 weeks ago when the government tried getting el tres, the other 2 leaders. Nobody in invisible but not even the chinaloa dropped an army helicopter. La vaca group is done only got like 100 folks they sending them to La costa to help Teto. They going to try making a comeback in Colima capital. La fiscalía is behind this attacks trying to make cds & cjng fight it out.

    2. Más bien el RR hizo sudar al gobierno tanto así que lo agarraron y lo tuvieron que soltar.

    3. Los carteles en Mexico no tienen acceso al mismo nivel de armamento de la milicia. Lanza cohetes a lo mucho. Y el helicoptero de la marina cayo por una falla en los controles de combustible, se encuentra siendo revisado por el fabricante en EEUU.

    4. Por Dios Los Zetas en su momento como brazo armado del Cartel del Golfo y despues como Organización Independiente tuvieron en jaque a Gobiernos Federales y a otros Carteles.

      No piensen que los Jaliscos son G.I. Joe si AMLO orden la liberación de RR quiza agarro unos millones de dolares, ese ruco es tan ambiciosos que al rato le vuelve a dar el junton.

      Digo Ovidio hizo menos panocheo y como quiera lo soltaron

    5. Con la complacencia de los gobernadores en turno... y teniendo en medio a poblacion civil... ademas, tu de donde sacas que AMLO agarro millones?, o nomas se te ocurrio?, si tienes algun dato, pasa el chisme para estar enterado.

    6. 11:36 no mames tu con tu ovidio, a ese puñetas lo soltaron porque amenasaron con matar a familiares de los soladados que estavan en la vace de culoacan

    7. Y no nomas familiares de soldados, se apostaron por distintos puntos de la ciudad y amenazaron con disparar contra poblacion civil, hay varios videos disponibles, ignorando el hecho de que el Cartel de Sinaloa sigue funcionando PERFECTAMENTE sin ovidio, no es una figura relevante como el Mayo... ademas de ser el hijo del Chapo y el $ heredado, no aporta mucho liderazgo a la organizacion.

  14. Antrax getting put to the test lets see what they got

  15. Bloodthirsty means sanguinario.

  16. Still not sure which photo is the real Changuito, but I'm guessing the sexy ones aren't him. 2 are the same dude, put up on social media, then a completely different dude put up by the Government. Hate to say it, but I trust the Government on this one. Its nearly always the fat fuck.


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