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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Bar Attacked In Manzanillo, Colima; Seven People Injured

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Seven people, including two women, were injured during a shooting attack that occurred early Sunday morning inside a bar located on the coastal boulevard Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado in the city of Manzanillo.

"Video recorded moments after the armed attack that occurred early this morning at the Botanero 21 bar in Manzanillo that left 7 people wounded." -Oscar Adrián Luna 

The municipal president of this place, Griselda Martinez Martinez, informed that among the victims were employees and employees of the establishment, as well as some people who were there at the time of the aggression, according to Apro.

The mayor said that Municipal Police officers arrested two alleged perpetrators of the events, who were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities.

Griselda Martínez said that the seven people injured "fortunately are out of danger".

In addition, the State Coordination Board for the Construction of Peace and Security in the State of Colima announced the arrest of four people allegedly related to the armed attack against a woman and a young girl on Saturday 13, in a house in the José María Morelos neighborhood in the municipality of Villa de Álvarez.

He said that after the criminal act, several corporations implemented operations to locate the probable perpetrator(s) and thanks to the coordinated work and support of the Coordination, Control, Command, Communication, Computing and Intelligence Center (C5i), the arrest of four people allegedly related to this attack was achieved on Saturday by the police of Villa de Álvarez.

The detainees are four men between 20 and 24 years of age, three of them were carrying at the time of their arrest identifications from the state of Guerrero, who have already been placed at the disposal of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) of Colima, so that the corresponding investigations can be carried out.



  1. Kickass!! I learned something new, Coordination, Control, Command, Communication, Computing and Intelligence Center (C5i),....

    1. 11:41 the intelligence component is owed to the need to make it appear to look like there "seems to be" some Intelligence involved, because DUMB ASS omar hamid garcia Harfuch is preparing the Terre to become the next genarco garcia Luna if his puppet from "Brookings Institute" claudia sheinbaum mayor of México City gets to be next Presidente pinchis zopilotes are hungry and "omarcito" is blind with ambition since he became The Ghost of Ayotzinapa (who wasn't even there and would not recognize garcia Luna, his employer, if they were in the same room)
      C5i like C4 before, CISEN and DFS is full of motherfuckers who would not pass a lie detector or examinations for trustworthiness "omarcito" and garcia luna failed them but they are all making points.

    2. GN also going to be included with those previously listed

    3. 1:39 pinche Gente Nueva in competition with the Guarida Nacional to see who is the worst criminal, but Gente Nueva has less corrupt murdering and greedy meshikin melitary.

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    1. Shut the fuck up! Every video that’s been posted on here about drug addiction has more white drug addicts than those other groups you mention. Fools all tweaked the fuck out. A los gabachos siempre les agustado las drogas y las morenos igual.

      The Mexican cartels have heavy presence in the states and in the south they have those white racist groups amenasdos for guns bet your ass those gabacho groups are willing to cooperate.

    2. 11:45 where have you been 107,000
      died in 2021, in USA to drug overdoses, especially drugs laced with fentanyl. Drugs coming from Mexico.
      Biden met with Lopez Obrador, one of the items in the agenda, is to breakdown and sieze labs making Fentanyl, to keep Biden happy, Lopez Obrador hover when for throttle on Sinaloa labs bust.Bit did not touch CJNG

    3. @11:45. You're right. I don't trust white doctors. Racist, you say? Well check this out. Some studies have shown that black babies born with severe problems are twice as likely to survive if the doctor is black instead of white.
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