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Monday, August 1, 2022

Another Cousin of El Chueco Arrested But Chueco Remains At Large

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Another cousin of priest-killer José Noriel Portillo Gil, alias “El Chueco”, was arrested by authorities. 

The Arrest

On July 30, 2022, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) published a press release which announced they had arrested Paciano Portillo V, a cousin of El Chueco, along with two other presumed cartel members. The press release described them as the following:

"Otón P. M., 60 years old

Noel Antonio D. L., 39 years old

Paciano P. V., 34 years old, the latter in charge of drug distribution and sales in the region and is first cousin of El Chueco."

The arrest took place during an operation in the small town of Bahuichivo, which is located in the municipality of Urique - the same municipality where the two Jesuit priests, tour guide, and the brother of a baseball umpire were killed. 

The arrest was made by soldiers from the Army (SEDENA) and FGE agents. They seized from the men’s possession the following: 

3 firearms & corresponding ammo

8 packages of presumed cocaine, with a total weight of 1.5 kilograms  

1 bag of presumed marijuana 

598,200 pesos (approximately $29,490 USD)

All three men will be  charged with the following: crimes against health, illegal possession of a firearm and conducting operations with resources of illicit origin.

Here’s a quick review of what we now know about some of El Chueco’s family members. 

The chief of municipal police for Urique, Samuel Pokare Pokare, was discovered by FGE investigators to be El Chueco’s uncle. Chief Pokare also failed the anti-corruption screening (confidence and control tests) in 2019, which should have disqualified him from the position of police chief. For more details, please see this previous story

Meanwhile, César Iván Portillo Pillado, another one of El Chueco’s cousins tried to claim he was a Urique municipal police officer when he was caught by authorities during a sweep of the mountainous areas near Cerocahui. He was found to be in possession of a firearm registered to the municipal police (that was not reported lost or stolen), but he was also found to not be a police officer, which led to questions about how he came to be in possession of said firearm. 

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  1. Tired of all this unorganized crime. Get it together down there.

  2. In most other places around the world, if you’re a member of organized crime and you kill a priest, your own people would kill you or at least turn you in. Chueco must really be worth it to them or maybe he’s already in a shallow grave in chihuahua

  3. Chapitos sending in their most dangerous sicario . El 006 to " find and destroy " El Chueco

  4. It should also be mentioned that there is Pedro Diaz and his brothers like Chiquitin, from Cieneguita who also works with El Chueco they are a bunch of scumbags and greedy they want it all from them kill people to take their land they own everything in the area. Pedro Diaz owns all the machinery for the mine thats being worked there. Half of cieneguita police are Sicarios also and the Government havent done nothing about it either

    1. Thank you, thank you. Great comment.

    2. Local, Estate Police, state prosecutor's office officers had been on the payroll for decades... we all know it. Federal forces began doing some progress, but not enough. Great comment.

    3. Are SEMAR and the Marines without bribed officials??

    4. 10:02 Guidelines and key elements (on federal agencies) changed since 2018... Estatales and ministeriales still being the problem, and all detentions after that had been because of the federal agencies in there. It is important to understand how powers and autonomy works in Chihuahua and states in Mexico

  5. Strange how they are all physically very small, tiny little men who are without exception dirty and ugly and look obviously stupid and barely literate. These cartel types are the bottom of the genetic and social barrel

    1. Strange how nazis were physically very tall, big men, clean, beautiful, and clearly smart and very literate.... They were on top of the genetic and social barrier.... Nice opinion racist piece of sh*t....

    2. 11:13

      I'm glad you said that. Please comment more. You're brutal honesty is certainly needed here. 🤣

    3. 11:17 take it for granted señor sol

  6. Hey HEARST, have you heard anything about Don Adan being out? Forgive me if I missed any BB reporting on this, but I was doing some scrolling and I saw he was on the DEA wanted fugitive list. Then I found an article in El Agora outlet talking about there's a corrido about his rumored release and how he's returned to Chinipas Chihuahua. Would love to get your thoughts on this or any info you can gather on this


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